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Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade
Status Completed
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Bamboo Blade



Synopsis Bamboo Blade

Kojiro is an impoverished young teacher and the supervisor of his high school’s kendo club. He doesn’t have the leeway to spend time on his students–he can barely feed himself as it is. So when an old friend makes him a bet with an entire year’s worth of deluxe sushi on the line, Kojiro finds a new purpose in life: to beat his friend’s kendo team! But before he can arrange a kendo meet for both schools’ teams, he needs to actually put together a five-woman squad–and the first girl he needs is Tamaki Kawazoe, kendo athlete extraordinaire and daughter of an elite kendo dojo master. The problem is, she isn’t really interested in doing kendo for fun. What can Kojiro do to convince her to join the team?

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Chapters of Bamboo Blade

Chapter 109-116: [END]Chapter 108: Ura And Ume 8Chapter 107: Ura And Ume 7Chapter 106: Ura And Ume 6Chapter 105: Ura And Ume 5Chapter 104: Ura And Ume 4Chapter 103: Ura And Ume 3Chapter 102: Ura And Ume 2Chapter 101: Ura And Ume 1Chapter 100: Tamaki & The Black CatChapter 99: Cute Tama-chan And The Approaching Of The DemonChapter 98: Kojiro And Taking of The veilChapter 97: Tamaki And The Beginning of MorningChapter 96: Flame And RevivalChapter 95: Kamesaki and Ushimatsu F. ShounosukeChapter 94: The Girls And The Gravitation of FateChapter 93: Ura And The Torrents Of FateChapter 92: Regret And Food Of LifeChapter 91: Nakamura Miruka And Sakaki UraChapter 90: Sawamiya Erina And The New ManagerChapter 89: Sawamiya Erina And The Disappearance Of The ManagerChapter 88: A Woman's Pride And A Woman's PlotChapter 87: Toda Ryoko and Sawamiya ErinaChapter 86: Kojiro And The Muroe Kendo Club From Now OnChapter 85: The All Girl High School and The Uniform ThiefChapter 84: Teramoto, Ura and the Another DimensionChapter 83: Teramoto and the Last WishChapter 82: Teramoto and Ura's ParaChapter 81: Teramoto and Ura in LightChapter 80: TV and CommericalChapter 79: Muroe Kendo Club And The Hot - Blooded Banish AcademyChapter 78: One Man Crying and One Man LeavingChapter 77: Two-Handed Style and the Microcosm of LifeChapter 76: Iwahori and the Era of Full PotentialChapter 75: Tamaki and Kamasaki High School's CaptainChapter 74: Irritation and UncertaintyChapter 73: Miyamiya and the Feeling of VictoryChapter 72: Azuma and ChikamotoChapter 71: Special + Omake #Saya and Destiny's SelectionChapter 70: Muroe High School And Kamasaki High SchoolChapter 69: Tamaki And The Study GroupChapter 68: Kawazoe Dojo And The Pieces Of A MiracleChapter 67: Glasses And GlassesChapter 66: Kojiro And The MistChapter 65: Kojiro and the Kawazoe DojoChapter 64: Ishibashi-sensei and Kamasaki Kendo Club's CaptainChapter 63: Kojiro and the Not-So-Usual MorningChapter 62: Kojiro and the Old ManChapter 61: Kendo and MenChapter 60: Tamaki and the Kawazoe GymChapter 59: Tama And UraChapter 58: Tamaki's Fun ShoppingChapter 57: Tamaki's CertificateChapter 56: Kojiro's Late FeesChapter 55: Tamaki and the Trustworthy CaptainChapter 54: Tamaki's Burning AfternoonChapter 53: Kirino's TranceChapter 52: Those to Support Miya-MiyaChapter 51: Azuma's Difficult FightChapter 50: Tamaki and Konishi's RumorsChapter 49: Tamaki and the Parking LotChapter 48: Kirino's ConcentrationChapter 47: Kirino's MotherChapter 46: Muroe High School's First TournamentChapter 45: Sa-chan or SatorinChapter 44: Boys and GirlsChapter 43: Azuma's Great GrandfatherChapter 42: Kojiro-sensei and Tamaki-senseiChapter 41: Chocolate or CakeChapter 40: Reimi and Yuuji-kunChapter 39: Azuma and StudyingChapter 38: Azuma and KendoChapter 37: Azuma and the Kendo ClubChapter 36: Tamaki and the UmbrellaChapter 35: Miya-miya and Reimi's BoyfriendChapter 34: Mom and DadChapter 33: Morue High's First CompetitionChapter 32: Miyamiya and ReimiChapter 31: Kojiro and the New GoalChapter 30: Kojiro And The Crossroads Of FateChapter 29: Kojiro and SeaweedChapter 28: Tamaki and SweatChapter 27: Tamaki and The JobChapter 26: Roasted Tuna and White TunaChapter 25: Tamaki and the Rank of FireChapter 24: Home and ClubChapter 23Chapter 22Chapter 21Chapter 20: Saya & Nishiyama KarenChapter 19: S And AnxietyChapter 18: Muro'e High And Machido HighChapter 17:Strategy and StrategyChapter 16: Saya and Tama-chanChapter 15: Saya and TobaccoChapter 14: Miya Miya And The Offense DrillChapter 13: Miya Miya & A PangolinChapter 12: Say A & Kendo ClubChapter 11: Eiga And The TragedyChapter 10: Kojirou & O-BentoChapter 9: Kojiro and the Day When He Lost the Shinai From His HeartChapter 8: Tamaki and BladebraverChapter 7: Toyama And His PrideChapter 6: Toyama And His Carbon ShinaiChapter 5: Toyama And His ShoesChapter 4: Toyama And IwasaChapter 3: Kojirou And His Most Precious ItemChapter 2: New Club Members And The Ping - Pong ClubChapter 1: A High School Girl And Her Bamboo Broom