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Beach Stars

Beach Stars
Status Completed
Type Manga

Beach Stars


The Beach Stars



Synopsis Beach Stars

This is the story of Nanase Iruke. She's short, tomboyish, and her one joy in life is volleyball. On Iruka's 17th birthday her Volleyball club is disbanded. Feeling somewhat depressed she and her friends from the club take a trip to the beach and discover Beach volleyball. Iruka cant wait to play and rushes to the court only to be told to give up being a player because of her short stature by the local Volleyball Diva. In a rage Iruka challenges her to a match to prove her abilities. It doest look like she has a chance but Iruka has a secret weapon and nobody will ever make fun of her on the beach again....well....Not about her ability to play Volleyball anyway...

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Chapters of Beach Stars

Vol.07 Chapter 68: It Makes My Heart SwayVol.07 Chapter 67: We Aren't Joking Anymore!Vol.07 Chapter 66: Objective Run... Home Run!Vol.07 Chapter 65: Special TrainingVol.07 Chapter 64: HighSchool VictoryVol.07 Chapter 63: It's over!Vol.07 Chapter 62: Tenacity^2Vol.06 Chapter 61: AwakeningVol.06 Chapter 60: SwitchVol.06 Chapter 59: Time for a choiceVol.06 Chapter 58: The ZoneVol.06 Chapter 57: The Last SetVol.06 Chapter 56: ExplanationsVol.06 Chapter 55: The Snake That Bit It's TailVol.06 Chapter 54: The Wounded WolvesVol.06 Chapter 53: The Second SetVol.05 Chapter 52: I Want You to Look At Me PlayingVol.05 Chapter 51: One In The Bag!!Vol.05 Chapter 50: Let's Keep Going Like This!Vol.05 Chapter 49: My Own Way of FightingVol.05 Chapter 48: Time OutVol.05 Chapter 47: No SolutionVol.05 Chapter 46: The Breaking Cross SpikeVol.05 Chapter 45: ShowDownVol.05 Chapter 44: Start Of the FinalVol.05 Chapter 43: Two Of A KindVol.05 Chapter 42: Kagurazaka and IzumiVol.05 Chapter 41: Lunch BreakVol.04 Chapter 40: Call Me MichiruVol.04 Chapter 39: Sorry...Vol.04 Chapter 38: We're LeavingVol.04 Chapter 37: Don't Worry, It's Alright!Vol.04 Chapter 36: Yamagami Furious AttackVol.04 Chapter 35: There's Nothing FunnyVol.04 Chapter 34: All Or NothingVol.04 Chapter 33: Stars And StarletsVol.04 Chapter 32: Takki And Michiru's DebutVol.04 Chapter 31: Thank You Very MuchVol.03 Chapter 30: Hunting PokeyVol.03 Chapter 29: Pokey ShotVol.03 Chapter 28: Match 1Vol.03 Chapter 27: The Start of the Madonna Cup PrelimsVol.03 Chapter 26: The Moonlight PrinceVol.03 Chapter 25: Iruka Takes Off!Vol.03 Chapter 24: Onsoku's AceVol.03 Chapter 23: Each Person's CirumstancesVol.03 Chapter 22: Higasaki's Beach Volley Ball Club BeginVol.03 Chapter 21: The Big Remodeling PlanVol.02 Chapter 20: A Beach for the GirlsVol.02 Chapter 19: The Search for the BeachVol.02 Chapter 18: Mr. Fuji and TakiVol.02 Chapter 17: Oww...Vol.02 Chapter 16: The Real PassVol.02 Chapter 15: Underhand Pass PracticeVol.02 Chapter 14: Crash Course! The Turn Dash!Vol.02 Chapter 13: The Sunset's DeterminationVol.02 Chapter 12: Four, United by FateVol.02 Chapter 11: Conclusion! Hiratsuka Beach ParkVol.02 Chapter 10: Turning Point!Vol.01 Chapter 9: Twister ParadeVol.01 Chapter 8: Clash! Boys Against Girls!Vol.01 Chapter 7: The Falcon's DenVol.01 Chapter 6: For Tomorrow!Vol.01 Chapter 5: A Glimpse of TalentVol.01 Chapter 4: The Five Second TestVol.01 Chapter 3: Hiratsuka ParkVol.01 Chapter 2: The Silent AngelVol.01 Chapter 1: Nanase Iruka!