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Bakuon Rettou

Bakuon Rettou
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Bakuon Rettou


Detonation Islands




Sonic Boom Islands

Synopsis Bakuon Rettou

Kazei Takeshi moved with his parents to a new house and new school.One of his new friends is a motorcycle enthusiasts and soon invites him to meet with his gang, the Zeros. Takashi comes to love motorcycles and soon gets involved in the gangs fights and issues. What has he got himself into and is he ready to face the consequences?

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Chapters of Bakuon Rettou

Vol.18 Chapter 105.5: AfterwordVol.18 Chapter 105: Work In A Field Of PeanutsVol.18 Chapter 104: Lullaby For The 400FVol.18 Chapter 103: Ebb TideVol.18 Chapter 102: SHOUTVol.18 Chapter 101: The Last GatheringVol.18 Chapter 100: DivideVol.18 Chapter 99: Approaching the Last FestivalVol.18 Chapter 98: Peace & FreedomVol.18 Chapter 97: Fighting BondVol.17 Chapter 96: FrictionVol.17 Chapter 95: Sauna And RemyVol.17 Chapter 94: Los Indios And SilviaVol.17 Chapter 93: Born To Be A MotherVol.17 Chapter 92: Sorry For The TroubleVol.17 Chapter 91: Trial DateVol.17 Chapter 90: Gone with the EnigmaVol.16 Chapter 89: Crumbling BattleVol.16 Chapter 88: My Wild DelusionsVol.16 Chapter 87: Ride On The CityVol.16 Chapter 86: The Alien in JuvieVol.16 Chapter 85: Please Reflect On Your ActionsVol.16 Chapter 84: North Side Bunk No.17Vol.15 Chapter 83: The Worst BlanketVol.15 Chapter 82: The Peak of a GangVol.15 Chapter 81: The Beginning of Being UntouchableVol.15 Chapter 80: The Proof of YouthVol.15 Chapter 79: The Big Gathering Of The TroopsVol.15 Chapter 78: Their Death AnniversaryVol.14 Chapter 77: God FatherVol.14 Chapter 76: Travis AttackVol.14 Chapter 75: The Jewel of 1 Million PeopleVol.14 Chapter 74: The Great EscapeVol.14 Chapter 73: Hair SoulVol.14 Chapter 72: This Generations GokurakuVol.14 Chapter 71: Starbbow is RockVol.14 Chapter 70: The Gang that came from the StarsVol.14 Chapter 69: The Climax of the Battle of Black Rose Peak!Vol.14 Chapter 68: Special Mission! The Infiltrate Setagaya Battle Plan!Vol.13 Chapter 67: The Scorching Battle on Arms HillVol.13 Chapter 66: That Tail LightVol.13 Chapter 65: RoadVol.13 Chapter 64: Sudden ReversalVol.13 chapter 63: Spring SambaVol.13 Chapter 62: Take It EasyVol.13 Chapter 61: Ambassador Hell! The Embodiment of Fear?Vol.12 Chapter 60: Shocker's SoulVol.12 Chapter 59: Is This Loving One Another?Vol.12 Chapter 58: Motive And TypeVol.12 Chapter 57: Take On Any PainVol.12 Chapter 56: Iron HorseVol.11 Chapter 55: Saint ValentineVol.11 Chapter 54: I Love You, OK?Vol.11 Chapter 53: KingVol.11 Chapter 52: Splitting the BillVol.11 Chapter 51: Chain of SorrowVol.10 Chapter 50: Zemus HillVol.10 Chapter 49: FlameVol.10 Chapter 48: Up-DownVol.10 Chapter 47: SanchaVol.10 Chapter 46: BlurVol.09 Chapter 45: Not SatisfiedVol.09 Chapter 44: New YearVol.09 Chapter 43: 1982Vol.09 Chapter 42: BlowoutVol.09 Chapter 41: Crazy PartyVol.08 Chapter 40: Explosive PartyVol.08 Chapter 39: Party OpeningVol.08 Chapter 38: AreaVol.08 Chapter 37: YokohamaVol.08 Chapter 36: Last SummerVol.07 Chapter 35: Drop OutVol.07 Chapter 34: Fresh SmokeVol.07 Chapter 33: Time StopsVol.07 Chapter 32: Small ChangeVol.07 Chapter 31: GroupVol.06 Chapter 30: Strategy to destroy the Nerima AreaVol.06 Chapter 29: Tearing Full ThrottleVol.06 Chapter 28: Autumn EquinoxVol.06 Chapter 27: SixteenVol.06 Chapter 26: PowerVol.05 Chapter 25: ProblemVol.05 Chapter 24: Coat of ArmsVol.05 Chapter 23: Midnight DelinquencyVol.05 Chapter 22: A Boy's HardshipsVol.05 Chapter 21: Traffic Enforcement's 4th divisionVol.04 Chapter 20: WarpedVol.04 Chapter 19: 246 Breaking ThroughVol.04 Chapter 18: FestivalVol.04 Chapter 17: 160,000 yenVol.04 Chapter 16: The Sea's RoarVol.03 Chapter 15: BeachVol.03 Chapter 14: LightVol.03 Chapter 13: RaidVol.03 Chapter 12: Wild ScreamsVol.03 Chapter 11: Don't put me downVol.02 Chapter 10: RaidVol.02 Chapter 9: GokurakuVol.02 Chapter 8: Live CoalsVol.02 Chapter 7: ZEROSVol.02 Chapter 6: GraduationVol.01 Chapter 5: New Year's Gathering Under the SnowVol.01 Chapter 4: 1981Vol.01 Chapter 3: Meeting at the TopVol.01 Chapter 2: Bakuon Rettou 2Vol.01 Chapter 1: Bakuon Rettou