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Biyaku Café

Biyaku Café
Status Completed
Type Manga

Biyaku Café



Synopsis Biyaku Café

The popular oneshot “Aphrodisiac Café” has now begun serialization as a series! This time the heroine is a regular customer at the Aphrodisiac Café, Megu. Everyday she takes the time to put on makeup, but the reason for that is… What kind of tea would be suitable for a troubled maiden?

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Chapters of Biyaku Café

Vol.01 Chapter 35: ~Barley Tea~Vol.06 Chapter 34.5 [Extra]: The Emergency Stop KissVol.07 Chapter 34: ~Love Potion~Vol.07 Chapter 33: ~Clear~Vol.07 Chapter 32: ~Black~Vol.07 Chapter 31: ~Ayran~Vol.07 Chapter 30: ~Ichigo Milk~Vol.07 Chapter 29: ~Hot Milk~Vol.06 Chapter 28.5: ~Salty Dog~Vol.06 Chapter 28.5: ~Salty Dog~Vol.06 Chapter 28.25: ~Velvet KissVol.06 Chapter 28: ~BBQ~Vol.06 Chapter 27: ~Ginger Ale~Vol.06 Chapter 26: ~Masálá Chai~Vol.06 Chapter 25: ~Fragrant Orange-Colored Olive~Vol.06 Chapter 24: ~Kougeicha~Vol.05 Chapter 23: ~Parfait~Vol.05 Chapter 22: ~Caramel Milk Tea~Vol.05 Chapter 21.2: ~Ramune~Vol.05 Chapter 21.2: ~Ramune~Vol.05 Chapter 21: ~Ramune~Vol.05 Chapter 20: ~On The Rock&Lock II~Vol.05 Chapter 19: ~On The Rock&Lock~Vol.04 Chapter 18.6: ~Water~Vol.04 Chapter.18.6: ~Water~Vol.04 Chapter 18.5: ~Morning Coffee~Vol.04 Chapter.18.5: ~Morning Coffee~Vol.04 Chapter 18: ~Sparkling Party~Vol.04 Chapter 17: ~Milk Shake~Vol.04 Chapter 16: ~Sunset Orange Tea~Vol.04 Chapter 15: ~Frappé~Vol.04 Chapter 14: ~Cola~Vol.03 Chapter 13: ~Tomato Juice~Vol.03 Chapter 12: ~Plum Liqueur~Vol.03 Chapter 11: ~Steamed Milk~Vol.03 Chapter 10: ~SAKURA Syurp~Vol.03 Chapter 9: ~Ginger Tea~Vol.02 Chapter 8: ~Hot Chocolate~Vol.02 Chapter 7: ~Espresso III~Vol.02 Chapter 6: ~Espresso II~Vol.02 Chapter 5: ~Espresso I~Vol.02 Chapter 4: ~Tea or Coffee?~Vol.01 Chapter 3.5: ~Barley Tea~Vol.01 Chapter 3.5: ~barley tea~Vol.01 Chapter 3: ~Cream Soda~Vol.01 Chapter 2: ~Full Moon~Vol.01 Chapter 1: ~Snow White~Vol.01 Chapter 0: ~Marron Brandy Tea~