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BIRDMEN -バードメン-

Synopsis Birdmen

Eishi Karasuma is a loner with a monotone life and his only friend is Mikisada Kamoda. One day they venture together while skipping class and they meet Tsubame, a very energetic girl, and Rei Sagisawa, a pretty boy that attends the same middle school. On their way back to school a sudden event happens. A mysterious boy with wings will come to help.

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Chapters of Birdmen

SanctuaryForgivenessOnce AgainChaosGet BackHold My HandEternal FlameAngel FlapThe Last ShowChildren of GodBlack BoxVol.13 Chapter 63: Father and SonVol.13 Chapter 62: Special OneVol.13 Chapter 61: FriendshipVol.13 Chapter 60: Next LevelVol.13 Chapter 59: Over the borderVol.13 Chapter 58Vol.12 Chapter 57: Take You HigherVol.12 Chapter 56: Falling StarVol.12 Chapter 55Vol.12 Chapter 54: Our destinationVol.11 Chapter 53: Goodbye, My PhantomVol.11 Chapter 52: The ForcesVol.11 Chapter 51: Temptation of EviVol.11 Chapter 50: SiblingsVol.11 Chapter 49: World Wide NightmareVol.10 Chapter 48: The Fellowship Of The WingVol.10 Chapter 47: Come fly with meVol.10 Chapter 46: Fire StarterVol.10 Chapter 45: Black Bird's NestVol.09 Chapter 44: BeginningVol.09 Chapter 43: VertigoVol.09 Chapter 42: Open Your EyesVol.09 Chapter 41: ShiftVol.09 Chapter 40: White OutVol.09 Chapter 39: UndermineVol.08 Chapter 38: SparksVol.08 Chapter 37: Give My WorldVol.08 Chapter 36: Seek The SkyVol.08 Chapter 35: By Your SideVol.08 Chapter 34: Missed CallVol.07 Chapter 33: World's EndVol.07 Chapter 32: Les Enfants TerriblesVol.07 Chapter 31: OutsidersVol.07 Chapter 30: DawnVol.07 Chapter 29: BirthVol.06 Chapter 28: Final JudgementVol.06 Chapter 27: Show timeVol.06 Chapter 26: Change the worldVol.06 Chapter 25: Hero InterviewVol.06 Chapter 24: Minority ReportVol.05 Chapter 23: AdvanceVol.05 Chapter 22: DistanceVol.05 Chapter 21: MonsterVol.05 Chapter 20: TransformVol.05 Chapter 19: New worldVol.04 Chapter 18: ScrambleVol.04 Chapter 17: SlyVol.04 Chapter 16: TeamVol.04 Chapter 15: Our FutureVol.04 Chapter 14: EdenVol.03 Chapter 13: RainVol.03 Chapter 12: Cloudy skyVol.03 Chapter 11: New GearVol.03 Chapter 10: SEEKVol.03 Chapter 9: BIRDMAN WATCHINGVol.02 Chapter 8: OVERRUNVol.02 Chapter 7: RUNVol.02 Chapter 6: CATCH FIREVol.02 Chapter 5: FIRST FLIGHTVol.02 Chapter 4: FLIGHT PLANVol.01 Chapter 3: BLACK OUTVol.01 Chapter 2: COMMUNICATIONVol.01 Chapter 1: TAKE OFFVol.01 Chapter 0.2: Prologue #2Vol.01 Chapter 0.1: Prologue #1