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3.3.7 Byooshi!!

3.3.7 Byooshi!!
Status Completed
Type Manga

3.3.7 Byooshi!!


337 Biyooshi



Synopsis 3.3.7 Byooshi!!

By all the usual measures, he could be considered a pretty useless guy: a scholastic failure, an athletic disaster, and a chronic loser... But Fukuda Shinichi has one passion: cheering for others! The 18-year-old captain of North Kanto Southern High's Cheerleading squad decides to make the most of his summer by attending cram school in Tokyo, only to find out that the whole trip was a sham! Things are looking up when he and his friend meet up with two cute Tokyo girls; too bad the girls brought them to a rip-off bar and took off! Ditched by his one remaining friend and stuck with an impossibly high bar bill, Fuku-kun's life couldn't get any worse! But just then he gets saved by Ume, his role model and former cheerleading squad captain! What is he doing in Tokyo... and why does everyone around seem to know and respect him? Without anywhere else to go, Fuku-kun decides follow Ume to his job, only to discover that... he's a male gigolo?!? Fukuda's summer of cheering others on has begun... and the streets of Tokyo's red-light district will never be the same!

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Chapters of 3.3.7 Byooshi!!

Vol.10 Chapter 86: Anywhere, Anytime [End]Vol.10 Chapter 85: FootfallsVol.10 Chapter 84: I Don't Even Know WhyVol.10 Chapter 83: Go the DistanceVol.10 Chapter 82: JumperVol.10 Chapter 81: Not Gonna Get UsVol.10 Chapter 80: Losing RouletteVol.10 Chapter 79: In the EndVol.10 Chapter 78: Fortress ShinjukuVol.09 Chapter 77: FreedomVol.09 Chapter 76: Fiery AfterimageVol.09 Chapter 75: Tonight, the NightVol.09 Chapter 74: The Surviving Yumegiwa Last BoyVol.09 Chapter 73: All the Things He SaidVol.09 Chapter 72: Snow SmileVol.09 Chapter 71: Blue BlackVol.09 Chapter 70: The TattooedVol.09 Chapter 69 (v2): DreamingVol.08 Chapter 68: Merry Mood ? Cheering MoodVol.08 Chapter 67: Cheerleader BoyfriendVol.08 Chapter 66 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 65: Sleep Now in the CityVol.08 Chapter 64: Urban Guitar SayonaraVol.08 Chapter 63: Love is LonelyVol.08 Chapter 62 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 61 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 60: By Your SideVol.07 Chapter 59: Incomplete MelodyVol.07 Chapter 58: Trampoline BoyVol.07 Chapter 57: I Really Wanna ChangeVol.07 Chapter 56: Becoming the Ideal AnimalVol.07 Chapter 55: Kick It up, Change It UpVol.07 Chapter 54: Virgin Song x4Vol.07 Chapter 53: By the WayVol.07 Chapter 52: Take Care of My BabyVol.07 Chapter 51: Kick the BabyVol.06 Chapter 50: Paradise BabyVol.06 Chapter 49: Be My BabyVol.06 Chapter 48: It Moved, It Really Did...Vol.06 Chapter 47: Anyway, this is ParadiseVol.06 Chapter 46: Sayonara Daybreak DreamVol.06 Chapter 45: Dynamite Cool Guy and IVol.06 Chapter 44: I'll Be by Your Side in a FlashVol.06 Chapter 43: A Dream in a DreamVol.06 Chapter 42: My ThingVol.05 Chapter 41: Innocent Boy & GirlVol.05 Chapter 40: A Big FriendVol.05 Chapter 39: A Little FriendVol.05 Chapter 38: Deep Blue SkiesVol.05 Chapter 37: Before the DawnVol.05 Chapter 36: Kiss Me DelicatelyVol.05 Chapter 35: Popularity 2002Vol.05 Chapter 34: Glorious RevolutionVol.05 Chapter 33: ?Candy Pop in Shinjuku?Vol.04 Chapter 32: Let's Love in Shinjuku A.K.. 2002 Summer Beauty PlanVol.04 Chapter 31: Woof! Woof! Behave Mad Dogs!Vol.04 Chapter 30: Dogs and DrugsVol.04 Chapter 29: Beautiful Howling WoodsVol.04 Chapter 28: Hey Mad DogsVol.04 Chapter 27: Dogs and CatsVol.04 Chapter 26: Black ShepherdVol.04 Chapter 25: Sweet HandsVol.04 Chapter 24: Piercing FastballsVol.03 Chapter 23: Ripples of LoveVol.03 Chapter 22: WandervogelVol.03 Chapter 21: One More TimeVol.03 Chapter 20: Take Me AwayVol.03 Chapter 19: Everything EverythingVol.03 Chapter 18: DiscordVol.03 Chapter 17: Because I'm an Adult!Vol.03 Chapter 16: Short VacationVol.03 Chapter 15: The Lover Suddenly Turns into a Spirited Cheerleader?!Vol.02 Chapter 14: The Scaredy-cat's Empty Shell!Vol.02 Chapter 13: If You're Going to Get Wet, You Might as Well Get Drenched!Vol.02 Chapter 12: I'm Weeping!Vol.02 Chapter 11: No Cheer! No Life!Vol.02 Chapter 10: Wish upon a Star!Vol.02 Chapter 9: I Was Born to Cheer Others On...Vol.02 Chapter 8: An Unconfirmed CheerVol.02 Chapter 7: Oh! A Night CarnivalVol.02 Chapter 6: A Great Cheer!Vol.01 Chapter 5: This Cheer Hasn't Even Started Yet!Vol.01 Chapter 4: If You Love Me, I'll Cheer for You!Vol.01 Chapter 3: Your CheerVol.01 Chapter 2: The Cheer at 3 O'Clock in the Middle of the NightVol.01 Chapter 1: Wild Requiem of Cheerleading