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3-nen Kimengumi

3-nen Kimengumi
Status Completed
Type Manga

3-nen Kimengumi


Sannen Kimengumi


San-nen Kimengumi


Third Year Funny Face Club

Synopsis 3-nen Kimengumi

3-nen Kimengumi is an episodic chronicle of the bizarre adventures of a group of misfit junior high school boys who form a club known as the "Kimengumi."

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Chapters of 3-nen Kimengumi

Vol.06 Chapter 78: The Meddling Jogger [END]Vol.06 Chapter 77: Fukumi Appears! The Popular Kimen - Gumi's Spring BreakVol.06 Chapter 76: Goodbye Ichiou MiddleVol.06 Chapter 75: Results Announced - "My Name's Missing!?"Vol.06 Chapter 74: Takumi Appears! Stars of The ExamVol.06 Chapter 73: Exams Imminent! The Easygoing KimengumiVol.06 Chapter 72: Way To Go! The Worst TechniquesVol.06 Chapter 71: The Snow Woman Shows UpVol.06 Chapter 70: Challenge/ Ski Serie (2)Vol.06 Chapter 69: Challenge/ Ski Serie (1)Vol.06 Chapter 68: 2 Giant Monsters Appear?!Vol.06 Chapter 67: Chilled To The Bone! Showdown On SnowVol.06 Chapter 66: New Year's One Man ShowVol.06 Chapter 65: Rei Vs. Rei! Yui Vs. Yui?Vol.06 Chapter 64: Charallel WorldVol.05 Chapter Bonus: Sunflower & TulipVol.05 Chapter 63: The Fearless Transfer Student (Part 2)Vol.05 Chapter 62: The Fearless Transfer Student (Part 1)Vol.05 Chapter 61: Chie's Autumn Love StoryVol.05 Chapter 60: Yay! Musical BattleVol.05 Chapter 59: No Rules to DrawingVol.05 Chapter 58: Showdown! Secret Technique vs. Abnormality!Vol.05 Chapter 57: "Take the Headband, Kill the Steed"Vol.05 Chapter 56: Zero-Legged Race?!Vol.05 Chapter 55: "Let's Run Together, Yui"Vol.05 Chapter 54: Strange Techniques: "People Scavenging Race"Vol.05 Chapter 53: The Weirdo's Mad 200m RaceVol.05 Chapter 52: The Conference of WeirdosVol.05 Chapter 51: New School Term: "Mark of the Idiot"Vol.04 Chapter 50: Nerds vs. Weirdos!Vol.04 Chapter 49: The Bizarre Defense Force Moves OutVol.04 Chapter 48: Chitotarin Kingdom SOSVol.04 Chapter 47: Self-Styled Fireworks Party, Part 2Vol.04 Chapter 46: Self-styled Fireworks PartyVol.04 Chapter 45: The Trial Before Summer VacationVol.04 Chapter 44: The Bizarre Last Spurt of MiraclesVol.04 Chapter 43: Title Match RaceVol.04 Chapter 42: The Tough Selection of ParticipantsVol.04 Chapter 41: Torikumi Appears - The Flawless ?! Student Council GroupVol.04 Chapter 40: Goodbye Kyoto?!Vol.04 Chapter 39: Night of the Risky Curfew BreakVol.04 Chapter 38: Kiyomizu CircusVol.04 Chapter 37: Abuzz With Good VibesVol.04 Chapter 36: Fresh and Fabulous Iro-OtokogumiVol.03 Chapter 35: Nara is for WeirdosVol.03 Chapter 34: To Strange Nara...Vol.03 Chapter 33: At the End of the Pillow Fight...Vol.03 Chapter 32: Freaky Field Trip to Nijo CastleVol.03 Chapter 31: Panic at the ShinkansenVol.03 Chapter 30: The Weirdos Set OffVol.03 Chapter 29: Sun Sets on the Toy StoreVol.03 Chapter 28: New School Term BeginsVol.03 Chapter 27: Graduation Ceremony of Tears?!Vol.03 Chapter 26: Certain Victory?! Day of the ExamsVol.03 Chapter 25: A Blessing for the HeartVol.03 Chapter 24: The Lonely AmanojakuVol.03 Chapter 23: Character UprisingVol.02 Chapter 22: The Tragic Heroes - The School Basketball Tournament Part 7Vol.02 Chapter 21: Athletics vs. Abnormality - The School Basketball Tournament Part 6Vol.02 Chapter 20: Rule-Breaking Brawl - The School Basketball Tournament Part 5Vol.02 Chapter 19: Support Team Struggle - The School Basketball Tournament Part 4Vol.02 Chapter 17: The Pitiful Low-Level GameVol.02 Chapter 17: The Bracket is Revealed - The School Basketball Tournament Part 2Vol.02 Chapter 16: A Change of Players? The School Basketball Tournament Part 1Vol.02 Chapter 15: The Mid-Winter Sick VisitVol.02 Chapter 14: The frivolous substitute lessonVol.02 Chapter 13: The Wanted Six Part 3Vol.02 Chapter 12: The Wanted Six Part 2Vol.02 Chapter 11: The Wanted Six Part 1Vol.01 Bonus ChapterVol.01 Chapter 10: The Demon of TardinessVol.01 Chapter 9: Bangumi appears Part 2 - An elegant finishing move?!Vol.01 Chapter 8: Bangumi appears Part 1 - A person I respectVol.01 Chapter 7: The Tragic AppendicitisVol.01 Chapter 6: Udegumi appears - Magicians of mat exerciseVol.01 Chapter 5: Happy birthday, dear YuiVol.01 Chapter 4: Iro-Otokogumi appears - Showdown of Attraction?!Vol.01 Chapter 3: Swimming practice of the bizarre varietyVol.01 Chapter 2: Honegumi appears - What is school for?Vol.01 Chapter 1: Enter the Kimengumi - How many wierd faces?