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Bakuden Shoot Beyblade

Bakuden Shoot Beyblade
Status Completed
Type Manga

Bakuden Shoot Beyblade




爆転シュート ベイブレード


Bakuten Shoot Beyblade

Synopsis Bakuden Shoot Beyblade

Takao Kinomiya dreams of becoming the best beyblader in the world. Along with his friends Kai, Max, Rei, and Kyoujou, they make the team known as the Bladebreakers. They strive to be the best but don't do it alone... because within each of their beyblades resides a Sacred Spirit that gives them even more power to reach their goals.

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Chapters of Bakuden Shoot Beyblade

Vol.14 Chapter 2.2: Original Story For The Movie - Fierce Battle! Tyson Vs DaichiVol.14 Chapter 2.1: Special: The New Generation!!Vol.14 Chapter 2: The Charge On The Night Before The Final Battle!!Vol.14 Chapter 1: Extreme Battle! Endurance Vs Offense?!Vol.13 Chapter 3.1: Special: Part 1 - Daichi Sumeragi's Explosive Rotation Takes Eught!!Vol.13 Chapter 3: The Final Battle At The Top!!Vol.13 Chapter 2: The Strongest Enemy: Barthez Battalion!!Vol.13 Chapter 1: Desperate Battle! Tyson Vs RayVol.12 Chapter 3.2: Special: Part 2 - The Arrival Of The Invincible Blader ?!Vol.12 Chapter 3.1: Special: Part 1 - Catch Gaia's Spirit!!Vol.12 Chapter 3: A Beast With Bared Fangs!!Vol.12 Chapter 2: Get Beyond the Steel Wall!!Vol.12 Chapter 1: Chaper 1: Extreme Evolution! Charge Into The New Age Of BeybladesVol.11 Chapter 3.2: Special: Part 2 - The Battle That Can't Be Lost! Kai VS DaichiVol.11 Chapter 3.1: Special: Part 1 - The Golden Beyblade Appears!!Vol.11 Chapter 3: Shock Deployment! G.B.C Stage 3Vol.11 Chapter 2: The Newly Formaed BBA Completed!!Vol.11 Chapter 1: The Worst First Battle!!Vol.10 Chapter 2.3: Special: Part 3 - Hit Them With Strength And Power!!Vol.10 Chapter 2.2: Special: Part 2 - Collision!! Wildness Vs PrideVol.10 chapter 2.1: Special: Part 1 - Break Through The Perfect Defense!!Vol. 10 Chapter 2: The Opening Of the G.B.C World TournamentVol.10 Chapter 1: The Formation Of The Invincible Team!!Vol.09 Chapter 3.5: Special: Part 1 - Intense Fight! The Spiked Lizard BattleVol.09 Chapter 3: Releave The Blader Spirit!Vol.09 Chapter 2: The Symphony From HeckVol.09 Chapter 1: The Blader That Was Created!Vol.08 Chapter 4.5: Special: Part 1 - The Arrival Of A Fake Daichi?!Vol.08 Chapter 4: Immeasurable Power!Vol.08 Chapter 3: The Birth Of The V2!Vol.08 Chapter 2: Holy Beast Vs Cyber Holy BeastVol.08 Chapter 1: The Enemy's New Agent!Vol.07 Chapter 3.2: Special: Part 2 - Create A Super Attack!Vol.07 Chapter 3.1: Special: Part 1 - The Explosive Samurai Appears!Vol.07 Chapter 3: Soul BattleVol.07 Chapter 2: Take Back The Driger!Vol.07 Chapter 1: A Powerfull New Enemy! The Holy Ceats Are Targeted...Vol.06 Chapter 1.2: Special: Part 2 - Blader SpiritVol.06 Chapter 1.1: Special: Part 1 - Introducing Daichi!Vol.06 Chapter 1: The Final ArenaVol.05 Chapter 5: A Batle Of Pride! The EuromatchVol.05 Chapter 4: Four-Fold Power!Vol.05 Chapter 3: The Super Attack FoiledVol.05 Chapter 2: Rematch! Tyson Vs MichaleVol.05 Chapter 1: Beyblade World Championship!Vol.04 chapter 2: The Demoliton BoysVol.04 Chapter 1: Tyson Vs the White TigersVol.03 Chapter 4: Journey To The Land Of Legend!Vol.03 Chapter 3: Begin The Ultimate Battle!Vol.03 Chapter 2: Tyson Vs Kai!Vol.03 Chapter 1: The Fourth LegendVol.02 Chapter 3: Introducing... Draciel!Vol.02 Chapter 2: A Meeting Of The PowersVol.02 Chapter 1: Tyson Vs MaxVol.01 Chapter 5: Max-imumVol.01 Chapter 4: Secret Of The Blue Dragon!Vol.01 Chapter 3: Legendary!Vol.01 Chapter 2: Never Give Up!Vol.01 Chapter 1: Let It Rip!Vol.05 Chapter 12Vol.05 Chapter 11Vol.05 Chapter 10Vol.05 Chapter 8Vol.05 Chapter 7Vol.05 Chapter 5Vol.05 Chapter 1Vol.04 Chapter 14.5Vol.04 Chapter 14Vol.04 Chapter 13Vol.04 Chapter 12Vol.04 Chapter 11Vol.04 Chapter 10Vol.04 Chapter 9Vol.04 Chapter 8Vol.04 Chapter 7Vol.04 Chapter 5Vol.04 Chapter 3Vol.04 Chapter 1Vol.03 Chapter 14.3Vol.03 Chapter 14.2Vol.03 Chapter 14.1Vol.03 Chapter 14Vol.03 Chapter 13Vol.03 Chapter 12Vol.03 Chapter 11Vol.03 Chapter 10Vol.03 Chapter 9Vol.03 Chapter 8Vol.03 Chapter 7Vol.03 Chapter 6Vol.03 Chapter 5Vol.03 Chapter 3Vol.03 Chapter 2Vol.03 Chapter 1Vol.02 Chapter 14.3Vol.02 Chapter 14.2Vol.02 Chapter 14.1Vol.02 Chapter 14Vol.02 Chapter 13Vol.02 Chapter 12Vol.02 Chapter 11Vol.02 Chapter 10Vol.02 Chapter 9Vol.02 Chapter 8Vol.02 Chapter 7Vol.02 Chapter 6Vol.02 Chapter 5Vol.02 Chapter 4Vol.02 Chapter 3Vol.02 Chapter 2Vol.02 Chapter 1Vol.01 Chapter 14.2Vol.01 Chapter 14.1Vol.01 Chapter 14Vol.01 Chapter 13Vol.01 Chapter 12Vol.01 Chapter 11Vol.01 Chapter 10Vol.01 Chapter 9Vol.01 Chapter 8Vol.01 Chapter 7Vol.01 Chapter 6Vol.01 Chapter 5Vol.01 Chapter 4Vol.01 Chapter 3Vol.01 Chapter 2Vol.01 Chapter 1