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Yama no Susume

Yama no Susume
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Yama no Susume


Encouragement of climb.



Synopsis Yama no Susume

The title tells the story of the childhood friends Aoi, a girl who prefers staying inside and who has acrophobia, and Hinata, a girl who loves mountains. The two decide to climb a mountain in order to once again see the morning sun from its peak as they did when they were young.

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Chapters of Yama no Susume

Chapter 64.5: Extra ChapterChapter 64: What Are Snowshoes?Vol.9 - Chapter 63Vol.9 - Chapter 62Vol.9 - Chapter 61Vol.9 - Chapter 60Vol.9 - Chapter 59Vol.8 - Chapter 58.5Chapter 58Vol.8 - Chapter 57Vol.8 - Chapter 56Vol.8 - Chapter 55Vol.8 - Chapter 54Vol.7 - Chapter 53.5Vol.7 - Chapter 53Vol.7 - Chapter 52Vol.7 - Chapter 51Chapter 50Vol.7 Chapter 49Vol.6 Chapter 48Vol.6 Chapter 47Vol.6 Chapter 46Chapter 45Chapter 44Chapter 43Chapter 42Chapter 41How About A Variation Route?I Want To Capture SmilesFirst Part Time JobVol.05 Chapter 37: It's Hard Sleeping In Tents...Vol.05 Chapter 36: The Same SceneryVol.05 Chapter 35: The Things Forgotten On A Rainy DayVol.05 Chapter 34: What Can Be Seen From The SummitVol.05 Chapter 33: I Can't Use My Gym Clothes?Vol.04 Chapter 32.5Vol.04 Chapter 32: The Sunrise Of Our MemoriesVol.04 Chapter 31: Premonition Of An EncounterVol.04 Chapter 30: It'll Be AlrightVol.04 Chapter 29: It's Hard Being The Leader...Vol.04 Chapter 28: Kokona's AdventureVol.04 Chapter 27: Receiving Feelings To Keep GoingVol.04 Chapter 26: Memories Of Rain GearVol.04 Chapter 25: Where Is The Mountain Of Our Memories?Vol.04 Chapter 24: A Mother's Thoughts, A Daughter's FeelingsVol.03 Chapter 23.5Vol.03 Chapter 23: FriendsVol.03 Chapter 22: For What Reason Do You Climb?Vol.03 Chapter 21: The Sunrise We Each SawVol.03 Chapter 20: Lots of Mountain Huts!Vol.03 Chapter 19: Our First Night ClimbVol.03 Chapter 18: Let's Choose Trail Snacks!Vol.03 Chapter 17: Relying on OthersVol.03 Chapter 16: Japan's Number One Mountain?Vol.02 Chapter 15.5: Extra: Yama No Susume X Sora StudioVol.02 Chapter 15: Camping Is Fun!Vol.02 Chapter 14: Let's Go Camping!Vol.02 Chapter 13: Some Fun After The DescentVol.02 Chapter 12: About Climbing MountainsVol.02 Chapter 11: Our First Serious Climb!!Vol.02 Chapter 10: Where Can We See Fujisan?Vol.02 Chapter 9: Let's Climb a Wall!Vol.01 Chapter 8: A Mori-Girl in the Forest!?Vol.01 Chapter 7: Let's Climb Takaosan!Vol.01 Chapter 6: What's a Daypack!?Vol.01 Chapter 5: I'm Deciding!?Vol.01 Chapter 4: What's a Sleeping Bag!?Vol.01 Chapter 3: Showdown! Mountain Cooking!?Vol.01 Chapter 2: Risk My Life Mountain Climbing!?Vol.01 Chapter 1: Anything But Mountains!