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Bad Boys

Bad Boys
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Bad Boys





Synopsis Bad Boys

Tsukasa, Yoji, and Eiji are friends and members of the motorcycle gang called the Paradise Butterflies. Riding the streets of Hiroshima their goal in life is to top all other gangs in their city.

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Chapters of Bad Boys

Vol.22 Chapter 169: So Long... [END]Vol.22 Chapter 168: Looking Back (7)Vol.22 Chapter 167: Looking Back (6)Vol.22 Chapter 166: Looking Back (5)Vol.22 Chapter 165: Looking Back (4)Vol.22 Chapter 164: Looking Back (3)Vol.22 Chapter 163: Looking Back (2)Vol.22 Chapter 162: Looking Back (1)Vol.21 Chapter 161: Love in SnowVol.21 Chapter 160: Take Over (5)Vol.21 Chapter 159: Take Over (4)Vol.21 Chapter 158: Take Over (3)Vol.21 Chapter 157: Take Over (2)Vol.21 Chapter 156: Take Over (1)Vol.21 Chapter 155: Hugh Jed & Cy DeburnsVol.21 Chapter 154: I am a FraudVol.20 Chapter 153: Kumi's StrugglesVol.20 Chapter 152: Rock 'n' Roll Bad BoysVol.20 Chapter 151: ReikoVol.20 Chapter 150: Best Friends II (6)Vol.20 Chapter 149: Best Friends II (5)Vol.20 Chapter 148: Best Friends II (4)Vol.20 Chapter 147: Best Friends II (3)Vol.20 Chapter 146: Best Friends II (2)Vol.20 Chapter 145: Best Friends II (1)Vol.19 Chapter 144: Behind the Sighs (2)Vol.19 Chapter 143: Behind the Sighs (1)Vol.19 Chapter 142: PoopVol.19 Chapter 141: The Tale of Taiji's First LoveVol.19 Chapter 140: The Legendary Big head and SideburnsVol.19 Chapter 139: A Faker's FableVol.19 Chapter 138: Kaboom!Vol.19 Chapter 137: Satou HiroemonnojoukagemotoVol.18 Chapter 136: PromiseVol.18 Chapter 135: Mother and Last FriendVol.18 Chapter 134: FearVol.18 Chapter 133: Snap!Vol.18 Chapter 132: PresentVol.18 Chapter 131: ExplosionVol.18 Chapter 130: Believe in TsukasaVol.18 Chapter 129: BondsVol.17 Chapter 128: Loveless ChildVol.17 Chapter 127: The Real DemonsVol.17 Chapter 126: Return MatchVol.17 Chapter 125: InheritorVol.17 Chapter 124: Hiro ExplodesVol.17 Chapter 123: Number One is Back in ActionVol.17 Chapter 122: The Greatest Man in the UniverseVol.17 Chapter 121: TetsuoVol.16 Chapter 120: TearsVol.16 Chapter 119: Fated ReunionVol.16 Chapter 118: Good Luck, Hiroshima Henchmen (2)Vol.16 Chapter 117: Good Luck, Hiroshima Henchmen (1)Vol.16 Chapter 116: One Chaotic NightVol.16 Chapter 115: Tsukasa FallsVol.16 Chapter 114: The Most Dangerous Man in HiroshimaVol.16 Chapter 113: First Ladies (2)Vol.16 Chapter 112: First Ladies (1)Vol.15 Chapter 111: A Stormy NightVol.15 Chapter 110: Trap (3)Vol.15 Chapter 109: Trap (2)Vol.15 Chapter 108: Trap (1)Vol.15 Chapter 107: Unsinkable BattleshipVol.15 Chapter 106: A New Legend (prologue)Vol.15 Chapter 105: Another Storm... (2)Vol.15 Chapter 104: Another Storm... (1)Vol.14 Chapter 103: Roman Chikko Strikes BackVol.14 Chapter 102: Good Luck, Carps!Vol.14 Chapter 101: Eiji and his BikeVol.14 Chapter 100: Unparalleled BeautyVol.14 Chapter 99: AnniversaryVol.14 Chapter 98: 4th, The Legend of Nights (3)Vol.14 Chapter 97: 4th, The Legend of Nights (2)Vol.14 Chapter 96: 4th, The Legend of Nights (1)Vol.13 Chapter 95: Message of RoseVol.13 Chapter 94: For Girls...Vol.13 Chapter 93: Revenge (7)Vol.13 Chapter 92: Revenge (6)Vol.13 Chapter 91: Revenge (5)Vol.13 Chapter 90: Revenge (4)Vol.13 Chapter 89: Revenge (3)Vol.13 Chapter 88: Revenge (2)Vol.13 Chapter 87: Revenge (1)Vol.12 Chapter 86: Happy BirthdayVol.12 Chapter 85: The Delinquent Girl and the Beast (4)Vol.12 Chapter 84: The Delinquent Girl and the Beast (3)Vol.12 Chapter 83: The Delinquent Girl and the Beast (2)Vol.12 Chapter 82: The Delinquent Girl and the Beast (1)Vol.12 Chapter 81: A Day Without TsukasaVol.12 Chapter 80: See YaVol.12 Chapter 79: Dripping Wet Warriors (3)Vol.12 Chapter 78: Dripping Wet Warriors (2)Vol.11 Chapter 77: Dripping Wet Warriors (1)Vol.11 Chapter 76: Eiji² Go on the AttackVol.11 Chapter 75: OukakaiVol.11 Chapter 74: The Start of WarVol.11 Chapter 73: Break the Ice (2)Vol.11 Chapter 72: Break the Ice (1)Vol.11 Chapter 71: KoujiVol.11 Chapter 70: A Disastrous Day for the Four KingsVol.10 Chapter 69: The Strongest Warrior: Miracle Mask Chop RiderVol.10 Chapter 68: Blood to Blood (Second Half)Vol.10 Chapter 67: Blood to Blood (First Half)Vol.10 Chapter 66: The Legendary Z400FX (4)Vol.10 Chapter 65: The Legendary Z400FX (3)Vol.10 Chapter 64: The Legendary Z400FX (2)Vol.10 Chapter 63: The Legendary Z400FX (1)Vol.10 Chapter 62: A Rock ’n’ Roller in LoveVol.10 Chapter 61: A Tale of Gokurakuchou SoldiersVol.09 Chapter 60: Morning KissVol.09 Chapter 59: Childhood FriendVol.09 Chapter 58: Lady Vengeance (7)Vol.09 Chapter 57: Lady Vengeance (6)Vol.09 Chapter 56: Lady Vengeance (5)Vol.09 Chapter 55: Lady Vengeance (4)Vol.09 Chapter 54: Lady Vengeance (3)Vol.09 Chapter 53: Lady Vengeance (2)Vol.09 Chapter 52: Lady Vengeance (1)Vol.08 Chapter 51: Forbidden Love (3)Vol.08 Chapter 50: Forbidden Love (2)Vol.08 Chapter 49: Forbidden Love (1)Vol.08 Chapter 48: Back to BackVol.07 Chapter 47: Kumi and Tsukasa's Love SongVol.07 Chapter 46: Best FriendsVol.06 Extra: The Legend of BeastVol.06 Chapter 45: A Bad Girl's Change of HeartVol.06 Chapter 44: A Time of ChaosVol.06 Chapter 43: JunctionVol.06 Chapter 42: Justice (?) Will Prevail!Vol.06 Chapter 41: AmbitionVol.06 Chapter Extra: The Legend of BeastVol.05 Chapter 40: Counterattack of the Top 3Vol.05 Chapter 39: Youji is Mad as HellVol.05 Chapter 38: A Dangerous Two ShotVol.05 Chapter 37: MeetingVol.05 Chapter 36: The Crazy ConfederationVol.04 Chapter 35: At a Park Where Sweet Peas Bloom...Vol.04 Chapter 34: Battle of the Beloved CarsVol.04 Chapter 33: Longing (3)Vol.04 Chapter 32: Longing (2)Vol.04 Chapter 31: Longing (1)Vol.04 Chapter 30: The "Get a Job" Master PlanVol.04 Chapter 29: Party Is OverVol.03 Chapter 28: Top MenVol.03 Chapter 27: Women...Vol.03 Chapter 26: Black ArmiesVol.03 Chapter 25: Raising the CurtainVol.03 Chapter 24: ErikaVol.03 Chapter 23: Hiroshima BeastVol.03 Chapter 22: Bad Girls (2)Vol.03 Chapter 21: Bad Girls (1)Vol.02 Chapter 20: Happening DateVol.02 Chapter 19: Gokuraku Chou Vs. Middle SchoolersVol.02 Chapter 18: Michie (2)Vol.02 Chapter 17: Michie (1)Vol.02 Chapter 16: Bar Bar HouseVol.02 Chapter 15: Extraterrestrial Monster BoyoyonVol.02 Chapter 14: 8th Head of Gokuraku Chou - Tsukasa KirikiVol.02 Chapter 13: SuccessionVol.02 Chapter 12: First Gang JacketVol.02 Chapter 11: Start of the BattleVol.01 Chapter 10: The Curtain RisesVol.01 Chapter 9: Gokuraku Chou VS. Hiroshima NightsVol.01 Chapter 8: BousouzokuVol.01 Chapter 7: Girl & LadyVol.01 Chapter 6: Kumi's Visit!Vol.01 Chapter 5: Hatchobori (2)Vol.01 Chapter 4: Hatchobori (1)Vol.01 Chapter 3: Band ManVol.01 Chapter 2: Rock and Roll!Vol.01 Chapter 1: The Battle Plan To Be A Delinquent!