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Bambi and Her Pink Gun

Bambi and Her Pink Gun
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Bambi and Her Pink Gun





Synopsis Bambi and Her Pink Gun

Follow the adventures of a punk girl with a pink gun as she rampages across the land. The word is out on the streets: a reward of five million dollars to the opportunist that wastes the courier calling herself Bambi and returns the kid called Bambi she leads around on a leash. Can Bambi's huge ego and formidable gun skills hold off an army? Featuring awesome art by Kaneko Atsushi and a story that's hard-edged, fast paced and loaded with action, chaotic courier Bambi delivers the goods.

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Chapters of Bambi and Her Pink Gun

Vol.6 Chapter 50: BambiVol.6 Chapter 49: Destiny Road VVol.6 Chapter 48: Destiny Road IvVol.6 Chapter 47: Destiny Road IiiChapter 46Chapter 45Vol.6 Chapter 44: Hideous LaughterVol.6 Chapter 43: ReplayVol.6 Chapter 42: ResetVol.6 Chapter 41: The End Of The KingdomVol.5 Chapter 40: Military Island, Vanished Without A TraceVol.5 Chapter 39: Phone CallVol.5 Chapter 38: AChapter 37Vol.5 Chapter 36: RoachVol.5 Chapter 35: The FogVol.5 Chapter 34: Scum Of The EarthVol.5 Chapter 33: Military Island In FlamesVol.4 Chapter 32: D.o.a. (Dead On Arrival)Vol.4 Chapter 31: Bleeding And BleepingVol.4 Chapter 30: The Old MenVol.4 Chapter 29: At The BeachVol.4 Chapter 28: KikuchiyoVol.4 Chapter 27: PussycatsVol.4 Chapter 26: Bambi Gets LostChapter 25Chapter 24Chapter 23Chapter 22Chapter 21Chapter 20Chapter 19Chapter 18Vol.03 Chapter 17: The Platinum Mask IIIVol.02 Chapter 16: The Platinum Mask IIVol.02 Chapter 15: The Platinum MaskVol.02 Chapter 14: Master of Factory TownVol.02 Chapter 13: Elephants and FleasVol.02 Chapter 12: Bambi's HolidayVol.02 Chapter 11: Bloody Gang Mama IIIVol.02 Chapter 10: Bloody Gang Mama IIVol.02 Chapter 9: Bloody Gang MamaVol.01 Chapter 8: The Watch Dealer and His WifeVol.01 Chapter 7: King's BedVol.01 Chapter 6: Here Comes BambiVol.01 Chapter 5: The Man Called TanahashiVol.01 Chapter 4: BalanceVol.01 Chapter 3: PampiVol.01 Chapter 2: Search NoticeVol.01 Chapter 1: Bounty