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Billy Bat

Billy Bat
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Billy Bat



Synopsis Billy Bat

The story is set in 1949 and follows Japanese-American comic book artist Kevin Yamagata as he draws the popular detective series "Billy Bat" for "Marble Comics." When he learns he may have unconsciously copied the character from an image he saw while serving in occupied Japan, he returns to Japan to get permission to use Billy Bat from its original creator. Upon arriving there, however, he becomes embroiled in a web of murder, cover-ups, and prophecy that all leads back to Billy Bat. It is soon evident, however, that the truth of Billy Bat's nature is far larger than Kevin could ever guess, spanning millennia and across the world.

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Chapters of Billy Bat

Vol.17 Chapter 165: Very Last Final WishVol.17 Chapter 164: Decision TimeVol.17 Chapter 163: No Response From SurvivorsVol.17 Chapter 162: Welcome to the OasisVol.17 Chapter 161: Take Up Your PenVol.17 Chapter 160: The Final WordVol.17 Chapter 159: Extra Super MoonVol.17 Chapter 158: A Ray of LightVol.17 Chapter 157: The Time Has Come [8/8]Vol.17 Chapter 156: Seeing is Seeing [7/8]Vol.17 Chapter 155: The Mouth of Heresy [6/8]Vol.17 Chapter 154: Let's Shoot the Real ThingVo.17 Chapter 153: The Man They've Called ForVol.17 Chapter 152: The Black Bat of Tibet [3/8]Vol.17 Chapter 151: The Black Bat [2/8]Vol.17 Chapter 150: A Fabricated FutureVol.17 Chapter 149: Kevin and Kevin on the Sands [8/8]Vol.17 Chapter 148: Paper Billy [7/8]Vol.17 Chapter 147: Farewell,Billy Bat [6/8]Vol.17 Chapter 146: If I could Change My Life... [5/8]Vol.17 Chapter 145: Slow and Steady Wins the Race [4/8]Vol.17 Chapter 144: Seaside House [3/8]Vol.17 Chapter 143: Castles Built of Sands [2/8]Vol.17 Chapter 142: Final Wish [1/8]Vol.17 Chapter 141: A Teacher of the Heart [8/8]Vol.17 Chapter 140: Sympathizers [7/8]Vol.17 Chapter 139: The Fated Day [6/8]Vol.17 Chapter 138: The Liar's TruthVol.17 Chapter 137: The Day He Met The Brt [4/8]Vol.17 Chapter 136: Coming and going [3/8]Vol.17 Chapter 135: Spotlight [2/8]Vol.17 Chapter 134: The Person I Wanted To Meet [1/8]Vol.16 Chapter 133: A Certain Procedure [8/8]Vol.16 Chapter 132: Fantasy's Demise [7/8]Vol.16 Chapter 131: Destination [6/8]Vol.16 Chapter 130: Joint Work [5/8]Vol.16 Chapter 129: America's Enemy [4/8]Vol.16 Chapter 128: Heart of Justice [3/8]Vol.16 Chapter 127: Conditions for genuinity [2/8Vol.16 Chapter 126: The next artist [1/8]Vol.15 Chapter 125: Must Not Touch [8/8]Vol.15 Chapter 124: Escape [7/8]Vol.15 Chapter 123: Kiyoshi's Life [6/8]Vol.15 Chapter 122: Redo [5/8]Vol.15 Chapter 121: Prediction of Run [4/8]Vol.15 Chapter 120: Last Numbers [3/8]Vol.15 Chapter 119: Re-Energence [2/8]Vol.15 Chapter 118: Golden Boy [1/8]Vol.14 Chapter 117: Last Scene [8/8]Vol.14 Chapter 116: The Fate Of The World [7/8]Vol.14 Chapter 115: Come In, Ivan [6/8]Vol.14 Chapter 114: Ivan [5/8]Vol.14 Chapter 113: Too Late [4/8]Vol.14 Chapter 112: The Bat's Guidepost [3/8]Vol.14 Chapter 111: The Truth of the Beginning [2/8]Vol.13 Chapter 110: Prologue [1/8]Vol.13 Chapter 109: Final Chapter?Vol.13 Chapter 108: Depends on YouVol.13 Chapter 107: StopVol.13 Chapter 106: Talking ThingVol.13 Chapter 105: Real and Fake, New and OldVol.13 Chapter 104: FakeVol.13 Chapter 103: SpotlightVol.13 Chapter 102: Adolf and HitlerVol.12 Chapter 101: Moon Walking [8/8]Vol.12 Chapter 100: Unfulfilled Dream [7/8]Vol.12 Chapter 99: One Of The Three Great Urban Legends [6/8]Vol.12 Chapter 98: Second Hands Good [5/8]Vol.12 Chapter 97: Top Secret [4/8]Vol.12 Chapter 96: Partner [3/8]Vol.12 Chapter 95: The Whole Story [2/8]Vol.12 Chapter 94: Golden Bat (1/8)Vol.11 Chapter 93: A New Journey [8/8]Vol.11 Chapter 92: The Scroll's Code[7/8]Vol.11 Chapter 91: Scroll [6/8]Vol.11 Chapter 90: Incantation [5/8]Vol.11 Chapter 89: I am a Mangaka [4/8]Vol.11 Chapter 88: Wish to The Bat [3/8]Vol.11 Chapter 87: Posthumous Work of The Future [2/8]Vol.11 Chapter 86: Serialization Suspended [1/8]Vol.10 Chapter 85: Emperor of the New Country [8/8]Vol.10 Chapter 84: The Truth About Gary [7/8]Vol.10 Chapter 83: From The Future to The Past [6/8]Vol.10 Chapter 82: From the Past to the Future [5/8]Vol.10 Chapter 81: Connecticut Lullaby [4/8]Vol.10 Chapter 80: Late Night Confession [3/8]Vol.10 Chapter 79: Rule [2/8]Vol.10 Chapter 78: Serial Murder Case [1/8]Vol.09 Chapter 77: Demon on the MoonVol.09 Chapter 76: All HolesVol.09 Chapter 75: Abnormalities on a Moonlit NightVol.09 Chapter 74: DoodleVol.09 Chapter 73: Everything ContinuesVol.09 Chapter 72: Various LivesVol.09 Chapter 71: Time Travel and Infinite EarthsVol.09 Chapter 70: Opposing BilliesVol.08 Chapter 69: Two SimpletonsVol.08 Chapter 68: I Am 8 ManVol.08 Chapter 67: Beyond Point and Line...Vol.08 Chapter 66: Japan Travel DiaryVol.08 Chapter 65: DevivieVol.08 Chapter 64: Cartoon's DestinationVol.08 Chapter 63: CoincidenceVol.08 Chapter 62: Kevin And KevinVol.07 Chapter 61: The Real TruthVol.07 Chapter 60: Half In A DreamVol.07 Chapter 59: SuccessorVol.07 Chapter 58: A Hot Autumn Day In DallasVol.07 Chapter 57: The President's ParadeVol.07 Chapter 56: The Final RabbitVol.07 Chapter 55: Go Your Own WayVol.07 Chapter 54: Something On The MoonVol.06 Chapter 53: The Continuation Of A DreamVol.06 Chapter 52: Something There Is About YouVol.06 Chapter 51: The Earth...Vol.06 Chapter 50: The Administrator of the Human RaceVol.06 Chapter 49: The Sought OneVol.06 Chapter 48: Hands Off OswaldVol.06 Chapter 47: The Two ChucksVol.06 Chapter 46: One in Body and SouldVol.05 Chapter 45: ReplicaVol.05 Chapter 44: SacrificeVol.05 Chapter 43: A Hero's DecisionVol.05 Chapter 42: Dallas, Three Years LaterVol.05 Chapter 41: Deep South DreamsVol.05 Chapter 40: Heat Of The NightVol.05 Chapter 39: Fire In The Deep SouthVol.05 Chapter 38: The Return Of The Real OneVol.04 Chapter 37: The Decision at 20:10Vol.04 Chapter 36: An Annunciation To The "Simpleton"Vol.04 Chapter 35: An Oswald Dose Of JoyVol.04 Chapter 34: A Continuation Of A ContinuationVol.04 Chapter 33: The Japanese AuthenticationVol.04 Chapter 32: The Japanese ImpressionVol.04 Chapter 31: To The West, To The EastVol.04 Chapter 30: Thus Spoke OswaldVol.04 Chapter 29: Lee's InnardsVol.04 Chapter 28: The Bat's InnardsVol.03 Chapter 27: The Scroll Of Momoichi [10]Vol.03 Chapter 26: The Scroll Of Momoichi [9]Vol.03 Chapter 25: The Scroll Of Momoichi [8]Vol.03 Chapter 24: The Scroll Of Momoichi [7]Vol.03 Chapter 23: The Scroll Of Momoichi [6]Vol.03 Chapter 22: The Scroll Of Momoichi [5]Vol.03 Chapter 21: The Scroll Of Momoichi [4]Vol.03 Chapter 20: The Scroll Of Momoichi [3]Vol.03 Chapter 19: The Scroll Of Momoichi [2]Vol.02 Chapter 18: The Scroll Of Momoichi [1]Vol.02 Chapter 17: After The ChurchVol.02 Chapter 16: Before The ChapelVol.02 Chapter 15: Father, Son Or Holy Ghost?Vol.02 Chapter 14: Shape Of The LordVol.02 Chapter 13: A Forced DestinyVol.02 Chapter 12: A Myriad Of SuspectsVol.02 Chapter 11: A Continuation Of The BeginningVol.02 Chapter 10: A Continuation Of The EndVol.01 Chapter 9: Bat Boy's Great Adventure: Part 1Vol.01 Chapter 8: SignsVol.01 Chapter 7: The Beginning Of A LabyrinthVol.01 Chapter 6: Black or White?Vol.01 Chapter 5: A Run Over CorpseVol.01 Chapter 4: The Bat And The Ancient TextVol.01 Chapter 3: Bat SearchVol.01 Chapter 2: A Sincere NightVol.01 Chapter 1: Dreary Night Murders