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Synopsis Babel

Now, the curtain opens on an unprecedented story—— The night of New Year's Eve. There is a countdown party at the luxury hotel Babel. Dissatisfied with his own status quo, the fate of the rookie hotel keeper Kouta greatly changes by his encounter with mystery guests Ozaki and Naomi. And on the morning of New Year's Day, Kouta witnesses a world-changing moment—— With the Babel as the stage, and with a complex web of human relations, what is Kouta's mission?!

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Chapters of Babel

The Last Judgment, and the BeginningDeath of a FriendThe Last WatchmanOzaki's DarknessNightmare in the BathroomEach One's PastNew LifeInheritanceNight of ResolutionWheel of FortuneThe Twisted FutureDevil on the GreenCountdown to DestructionCoin of DestinyThe Ties That BindA Warped DestinyDemon vs. DevilThe Crumbling TowerReturn to the TowerTime LimitBeginning of the Last NightThe Devil VisitsThe Last BombThe Nightmare BallThe PlungeThe Destruction, and the BeginningBeginning of the NightmareThe Tragedy of Christmas EveBattle of the ElevatorShelter of DespairA New TargetThe Ominous TowerVol.08 Chapter 32: The Last Judgment, and the Beginning [END]Vol.08 Chapter 31: Death of a FriendVol.08 Chapter 30: The Last WatchmanVol.08 Chapter 29: Shetel of DispancVol.07 Chapter 28: The PlungeVol.07 Chapter 27: The Nightmare BallVol.07 Chapter 26: Beginning of the Last NightVol.07 Chapter 25: The Devil VisitsVol.06 Chapter 24: The Last BombVol.06 Chapter 23: Time LimitVol.06 Chapter 22: Return to the TowerVol.06 Chapter 21: The Crumbling TowerVol.05 Chapter 20: A Warped DestinyVol.05 Chapter 19: Demon vs. DevilVol.05 Chapter 18: Devil On the GreenVol.05 Chapter 17: Countdown to DestructionVol.04 Chapter 16: The Ties That BindVol.04 Chapter 15: Coin of DestinyVol.04 Chapter 14: The Twisted FutureVol.04 Chapter 13: Wheel of FortuneVol.03 Chapter 12: Night of ResolutionVol.03 Chapter 11: InheritanceVol.03 Chapter 10: New LifeVol.03 Chapter 9: Nightmare in the BathroomVol.02 Chapter 8: Each One's PastVol.02 Chapter 7: Battle of the ElevatorVol.02 Chapter 6: Ozaki's DarknessVol.02 Chapter 5: Beginning of the NightmareVol.01 Chapter 4: A New TargetVol.01 Chapter 3: The Omimous TowerVol.01 Chapter 2: The Tragedy of Christmas EveVol.01 Chapter 1: The Destruction, and the Beginning