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Gunnm: Last Order

Gunnm: Last Order
Status Completed
Type Manga

Gunnm: Last Order


Battle Angel Alita: Last Order


銃夢 Last Order


Battle Angel Alita Last Order

Synopsis Gunnm: Last Order

After being killed by the doll-bomb in the original manga series, Alita is resurrected by Desty Nova. The Tipharean scientist reconstructs her brain - bringing forth fragments of her past - and gives her a new body that is able to fully utilize her incredible strength. As she awakens, Alita finds herself in a devastated Tiphares, where a battle between Tiphareans with brain-chips and those without is raging. At the same time, the automatic security system goes on a rampage, killing anything that moves. Last Order takes Alita's adventures into outer space, as she encounters old associates and meets new faces - both friend and foe - and begins to piece together memories of her past.

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Chapters of Gunnm: Last Order

Vol.19 Chapter 129: Alita's Quest XVIIIVol.19 Chapter 128: Alita's Quest XVIIVol.19 Chapter 127: Alita's Quest XVIVol.19 Chapter 126: Alita Quest XVVol.19 Chapter 125: Alita Quest XIVVol.19 Chapter 124: Alita Quest XIIIVol.19 Chapter 123: Alita Quest XIIVol.19 Chapter 122: Alita Quest XIVol.19 Chapter 121: Alita Quest XVol.18 Chapter 120: Alita Quest IXVol.18 Chapter 119: Alita Quest VIIIVol.18 Chapter 118: Alita Quest VIIVol.17 Chapter 117: Alita Quest VIVol.17 Chapter 116: Alita Quest VVol.17 Chapter 115: Alita Quest IVVol.17 Chapter 114: Alita Quest IIIVol.17 Chapter 113: Alita Quest IIVol.17 Chapter 112: Alita quest IVol.17 Chapter 111: I, ProudlyVol.17 Chapter 110: Imagination ControlVol.17 Chapter 109: The Opposite Is Also PossibleVol.17 Chapter 108: Sunrise at MidnightVol.17 Chapter 107: Let's Finish This With a Bang!!Vol.14 Chapter 106: YOU NEVER KNOWVol.14 Chapter 105: THE DARK SIDE OF EVERY MAN'S DREAMVol.14 Chapter 104: NICE JOKE!Vol.14 Chapter 103: I'M FREEEE!Vol.14 Chapter 102: SURPASS THE LIMITVol.14 Chapter 101: SPACE ANGELVol.14 Chapter 100: FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF THOUGHTVol.16 Chapter 94: The Cornered MouseVol.15 Chapter 93: This feels pretty good!!Vol.15 Chapter 92: Operation: "Glass Cat"Vol.15 Chapter 91: Logic+InstinctVol.15 Chapter 90: You're a real pro!!Vol.15 Chapter 89: Did you forget my name!?Vol.15 Chapter 88: FINE WITH ME!!Vol.14 Chapter 87: Declaration of IndependenceVol.14 Chapter 86: The Whirlwind Of KarmaVol.14 Chapter 85: Be Brave and Seize ItVol.14 Chapter 84: Codename “Frau X”Vol.14 Chapter 83: Details unknown be on alertVol.14 Chapter 82: The Night Before the Decisive BattleVol.13 Chapter 81: A word called "happiness"Vol.13 Chapter 80: The Final Proof of ExistenceVol.13 Chapter 79: The Reason to FightVol.13 Chapter 78: A Man's FistVol.13 Chapter 77: This is Karate!Vol.13 Chapter 76: LiesVol.13 Chapter 75: Hidden DesireVol.12 Chapter 74: Marvelous Technique Of The Old CatVol.12 Chapter 73: A Great Karate WarVol.12 Chapter 72: Show it to the Whole WorldVol.12 Chapter 71: Our ZOTT!!Vol.12 Chapter 70: I'm The OrderVol.12 Chapter 69: Once Again Into this World of BattleVol.11 Chapter 68: Unexpected ConnectionVol.11 Chapter 67: Super Fast DevelopmentVol.11 Chapter 66: A Block Semi FinalChapter 65: Sought LimitsChapter 64: It's Gonna Cost a Lot!!Chapter 63: Blunt HonestyVol.10 Chapter 62: CollapseVol.10 Chapter 61: WarriorVol.10 Chapter 60: Thumb WrestlingVol.10 Chapter 59: Zekka CallingVol.10 Chapter 58: A Worm's PleaVol.10 Chapter 57: The Status of the Infiltration MissionVol.10 Chapter 56: Towards A Fresh Stage!Vol.09 Chapter 55: Star CityVol.09 Chapter 54: Human's FutureVol.09 Chapter 53: Last PresentVol.09 Chapter 52: FearVol.09 Chapter 51: ProphesyVol.09 Chapter 50: Altered ShockVol.08 Chapter 49: TragedyVol.08 Chapter 48: EncounterVol.08 Chapter 47: Innocence That Deserved to Die a Thousand TimesVol.08 Chapter 46: ChoiceVol.08 Chapter 45: Point of No Return 2. CaerulaVol.08 Chapter 44: Point of No Return 1. AlitaVol.07 Chapter 43: My Chaotic SonVol.07 Chapter 42: Damn It!Vol.07 Chapter 41: Biggest Moment in my LifeVol.07 Chapter 40: Tadpole is TadpoleVol.07 Chapter 39: I Am AlitaVol.07 Chapter 38: I Am YokoVol.06 Chapter 37: Who....Are you?!Vol.06 Chapter 36: I Walked Here Before Vol.06 Chapter 35: Then I Can Go HomeVol.06 Chapter 34: I Believe ThemVol.06 Chapter 33: Not Since That Battle....!Vol.06 Chapter 32: Not YetVol.05 Chapter 31: Round and Round Vol.05 Chapter 30: Join the StarsVol.05 Chapter 29: This is So-o-o Good!Vol.05 Chapter 28: Want To Hear My SongVol.05 Chapter 27: We Must Protect the ChildrenVol.05 Chapter 26: You Might Be ChampionsVol.05 Chapter 25: Let the Z.O.T.T. BeginVol.04 Chapter 24: A Fighting Soul ablaze like fireVol.04 Chapter 23: Space Karate Ant-Lion LArva Pit(Doodlebug Pit)!Vol.04 Chapter 22: Dit you See That?!Vol.04 Chapter 21: Let Me Give You some AdviceVol.04 Chapter 20: Good PunchVol.04 Chapter 19: What Makes a WarriorVol.03 Chapter 18: One Hundred Years...!Vol.03 Chapter 17: And When Their Day Comes...Vol.03 Chapter 16: I Will Put This World RightVol.03 Chapter 15: I'm Sure We'll Meet AgainVol.03 Chapter 14: The King of the Land of Robots, and...Vol.03 Chapter 13: The World's Zenith!Vol.02 Chapter 12: The Weight of the Crime of DreamingVol.02 Chapter 11: NeverthelessVol.02 Chapter 10: Yearning SongVol.02 Chapter 9: Which Unfulfilled Promise is that, I WonderVol.02 Chapter 8: The Tall, Tall Tower of Stacked WoodVol.02 Chapter 7: And the Cruelty of the World...Vol.01 Chapter 6: Like Turning Off a TV...Vol.01 Chapter 5: Notice Me!!Vol.01 Chapter 4: It's What I Long ForVol.01 Chapter 3: It's Not a RobotVol.01 Chapter 2: What Has Awoken!?Vol.01 Chapter 1: My First Memory