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Bari Haken

Bari Haken
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Bari Haken





Synopsis Bari Haken

Closet otaku Mitarashi Dango only has one wish: to have a fulfilling school love life with a cute girl like in his dating sims. But after beating up the strongest guy at school that broke his anime figure, Dango has no choice but to hide his true self and become the new leader of the school’s gang of delinquents! Between punks following him around all the time and avoiding old classmates who know about his otaku life, it seems like Dango is getting further and further away from his dream. Is he doomed to spend all his high school years in such a wild, girlfriend-less way…!? (Notes: “Otaku” is a Japanese term used for people who have obsessive interests, usually with anime, manga, and video games. “Anime,” the Japanese term for “animation,” refers to animated media.)

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