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Battle Royale

Battle Royale
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Battle Royale



Synopsis Battle Royale

Every year, a class is randomly chosen to be placed in a deserted area where they are forced to kill each other in order to survive, with the events broadcast to the world. Initially believing to be on a graduation trip, Shuuya Nanahara and the rest of Shiroiwa Junior High's Class B find that they have been chosen to participate in this game of life and death known as "The Program." Waking up to the realization that they have been quarantined on an island, the 42 students discover they have been fitted with metal collars which will detonate if certain conditions are not met. In order to obtain freedom, they must slaughter everyone else by whatever means necessary, and the last one standing is deemed the winner. As each member of the class heads down their own path, Shuuya makes it his goal to get off the island without playing the game in order to put an end to this madness once and for all.

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Chapters of Battle Royale

Vol.15 Chapter 119: HopeVol.15 Chapter 118: CounterattackVol.15 Chapter 117: InferenceVol.15 Chapter 116: DeceptionVol.15 Chapter 115: One's Last MomentVol.15 Chapter 114: Determination Vol.15 Chapter 113: DestinyVol.15 Chapter 112: Cause and EffectVol.14 Chapter 111: WishesVol.14 Chapter 110: God's ChildVol.14 Chapter 109: HitVol.14 Chapter 108: MagicianVol.14 Chapter 107: The PursuitVol.14 Chapter 106: Death RaceVol.14 Chapter 105: The Final BattleVol.14 Chapter 104: The Right PathVol.13 Chapter 103: The Thinking HeartVol.13 Chapter 102: Going HomeVol.13 Chapter 101: RejectionVol.13 Chapter 100: The Identity of the HeartVol.13 Chapter 99: When the Gun PointsVol.13 Chapter 98: MagicVol.13 Chapter 97: Natural Born KillersVol.13 Chapter 96: Closed Off FutureVol.12 Chapter 95: ReasonVol.12 Chapter 94: IncubationVol.12 Chapter 93: PromiseVol.12 Chapter 92: InversionVol.12 Chapter 91: CopyVol.12 Chapter 90: TranscendentalVol.12 Chapter 89: AwakeningVol.12 Chapter 88: DespairVol.11 Chapter 87: Devil of NothingnessVol.11 Chapter 86: Violent FistVol.11 Chapter 85: ProposalVol.11 Chapter 84: Truth and UntruthVol.11 Chapter 83: The Devil's TacticsVol.11 Chapter 82: LimitsVol.11 Chapter 81: Tidings of HappinessVol.11 Chapter 80: EncounterVol.10 Chapter 79: FaithVol.10 Chapter 78: MessageVol.10 Chapter 77: Bleak ReunionVol.10 Chapter 76: RainVol.10 Chapter 75: FuneralVol.10 Chapter 74: ReparationVol.10 Chapter 73: WishVol.10 Chapter 72: Yuko SakakiVol.09 Chapter 71: CollapseVol.09 Chapter 70: CreviceVol.09 Chapter 69: DoubtVol.09 Chapter 68: ConfessionVol.09 Chapter 67: From AfarVol.09 Chapter 66: SurvivingVol.09 Chapter 65: Toshinori OdaVol.09 Chapter 64: The WellVol.08 Chapter 63: Traumatic GamesVol.08 Chapter 62: Split PersonalitiesVol.08 Chapter 61: Sorceress and the BulletVol.08 Chapter 60: AllureVol.08 Chapter 59: Soap OperaVol.08 Chapter 58: LiarsVol.08 Chapter 57: UnfortunateVol.08 Chapter 56: Sixth SenseVol.07 Chapter 55: TrajectoryVol.07 Chapter 54: Bond Vol.07 Chapter 53: ExplosionVol.07 Chapter 52: VersusVol.07 Chapter 51: TeamVol.07 Chapter 50: DemolitionVol.07 Chapter 49: FiringVol.07 Chapter 48: BugVol.06 Chapter 47: DepartureVol.06 Chapter 46: EncounterVol.06 Chapter 45: RescueVol.06 Chapter 44: Hard ChangeVol.06 Chapter 43: RaidVol.06 Chapter 42: Flower of CourageVol.06 Chapter 41: Flower of CourageVol.06 Chapter 40: Sworn FriendVol.05 Chapter 39: AnxietyVol.05 Chapter 38: Set UpVol.05 Chapter 37: ExistenceVol.05 Chapter 36: ThristVol.05 Chapter 35: TrapVol.05 Chapter 34: Last Man StandingVol.05 Chapter 33: RouseVol.04 Chapter 32: Secret WeaponVol.04 Chapter 31: Everybody's ThoughtsVol.04 Chapter 30: PersuasionVol.04 Chapter 29: The Right AnswerVol.04 Chapter 28: InsanityVol.04 Chapter 27: Respect and AffectionVol.04 Chapter 26: BondVol.04 Chapter 25: HonorVol.03 Chapter 24: Takako ChigusaVol.03 Chapter 23: The Ultimate TeamVol.03 Chapter 22: Battle PlanVol.03 Chapter 21: ForfeitureVol.03 Chapter 20: AcceptanceVol.03 Chapter 19: Problem ChildVol.03 Chapter 18: OddsVol.03 Chapter 17: PastVol.02 Chapter 16: The Right Thing to DoVol.02 Chapter 15: ConditionsVol.02 Chapter 14: NightmareVol.02 Chapter 13: Shogo KawadaVol.02 Chapter 12: Those Who Come ForthVol.02 Chapter 11: TreasureVol.02 Chapter 10: Kazuo Kiriyama (Part 2)Vol.02 Chapter 9: Kazuo Kiriyama (Part 1)Vol.01 Chapter 8: Mitsuko SoumaVol.01 Chapter 7: TrustVol.01 Chapter 6: Yoshio AkamatsuVol.01 Chapter 5: Other Side Of The DoorVol.01 Chapter 4: The OathVol.01 Chapter 3: Shinji MimuraVol.01 Chapter 2: Best FriendVol.01 Chapter 1: The Worst Game In History