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B Gata H Kei

B Gata H Kei
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B Gata H Kei


B Type H Style



Synopsis B Gata H Kei

Yamada has a goal when she enters high school. She wants to make 100 sex friends, but she's got one small problem: she's a virgin! Afraid of being rejected or ridiculed by hot guys, she decides that in order for her to reach her goal she first has to lose her virginity. While in a bookstore looking for a new dictionary she bumps into Kosuda, a very average boy, and decides he's the perfect candidate to get the job done. Will Yamada succeed in getting Kosuda to bed, or will something more bloom from the not so innocent start to their relationship?

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Chapters of B Gata H Kei

Vol.09 Chapter 300: Bye-Bye [End]Vol.09 Chapter 299: Future ProposalVol.09 Chapter 298.5: 1/2Chapter 298.005Vol.09 Chapter 298: Spring BreathVol.09 Chapter 297: Sazae-san's HouseVol.09 Chapter 296: Because of LoveVol.09 Chapter 295: Remains of SnowVol.09 Chapter 294: Let's Love Each Other More!Vol.09 Chapter 293: 99% LibertyVol.09 Chapter 292: WandervogelVol.09 Chapter 291: TriangleVol.09 Chapter 290.5: OrangeVol.09 Chapter 290.5Vol.09 Chapter 290: Human NatureVol.09 Chapter 289: Our FailureVol.09 Chapter 288: Best FriendVol.09 Chapter 287: Love WinsVol.09 Chapter 286: Summer ExperienceVol.09 Chapter 285: Virgin Rock'n'RollVol.09 Chapter 284: Choo Choo TrainVol.09 Chapter 283: YuujiVol.09 Chapter 282: Second LoveVol.09 Chapter 281: Start LineVol.09 Chapter 280: GirlfriendsVol.09 Chapter 279: Winter SongVol.09 Chapter 278: NononononVol.09 Chapter 277: Let's Go in for Sports!Vol.09 Chapter 276: He-ro-i-neVol.09 Chapter 275: Don't You Know?Vol.09 Chapter 274: Men of the Irresponsible AgeVol.09 Chapter 273: Flash GirlVol.09 Chapter 272: Fail GirlVol.09 Chapter 271: All RightVol.09 Chapter 270: BH~ B-Type H-StyleVol.09 Chapter 269: Teach Me from A to ZVol.09 Chapter 268: Yes - NoVol.09 Chapter 267: Weird Love SongVol.09 Chapter 266: Forbidden GamesVol.08 Chapter 265: SakuraVol.08 Chapter 264: GarnetVol.08 Chapter 263: Loud DiamondVol.08 Chapter 262: Crying HoodlumVol.08 Chapter 261: Fighting PoseVol.08 Chapter 260: JealousyVol.08 Chapter 259: When Someone's Dream Comes TrueVol.08 Chapter 258: Love!Vol.08 Chapter 257: Rejected GoodsVol.08 Chapter 256: HungryVol.08 Chapter 255: SelfishVol.08 Chapter 254: TeacherVol.08 Chapter 253: Sad Broken BoyVol.08 Chapter 252: VertigoVol.08 Chapter 251: BoyfriendVol.08 Chapter 250: AnniversaryVol.08 Chapter 249: Cutie HoneyVol.08 Chapter 248: SomehowVol.08 Chapter 247: Don't Grow UpVol.08 Chapter 246: CryingVol.08 Chapter 245: Boy and GirlVol.08 Chapter 244: Let's Throw a Party!Vol.08 Chapter 243: Love MachineVol.08 Chapter 242: Let's Go HomeVol.08 Chapter 241: Cinderella Can't SleepVol.08 Chapter 240: Say That You Love Him!Vol.08 Chapter 239: I Want to Love More Than to be LovedVol.08 Chapter 238: Infectious CryingVol.08 Chapter 237: Royal AnnouncementVol.08 Chapter 236: Peach TimeVol.08 Chapter 235: Kind SongVol.08 Chapter 234: I Want to Be With YouVol.08 Chapter 233: Between You and the SkyVol.07 Chapter 232.4: Extra 4Vol.07 Chapter 232.3: Extra 3Vol.07 Chapter 232.2: Extra 2Vol.07 Chapter 232.1: Extra 1Vol.07 Chapter 232: I'll Wait for YouVol.07 Chapter 231: Heart Pounding After School TimeVol.07 Chapter 230: Youth Survival GameVol.07 Chapter 229: CheeringVol.07 Chapter 228: Teenage DreamerVol.07 Chapter 227: Don't Look at the SkyVol.07 Chapter 226: Lovely FriendshipVol.07 Chapter 225: PassionVol.07 Chapter 224: Enjoy Your BathVol.07 Chapter 223: The Last LeafVol.07 Chapter 222: A Great TroubleVol.07 Chapter 221: Sudden Love StoryVol.07 Chapter 220: Love Jack-KnifeVol.07 Chapter 219: SparklingVol.07 Chapter 218: Into a DreamVol.07 Chapter 217: Valentine KissVol.07 Chapter 216: LoverVol.07 Chapter 215: Image PoetryVol.07 Chapter 214: StylishVol.07 Chapter 213: Love and Be LovedVol.07 Chapter 212: Can't Stop Fallin' in LoveVol.07 Chapter 211: Wavering FeelingVol.07 Chapter 210: InfamyVol.07 Chapter 209: Emerald WeaknessVol.07 Chapter 208: If It Were a DreamVol.07 Chapter 207: FriendsVol.07 Chapter 206: Remedy for Love ShockVol.07 Chapter 205: Don't LoseVol.07 Chapter 204: InstinctVol.07 Chapter 203: Angel's WinkVol.06 Chapter 202.4: Draft 4Vol.06 Chapter 202.3: Draft 3Vol.06 Chapter 202.2: Draft 2Vol.06 Chapter 202.1: Draft 1Vol.06 Chapter 202: Hot LoveVol.06 Chapter 201: A Long TimeVol.06 Chapter 200: Give Me a ShakeVol.06 Chapter 199: Advice HeavenVol.06 Chapter 198: Get WildVol.06 Chapter 197: A WishVol.06 Chapter 196: I'll Say ItVol.06 Chapter 195: FascinatedVol.06 Chapter 194: The OppositeVol.06 Chapter 193: Love Late at NightVol.06 Chapter 192: Between the Evening and the MorningVol.06 Chapter 191: In the Name of LoveVol.06 Chapter 190: A Long NightVol.06 Chapter 189: God, I Beg YouVol.06 Chapter 188: It Was SnowingVol.06 Chapter 187: This Isn't AnimeVol.06 Chapter 186: Her and My CircumstancesVol.06 Chapter 185: The Girl Who Blossoms LateVol.06 Chapter 184: HeartbreakVol.06 Chapter 183: The Cylindrical DoorVol.06 Chapter 182: An A for Effort!Vol.06 Chapter 181: The Actress in the MirrorVol.06 Chapter 180: Peach-colored SighVol.06 Chapter 179: ReplayVol.06 Chapter 178: Our Planet of LoveVol.06 Chapter 177: Hello from the RoadVol.06 Chapter 176: 50/50Vol.06 Chapter 175: The Night the Gods FellVol.05 Chapter 174.2: Everybody Is NiceVol.05 Chapter 174.1: The Time Is FlowingVol.05 Chapter 174: Just Because You Are HereVol.05 Chapter 173: Vague TensionVol.05 Chapter 172: Don't Give Up on Your DreamVol.05 Chapter 171: Cat's EyeVol.05 Chapter 170: Who Is Knocking at the Door?Vol.05 Chapter 169: Make Love to Me GentlyVol.05 Chapter 168: I've Been Watching YouVol.05 Chapter 167: My Eyes Are Fixed on YouVol.05 Chapter 166: Inside a DreamVol.05 Chapter 165: Boogie Back TonightVol.05 Chapter 164: A Chance ArrivesVol.05 Chapter 163: Step UpVol.05 Chapter 162: Dance in the DarknessVol.05 Chapter 161: Difference of the TwoVol.05 Chapter 160: Jingi Loves MeVol.05 Chapter 159: I Want to Go Back to That DayVol.05 Chapter 158: Body Special IIVol.05 Chapter 157: S-T-R-I-P-P-E-RVol.05 Chapter 156: Self ControlVol.05 Chapter 155: ExcuseVol.05 Chapter 154: I'm Not Running AwayVol.05 Chapter 153: No SideVol.05 Chapter 152: BlizzardVol.05 Chapter 151: Sailor-fuku and a Machine GunVol.05 Chapter 150: Silent JealousyVol.05 Chapter 149: Lonely Tropical FishVol.05 Chapter 148: A Story from Another DimensionVol.05 Chapter 147: Don't MindVol.05 Chapter 146: Awarded WordsVol.05 Chapter 145: What Should I Do?Vol.05 Chapter 144: I Can Only Sing the BeginningVol.05 Chapter 143: A Storm of "Why?"Vol.05 Chapter 142: A Boy Younger than MeVol.04 Chapter 141.5: It's Okay if We're Just FriendsVol.04 Chapter 141.5Vol.04 Chapter 141: If It's Only a DreamVol.04 Chapter 140: You Are Not AloneVol.04 Chapter 139: Charm PointVol.04 Chapter 138: Bestowed ManVol.04 Chapter 137: The Crossroad Where Lovers MeetVol.04 Chapter 136: Dreamin'Vol.04 Chapter 135: Uncontrollable EmotionsVol.04 Chapter 134: I Can't Dance WellVol.04 Chapter 133: Seesaw GameVol.04 Chapter 132: I Want to Know YouVol.04 Chapter 131: Heart ThiefVol.04 Chapter 130: The Last ExcuseVol.04 Chapter 129: If I Were a StarVol.04 Chapter 128: Slowly Starting to NoticeVol.04 Chapter 127: Go, Girls, Go!Vol.04 Chapter 126: Make-up ShadowVol.04 Chapter 125: First LoveVol.04 Chapter 124: I Think About YouVol.04 Chapter 123: Angel with Folded WingsVol.04 Chapter 122: Cheers, Young Lady!Vol.04 Chapter 121: Close Your EyesVol.04 Chapter 120: 100% CourageVol.04 Chapter 119: Predictions for the FutureVol.04 Chapter 118: Please Stop It, Teacher!Vol.04 Chapter 117: You're Just YouVol.04 Chapter 116: Something that You Shouldn't Do?Vol.04 Chapter 115: Younger SisterVol.04 Chapter 114: Feeling of BacklightsVol.04 Chapter 113: My Lips Are Hot When I'm Talking to YouVol.04 Chapter 112: Freezing PointVol.04 Chapter 111: Let Me Hear Your VoiceVol.04 Chapter 110: Impatient LipsVol.04 Chapter 109: A Man's AwardVol.04 Chapter 108: No Matter WhenVol.04 Chapter 107: A Man's DevotionVol.04 Chapter 106: I Can't Say ItVol.03 Chapter 105.1: Help Me, Sex God!Vol.03 Chapter 105.2: Memories AboundingVol.03 Chapter 105.1 : Help Me, Sex God!Vol.03 Chapter 105: An Honest 'I'm Sorry'Vol.03 Chapter 104: I'm About to Cry You KnowVol.03 Chapter 103: Screaming the RefrainVol.03 Chapter 102: In-Ten-Se!Vol.03 Chapter 101: You Are the Only OneVol.03 Chapter 100: School ParadiseVol.03 Chapter 99: Miss Mystery LadyVol.03 Chapter 98: Take Care When Talking About SexVol.03 Chapter 97: The Scorpio GirlVol.03 Chapter 96: The Girl Can't Be Dreaming ForeverVol.03 Chapter 95: Wait & See ~Risk~Vol.03 Chapter 94: Let's Do It!Vol.03 Chapter 93: Lion's HeartVol.03 Chapter 92: AmbushVol.03 Chapter 91: ZeroVol.03 Chapter 90: There's so Much SilenceVol.03 Chapter 89: A Scandal Involving that GirlVol.03 Chapter 88: Not Only?But AlsoVol.03 Chapter 87: LostVol.03 Chapter 86: The Sadness Won't StopVol.03 Chapter 85: Carrot GirlVol.03 Chapter 84: Understand Me, Please!Vol.03 Chapter 83: Love TrainVol.03 Chapter 82: Just a Little MoreVol.03 Chapter 81: Forget About ItVol.03 Chapter 80: "Down There"Vol.03 Chapter 79: Before & After!Vol.03 Chapter 78: Starting off on a Nice DayVol.03 Chapter 77: Draw the LineVol.03 Chapter 76: I'll Take It All!Vol.03 Chapter 75: I Have Something to Tell youVol.03 Chapter 74: I'll Give Them to YouVol.03 Chapter 73: I Want Them to Gossip About Me!Vol.03 Chapter 72: A Scenario of CorruptionVol.02 Chapter 71: Blushing GirlVol.02 Chapter 70: Gorgeous IsolationVol.02 Chapter 69: Happy, Fun, LoveableVol.02 Chapter 68: Kiss Me NowVol.02 Chapter 67: No, Not Like ThatVol.02 Chapter 66: A Woman's PathVol.02 Chapter 65: Fantasy KissVol.02 Chapter 64: Scolded!Vol.02 Chapter 63: Shoot the Machine GunVol.02 Chapter 62: Azusa No. 2Vol.02 Chapter 61: A Girl Can't Bear ItVol.02 Chapter 60: Eternal BreastVol.02 Chapter 59: Summer LadyVol.02 Chapter 58: Softness of Your HandVol.02 Chapter 57: Twisted HeartVol.02 Chapter 56: Funk FujiyamaVol.02 Chapter 55: Different Strokes for Different FolksVol.02 Chapter 54: I Can't Blame Your UselessnessVol.02 Chapter 53: I've Always Been SeriousVol.02 Chapter 52: I Hate that GirlVol.02 Chapter 51: OvationVol.02 Chapter 50: Throbbing in Your HeartVol.02 Chapter 49: TouchVol.02 Chapter 48: Before the TwilightVol.02 Chapter 47: I'll Accept AnyoneVol.02 Chapter 46: The Come BackVol.02 Chapter 45: Displeasing New FaceVol.02 Chapter 44: Stop the TimeVol.02 Chapter 43: Treating as a StrangerVol.02 Chapter 42: Don't Say "I Love You"!Vol.02 Chapter 41: Selfish JulietVol.02 Chapter 40: Missing Each OtherVol.02 Chapter 39: Chocotto LoveVol.02 Chapter 38: What Would You Do?Vol.02 Chapter 37: I Want to Protect YouVol.01 Chapter 36: Dream TheaterVol.01 Chapter 35: The HeartVol.01 Chapter 34: Love = Do!Vol.01 Chapter 33: Tonight, I Will DecideVol.01 Chapter 32: I Entrust this Night to YouVol.01 Chapter 31: Nothing Can Stop MeVol.01 Chapter 30: Last Dance with MeVol.01 Chapter 29: Idol, After AllVol.01 Chapter 28: Hold Out Your Hand from the DarknessVol.01 Chapter 27: Pale PhotographerVol.01 Chapter 26: The Memories Are Too BeautifulVol.01 Chapter 25: Oh No! Rouge Magic!Vol.01 Chapter 24: Don't Stop LoveVol.01 Chapter 23: The Girl's SecretsVol.01 Chapter 22: I'll Devote Myself to YouVol.01 Chapter 21: Delicate GirlVol.01 Chapter 20: One Day, SuddenlyVol.01 Chapter 19: Young BloodsVol.01 Chapter 18: Jet Coaster RomanceVol.01 Chapter 17: You Are 1000%Vol.01 Chapter 16: Ah, Summer VacationVol.01 Chapter 15: Door to the SummerVol.01 Chapter 14: Virgin Attack!Vol.01 Chapter 13: A Dangerous PairVol.01 Chapter 12: I Don't Have an UmbrellaVol.01 Chapter 11: The Song of StudyingVol.01 Chapter 10: This Is ImportantVol.01 Chapter 9: A Girl Is a GirlVol.01 Chapter 8: Natural ColorVol.01 Chapter 7: Infinite ProvocationVol.01 Chapter 6: Everything Goes Well When I'm AloneVol.01 Chapter 5: I'm at a LossVol.01 Chapter 4: I Like You UnnaturallyVol.01 Chapter 3: Passionate GlanceVol.01 Chapter 2: Your Name Is...Vol.01 Chapter 1: This Girl, Yamada