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Be-Bop High School

Be-Bop High School
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Be-Bop High School





Synopsis Be-Bop High School

The story revolves around the lives of two rough-and-tumble high school friends Kato Hiroshi and Nakama Toru, who seemed to make a habit of getting into trouble and starting up fights. In keeping with the spirit of the manga, Toru and Hiroshi sport slicked back 50's style perms and adopted exaggerated swaggers that make them comical and yet also oddly cool. The drama also features an assortment of outlandish characters who sport even weirder fashions and hairdos. To describe the action in this drama, think Fight Club meets The Breakfast Club.

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Chapters of Be-Bop High School

Vol.28 - Chapter 187Vol.28 - Chapter 186Vol.28 - Chapter 185Vol.28 - Chapter 184Vol.27 - Chapter 183Vol.27 - Chapter 182Vol.27 - Chapter 181Vol.27 - Chapter 180Vol.26 - Chapter 179Vol.26 - Chapter 178Chapter 177Vol.26 - Chapter 176Chapter 175Chapter 174: A Day in Delinquent LifeChapter 173: The Delinquent Youth's FlexibilityChapter 172Chapter 171: The Two-Sided Romantic GameChapter 170Vol.24 Chapter 169: The Bush-Leaguer Loses His BearingsChapter 168Vol.24 - Chapter 167Vol.23 - Chapter 166Vol.23 - Chapter 165Vol.23 - Chapter 164Chapter 163Vol.23 - Chapter 162Vol.22 - Chapter 161Vol.22 - Chapter 160Vol.22 - Chapter 159Chapter 158Vol.22 - Chapter 157Vol.21 - Chapter 156Vol.21 - Chapter 155Vol.21 - Chapter 154Vol.21 - Chapter 153Vol.20 - Chapter 152Chapter 151Vol.20 - Chapter 150Vol.20 - Chapter 149Vol.20 - Chapter 148Vol.19 - Chapter 147Vol.19 - Chapter 146Vol.19 - Chapter 145Vol.19 - Chapter 144Vol.18 - Chapter 143Vol.18 - Chapter 142Vol.18 - Chapter 141Vol.18 - Chapter 140Vol.18 - Chapter 139Vol.17 - Chapter 138Vol.17 - Chapter 137Vol.17 - Chapter 136Vol.17 - Chapter 135Vol.17 - Chapter 134Vol.17 - Chapter 133Vol.16 - Chapter 132Vol.16 - Chapter 131Vol.16 - Chapter 130Vol.16 - Chapter 129Vol.16 - Chapter 128Vol.16 - Chapter 127Vol.15 - Chapter 126Vol.15 - Chapter 125Vol.15 - Chapter 124Chapter 123The Little Devil's Tale Of DebaucheryThe Soft Bastard's Desire To Be A HardassThe High School Dimwit Reckless AbandonCruel Tales Of The Delinquent PathProfuse Blossoming Of Academy LifeThe High School Brothers Of DutyThe Violent Person DirectoryThe Pickup Idiot Lives Up to His ReputationThe Delinquent Girl's Transfer of DutyVol.13 Chapter 113: The High School Dimwit Bored ManVol.13 Chapter 112: All-Or-Nothing Romantic AspirationsVol.13 Chapter 111: The Delinquent Youth's Promising FutureVol.13 Chapter 110: The Smooth-Talker's Bold StepsVol.13 Chapter 109: March of the Supporting Character ArmyVol.12 Chapter 108: The Blackout of Delinquent LifeVol.12 Chapter 107: The Self-Centeredness of Delinquent LifeVol.12 Chapter 106: The Lucky Bastard's Sand TrapVol.12 Chapter 105: The Man's Pure-Hearted One-Shot GameVol.12 Chapter 104: The High School Dimwit Hoodlum MemoirsVol.12 Chapter 103: The Kamikaze Bamboo Brain SplitterVol.12 Chapter 102: The Bullshitter's Beeline to ThieveryVol.12 Chapter 101: The Violent Youth's AftermathVol.12 Chapter 100: The Lonely Guy's Eloquence and CompetenceVol.11 Chapter 99: The Devoted Bastard's Embarrassing LifeVol.11 Chapter 98: The High School Dimwit EpicVol.11 Chapter 97: The Delinquent Youth's Friendship AnniversaryVol.11 Chapter 96: The Delinquent Youth's Mountain Range of FriendshipVol.11 Chapter 95: The Hot-Blooded Teacher's Lesson on YouthVol.11 Chapter 94: The Irritable Bastard's Desperate BattleVol.11 Chapter 93: No Sympathy for Romatic PovertyVol.11 Chapter 92: Romantic Tragedy with 100-Meter Wind SpeedVol.11 Chapter 91: The Monkey Boss' Trespassing DuelVol.10 Chapter 90: The High School Dimwit Marching SongVol.10 Chapter 89: The Priest Boss' Street PreachingVol.10 Chapter 88: Hurrah for the Clown of YouthVol.10 Chapter 87: The Killer Studying ContractorVol.10 Chapter 86: Iwamoto the Man Declares a FightVol.10 Chapter 85: The Grieving Bastard's Drama of LifeVol.10 Chapter 84: The Delinquent Boss' One-Day WarVol.10 Chapter 83: Moody Trip To The Hot SpringsVol.09 Chapter 82: The High School Dimwit SymphonyVol.09 Chapter 81: The Delinquent Student's Romantic BeginningsVol.09 Chapter 80: The Romantic Swindler's Double-DealingVol.09 Chapter 79: Grim Prospects of the Fighting LifeVol.09 Chapter 78: The Crew-Cut of Duty and the Wind and CloudsVol.09 Chapter 77: Dialogue of the Flesh-Longing LifeVol.09 Chapter 76: Ad-Lib Gentleman's Matchmaking TechniqueVol.09 Chapter 75: Running Amok OverseasVol.08 Chapter 74: The Star Actor's Cruel LoveVol.08 Chapter 73: Dimwit-Style Romantic InstructionVol.08 Chapter 72: The Peerless Boss vs. the Regretul BossVol.08 Chapter 71: The Lone Wolf's Screaming End of LoveVol.08 Chapter 70: The Romantic Alliance EquationVol.09 Chapter 69: The High School Dimwit Folk TuneVol.08 Chapter 68: The Beast Bastard's Drama of DreamsVol.08 Chapter 67: Iwamoto the Man's Longing for His First LoveVol.08 Chapter 66: Preview of the New Age of ManiaVol.07 Chapter 65: The High School Dimwit ConcertoVol.07 Chapter 64: The Uncommitted Star ActorVol.07 Chapter 63: The Happy-Go-Lucky Bastard's Hymn to LifeVol.07 Chapter 62: Spontaneous Battle of RomanceVol.07 Chapter 61: The Highschool Dimwit MarchVol.07 Chapter 60: The High School SensualistVol.07 Chapter 59: Legend of the Grieving Bastard's Passionate LoveVol.07 Chapter 58: Launching Into Nonsense Overseas - Tahiti SpecialVol.06 Chapter 57: Greatness of the Crew-Cut of DutyVol.06 Chapter 56: The Peerless Maiden's HeartVol.06 Chapter 55: Delinquent Youth Family RegistryVol.06 Chapter 54: Delinquent Youth's Hoodlum TalesVol.06 Chapter 53: Iwamoto the Man's Confession of LoveVol.06 Chapter 52: One Man's Desert of YouthVol.06 Chapter 51: The Love Burglar and the Crew-Cut of DutyVol.06 Chapter 50: Sudden Romantic Prohibition SyndromeVol.06 Chapter 49: Pure-Love Boss' Romantic RegretsVol.05 Chapter 48: Walking Along the Delinquent HighwayVol.05 Chapter 47: The High School Dimwit BalladVol.05 Chapter 46: Legend of the Chivalrous DelinquentVol.05 Chapter 45: Blockhead Sankichi and the Crew-Cut of DutyVol.05 Chapter 44: The Boss' Shameful Love-Letter ConfessionVol.05 Chapter 43: The Cruel Tale of the Romance Free-for-AllVol.05 Chapter 42: The Rebellion of the Imp ArmyVol.05 Chapter 41: The Rise and Fall of the Imp ArmyVol.04 Chapter 40: The First and Last Great DuelVol.04 Chapter 39: Iwamoto the Man's Heavenly First LoveVol.04 Chapter 38: Delinquent Love Counselling RoomVol.04 Chapter 37: The High School Dimwit RhapsodyVol.04 Chapter 36: Faker Trapping GameVol.04 Chapter 35: Re-Enter the Delinquent Girl Demon PrincessVol.04 Chapter 34: Delinquent Student Supplants His SeniorsVol.04 Chapter 33: Abused Weakling Salvation PlanVol.04 Chapter 32: The High School Dimwit ElegyVol.03 Chapter 31: After Effects of the Expulsion PoblemVol.03 Chapter 30: The Repeater's Expulsion ConfirmedVol.03 Chapter 29: The Honor Student's Love CourageVol.03 Chapter 28: The Underling's Hairstyle AgonyVol.03 Chapter 27: The Delinquent Love Accessory WarVol.03 Chapter 26: The High School Hoodlum DuelVol.03 Chapter 25: Complex Intersection of LoveVol.03 Chapter 24: Sudden Romantic TurbulenceVol.03 Chapter 23: Enter the Delinquent Girl Demon PrincessVol.03 Chapter 22: The Unequal Love PentagonVol.02 Chapter 21: Aitoku's Dangerous ClubVol.02 Chapter 20: Totsuka Train HellVol.02 Chapter 19: Pregnancy Scare In Broad DaylightVol.02 Chapter 18: The Critical RunVol.02 Chapter 17: Delinquent Love Survival GameVol.02 Chapter 16: Operation Aitoku InvasionVol.02 Chapter 15: Underling Applicant ExamVol.02 Chapter 14: Delinquent Love CatalogVol.02 Chapter 13: Aitoku's Private Security GuaranteeVol.02 Chapter 12: Resolving the Repeating ProblemVol.02 Chapter 11: Acute Temper SyndromeVol.01 Chapter 10: Aitoku Inferior ReconstructionVol.01 Chapter 9: Delinquentization CountermeasuresVol.01 Chapter 8: Operation Rouge BlitzkriegVol.01 Chapter 7: The Second Hairstyle WarVol.01 Chapter 6: Pickup HellVol.01 Chapter 5: Ad-Lib Delinquent TrainingVol.01 Chapter 4: The Off-School BrawlVol.01 Chapter 3: The Duel of LoveVol.01 Chapter 2: The First Hairstyle WarVol.01 Chapter 1: Battle for the Transfer Student