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Black Clover

Black Clover
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Black Clover






블랙 클로버

Synopsis Black Clover

Asta and Yuno were abandoned together as babies in baskets at the same church on the same day, and have been inseparable since. As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next Wizard King. However, as they grew up, some differences between them became plain - Yuno was a magical prodigy, while Asta could not use magic at all. In a country where magic is everything and athletic ability is nothing, Asta tried every day to provoke even the simplest magic out of himself with physical training and loud proclamations of his will. At age 15, during the group ceremony where three-leaf-clover grimoires of different designs float down to each person, Yuno receives a spectacular book with the legendary four-leaf clover, while Asta receives nothing at all. Later, however, when Yuno was surprised and trapped by a fallen magic knight, the truth about Asta's power and determination was revealed—a dark-covered, obscurely patterned grimoire broke out of the ceremony tower and came before him! This "black clover" book of anti-magic had a five-leaf clover on the cover, even though Asta himself did not see it as it lit up briefly just that one time while he defended his friend. Now the two friends, the four-leaf-clover genius and the no-talent with the hidden black clover, are heading out in the world, competing for the same goal...

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Chapters of Black Clover

Chapter 369Chapter 368: Only the BeginningChapter 367Chapter 366Chapter 365: 500 Years of SolitudeChapter 364Chapter 363: Standing in the WayChapter 362: TransmissionChapter 361Chapter 360: The Unseen WorldChapter 359Chapter 358Chapter 357Chapter 356Chapter 355Chapter 354Chapter 353Chapter 352Chapter 351Chapter 350Chapter 349Chapter 348Chapter 347Chapter 346Chapter 345Chapter 344Chapter 343Chapter 342Chapter 341Chapter 340Chapter 339Chapter 338Chapter 337Chapter 336Chapter 335Chapter 334Chapter 333Chapter 332Chapter 331Chapter 330Chapter 329chapter 328Chapter 327Chapter 326Chapter 325Chapter 324Chapter 323Chapter 322Chapter 321Chapter 320Chapter 319Chapter 318Chapter 317Chapter 316Chapter 315Chapter 314Chapter 313Chapter 312Chapter 311Chapter 310Chapter 309Chapter 308Chapter 307Chapter 306Chapter 305Chapter 304Chapter 303Chapter 302Chapter 301Chapter 300Chapter 299Chapter 298Chapter 297Chapter 296Chapter 295Chapter 294Chapter 293Chapter 292Chapter 291Chapter 290Chapter 289chapter 288Chapter 287chapter 286Chapter 285Chapter 284chapter 283chapter 282chapter 281Chapter 280chapter 279Chapter 278chapter 277chapter 276Vol.TBD Chapter 275: Hellfire IncarnateVol.TBD Chapter 274: The Battle BeginsVol.TBD Chapter 273: Day Of DestinyVol.TBD Chapter 272: Dark Prison Hunting GroundVol.TBD Chapter 271: UnionVol.TBD Chapter 270: Two Of ThemVol.TBD Chapter 269: The One Who Can't Use MagicVol.TBD Chapter 268: DevilVol.TBD Chapter 267: The Devil-Binding RitualVol.TBD Chapter 266: Dark Garden InvitationVol.TBD Chapter 265: ElysiaVol.TBD Chapter 264: Stirrings of the StrongestVol.TBD Chapter 263: Shadow IntelVol.TBD Chapter 262: A Turbulent ConferenceVol.TBD Chapter 261: Shadows of NightVol.TBD Chapter 260: Dark OutVol.TBD Chapter 259: Raging Bull UnisonVol.TBD Chapter 258: A Captain's DutyVol.TBD Chapter 257: Rise to ActionVol.TBD Chapter 256: A Captain's DutyVol.TBD Chapter 255: Exploding LifeVol.TBD Chapter 254: Power DifferentialVol.TBD Chapter 253: BloodshedVol.TBD Chapter 252: Water CrusadeVol.TBD Chapter 251: The Curse DevilVol.TBD Chapter 250: Charmy Vs. HalbetVol.TBD Chapter 249: Leopold vs. SivoirVol.TBD Chapter 248: Luck vs. SvenkinVol.TBD Chapter 247: Battlefield Heart KingdomVol.TBD Chapter 246: The Tree Of QliphothVol.TBD Chapter 245: Dante vs. the Captain of the Black BullsVol.TBD Chapter 244: Cinderella GreyVol.TBD Chapter 243: Devil Host vs. Devil HostChapter 242.2Vol.TBD Chapter 242: Humans and EvilVol.TBD Chapter 241: Super Midair BattleVol.TBD Chapter 240: The Great War Breaks OutVol.TBD Chapter 239: Budding of YggdrasilVol.TBD Chapter 238: Zeno's PowerVol.TBD Chapter 237: Sheer ObstinacyVol.TBD Chapter 236: There's No Way We're the SameVol.TBD Chapter 235: Dark DisciplesVol.TBD Chapter 234: The Messenger from the Spade KingdomVol.TBD Chapter 233: Fate Stirs into MotionVol.TBD Chapter 232: The Quiet Lake and the Shadow of the ForestVol.TBD Chapter 231: The Dark TriadVol.TBD Chapter 230: Crush Em All!Vol.TBD Chapter 229: The Beginning of Hope and DespairVol.TBD Chapter 228: The Dark-Tier Magic KnightsVol.TBD Chapter 227: The Omniscient PriestessVol.TBD Chapter 226: The Spirit Guardian's MagicVol.TBD Chapter 225: Heart KingdomVol.TBD Chapter 224: You're CursedVol.TBD Chapter 223: The Agrippa FamilyVol.TBD Chapter 222: Just Between You and MeVol.TBD Chapter 221: The Rose's ConfessionVol.TBD Chapter 220: VisitingVol.TBD Chapter 219: Black As Black Can BeVol.TBD Chapter 218: The Worst of the Worst.Vol.22 Chapter 217: The Scales of JusticeVol.22 Chapter 216: Power BalanceVol.22 Chapter 215: Three ProblemsVol.22 Chapter 214: SunriseVol.22 Chapter 213: The Great Tree of SoulsVol.22 Chapter 212: At Fate's EndVol.22 Chapter 211: The Final BlowVol.22 Chapter 210: On The BrinkVol.22 Chapter 209: PleaseVol.22 Chapter 208: The SwordVol.22 Chapter 207: The Ultimate MagicVol.22 Chapter 206: The Reunion that Crosses Time and SpaceVol.21 Chapter 205: The Truth of 500 Years AgoVol.21 Chapter 204: The Desire for DemiseVol.21 Chapter 203: Now is the Time to Break the SealVol.21 Chapter 202: A Different WorldVol.21 Chapter 201: The Highest Floor of the Shadow PalaceVol.21 Chapter 200: A World of LightVol.21 Chapter 199: The Strongest Natural EnemyVol.21 Chapter 198: The Five-Leaf GrimoireVol.21 Chapter 197: False HopeVol.21 Chapter 196: The MastermindVol.21 Chapter 195: A Complete ChangeVol.20 Chapter 194: SpiteVol.20 Chapter 193: The Final ChallengerVol.20 Chapter 192: Two Bright Red FistsVol.20 Chapter 191: Infiltrate the Shadow Palace!!Vol.20 Chapter 190: Let's Go!!!Vol.20 Chapter 189: A Trustworthy HumanVol.20 Chapter 188: My Reason for Living up till NowVol.20 Chapter 187: Offense and Defense Between Heaven and EarthVol.20 Chapter 186: The Eye in The MirrorVol.20 Chapter 185: The Chance Meeting of DreamsVol.20 Chapter 184: Dream WorldVol.19 Chapter 183: Raging Bulls at the Clash of Titans!!Vol.19 Chapter 182: The Followers of SephirahVol.19 Chapter 181: Brothers of Spatial MagicVol.19 Chapter 180: The Sharpened BladeVol.19 Chapter 179: Battle of the King's RoomVol.19 Chapter 178: The Magic of HumansVol.19 Chapter 177: Dancing Princess of the BattlefieldVol.19 Chapter 176: SiblingsVol.19 Chapter 175: Battle of the Silva FamilyVol.19 Chapter 174: Flying InVol.19 Chapter 173: Final Battle at Clover CastleVol.18 Chapter 172: RebirthVol.18 Chapter 171: The Sleeping LionVol.18 Chapter 170: The Fallen Person Comes AliveVol.18 Chapter 169: The Captain of the Black Bulls VS The Deep Crimson RoseVol.18 Chapter 168: VS People who have Sworn Loyalty to the Same ManVol.18 Chapter 167: The Road to Revenge and AtonementVol.18 Chapter 166: An Avenger’s ResurrectionVol.18 Chapter 165: The Black Bulls’ Explosive Entry!!!Vol.18 Chapter 164: Let The Hooligans Run WIld!Vol.18 Chapter 163: Smiles And TearsVol.18 Chapter 162: Lightning of Rage V.S FriendsVol.18 Chapter 161: Human BondsVol.17 Chapter 160: You Probably Don't KnowVol.17 Chapter 159: Ill-Omened ReleaseVol.17 Chapter 158: Life In The Village At The Furthest Ends.Vol.17 Chapter 157: Destruction, or A Country's Savior?Vol.17 Chapter 156: Original Form, Original PowerVol.17 Chapter 155: We Won't Lose to You!Vol.17 Chapter 154: Golden WindVol.17 Chapter 153: A Risky Way of LivingVol.17 Chapter 152: Meddlesome WomanVol.17 Chapter 151: An Overwhelming DisadvantageVol.16 Chapter 150: CollapseVol.16 Chapter 149: ReincarnationVol.16 Chapter 148: Until NowVol.16 Chapter 147: The End and the BeginningVol.16 Chapter 146: The New FutureVol.16 Chapter 145: Julius Nova ChronoVol.16 Chapter 144: This Man is...Vol.16 Chapter 143: The Magic Emperor VS. The White Night's Demon Eyes’ LeaderVol.16 Chapter 142: TwilightVol.16 Chapter 141: The Reckless Magic FightVol.15 Chapter 140: Although You Probably Don't Know...Vol.15 Chapter 139: The Black Bulls' HideoutVol.15 Chapter 138: The RaidVol.15 Chapter 137: Mereoleona vs. Liar the FaithlessVol.15 Chapter 136: Advancing in Leaps and BoundsVol.15 Chapter 135: Break into the White Night’s Demon Eyes’ Hideout!!Vol.15 Chapter 134: The dreamVol.15 Chapter 133: The Royal Knights' FormationVol.15 Chapter 132: WinnerVol.15 Chapter 131: BeforeVol.14 Chapter 130: Burn the present into memoryVol.14 Chapter 129: An Only Son’s Way Of LifeVol.14 Chapter 128: The One Who Wins in the End...Vol.14 Chapter 127: Gold and Black SparksVol.14 Chapter 126: The Honor Student Younger Brother vs. the Bungling Older BrotherVol.14 Chapter 125: It was BeautifulVol.14 Chapter 124: Yankee-Senpai vs. Muscle RuntVol.14 Chapter 123: The Commoner's TrapVol.14 Chapter 122: My WayVol.14 Chapter 121: CrushVol.13 Chapter 120: DestinyVol.13 Chapter 119: MoreVol.13 Chapter 118: Mage XVol.13 Chapter 117: The Two Spatial MagesVol.13 Chapter 116: Coral Peacock's CaptainVol.13 Chapter 115: Worthless TrashVol.13 Chapter 114: The Flower of OathVol.13 Chapter 113: The Crystal Destruction Battle TournamentVol.13 Chapter 112: The Royal Knights Selection ExamVol.13 Chapter 111: Onto the BathingVol.12 Page 110: Saint Elmo’s FireVol.12 Page 109: The Yultim Volcano TrailVol.12 Page 108: The Uncrowned, Undefeated LionessVol.12 Page 107: The King of the Clover KingdomVol.12 Page 106: We Got This FarVol.12 Page 105: Two New StarsVol.12 Page 104: The Briar Maiden's MelancholyVol.12 Page 103: A Fun Festival Double DateVol.12 Page 102: Asta's Day OffVol.12 Page 101: I'm HomeVol.11 Page 100: The Red Thread of FateVol.11 Page 99: FamilyVol.11 Page 98: He's HimselfVol.11 Page 97: It's NothingVol.11 Page 96: TransformationVol.11 Page 95: Those Who Boost Each Other UpVol.11 Page 94: The Tables TurnVol.11 Page 93: The Promised WorldVol.11 Page 92: Won't Let You DieVol.11 Page 91: Explosive EnthusiasmVol.10 Page 90: StudentsVol.10 Page 89: Defectors' AtonementVol.10 Page 88: Devastating ThrustVol.10 Page 87: Not A FailureVol.10 Page 86: Flames of HatredVol.10 Page 85: The Raging Bulls ChargeVol.10 Page 84: Battlefield DecisionJump Giga OmakeVol.10 Page 83: InfiltrationVol.10 Page 82: The Forest of WitchesVol.10 Page 81: Because He's Like ThatVol.09 Page 80: Never AgainVol.09 Page 79: Behind the MaskVol.09 Page 78: The Underdog's DeclarationVol.09 Page 77: Whoever's Strongest WinsVol.09 Page 76: The Strongest BrigadeVol.09 Page 75: The Kiten WarVol.09 Page 74: Proof of RightnessVol.09 Page 73: End of the Battle, End of DespairVol.09 Page 72: Beyond LimitsVol.08 Page 71: Slice Open DestinyVol.08 Page 70: Despair vs. HopeVol.08 Page 69: The Only WeaponVol.08 Page 68: AwakeningVol.08 Page 67: BondsVol.08 Page 66: True FormVol.08 Page 65: The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to QuitVol.08 Page 64: The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild LightningVol.08 Page 63: A Game with Lives at StakeVol.07 Page 62: Rule of the StrongVol.07 Page 61: Temple Battle RoyaleVol.07 Page 60: The High Priest's GameVol.07 Page 59: The Underwater TempleVol.07 Page 58: The Water Girl Grows UpVol.07 Page 57: A Black Beach StoryVol.07 Page 56: Three-Leaf SaluteVol.07 Page 55: The Captains and the Peasant BoyVol.07 Page 54: The Magic Knight Captain ConferenceVol.06 Page 53: They're Not YoursVol.06 Page 52: The One with No MagicVol.06 Page 51: Three EyesVol.06 Page 50: The Light of JudgementVol.06 Page 49: Sin for SinVol.06 Page 48: KiVol.06 Page 47: Light Magic vs. Dark MagicVol.06 Page 46: The Man Who Cuts DeathVol.06 Page 45: To Help Somebody SomedayVol.05 Page 44: SiblingsVol.05 Page 43: Explosion of MaliceVol.05 Page 42: Three-Leaf SproutsVol.05 Page 41: FlashVol.05 Page 40: Pursuit over the SnowVol.05 Page 39: The Mirror MageVol.05 Page 38: The One I've Set My Heart OnVol.05 Page 37: Next Time We MeetVol.05 Page 36: LightVol.05 Page 35: The Strongest GuyVol.04 Page 34: Wounded BeastsVol.04 Page 33: AdversityVol.04 Page 32: The One Who Waits Deep in the DarknessVol.04 Page 31: The Crimson Lion KingVol.04 Page 30: A New RivalVol.04 Page 29: Bad LoserVol.04 Page 28: BlackoutVol.04 Page 27: We Can Get StrongerVol.04 Page 26: Wild Magic DanceVol.03 Page 25: March of the DeadVol.03 Page 24: Capital RiotVol.03 Page 23: The Distinguished Service CeremonyVol.03 Page 22: Assembly at the Royal CapitalVol.03 Page 21: Destruction and SalvationVol.03 Page 20: One InstantVol.03 Page 19: Memories of YouVol.03 Page 18: Inside the Treasure HallVol.03 Page 17: DestroyerVol.02 Page 16: Mortal CombatVol.02 Page 15: ThreeVol.02 Page 14: FriendsVol.02 Page 13: The Diamond MageVol.02 Page 12: ReunionVol.02 Page 11: DungeonVol.02 Page 10: What Happened One Day in the Castle TownVol.02 Page 9: The Boy's Vow: Part 2Vol.02 Page 8: Those Who ProtectVol.01 Page 7: BeastVol.01 Page 6: Go! Go! First MissionVol.01 Page 5: The Other New MemberVol.01 Page 4: The Black BullsVol.01 Page 3: The Road to the Wizard KingVol.01 Page 2: The Magic Knights Entrance ExamVol.01 Page 1: The Boy's Vow