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Black Angels

Black Angels
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Black Angels


Black Angels



Synopsis Black Angels

Go to hell!! Join Yukito Yoji, professional assassin, on his conquest to rid Japan of its many scumbags! Corrupt politicians, evil doctors, selfish moneylenders...no one is safe in this over-the-top violence extravaganza!!

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Chapters of Black Angels

Vol.20 Chapter 157: Yukito, Eternal! [END]Vol.20 Chapter 156: A Knowing SmileVol.20 Chapter 155: True Fury!Vol.20 Chapter 154: Imbalance Of Power, ManifestedVol.20 Chapter 153: Yuki AppearsVol.20 Chapter 152: Undying AngerVol.20 Chapter 151: Cross Of DestinyVol.20 Chapter 150: Because I'm A Black AngelVol.20 Chapter 149: Poison Blood, NullifiedVol.20 Chapter 148: Yukito, Resurrected!!Vol.19 Chapter 147: A War Of BondsVol.19 Chapter 146: A Battle With Shadows!!Vol.19 Chapter 145: Steel BondsVol.19 Chapter 144: Another Yukito?!Vol.19 Chapter 143: Like A Beast!Vol.19 Chapter 142: Evil IndoctrinationVol.19 Chapter 141: Cruel FateVol.19 Chapter 140: Mother Nature's VictoryVol.19 Chapter 139: A Cold-Blooded KillerVol.18 Chapter 138: MessiahVol.18 Chapter 137: Farewell, MatsudaVol.18 Chapter 136: Destiny?!Vol.18 Chapter 135: Doomed To FightVol.18 Chapter 134: Reversal!!Vol.18 Chapter 133: Living CoinsVol.18 Chapter 132: Blood & RosesVol.18 Chapter 131: The Demon A WakensVol.18 Chapter 130: Precious OneVol.17 Chapter 129: Centupled PowerVol.17 Chapter 128: Fire VS. IceVol.17 Chapter 127: The Ultimate SacrificeVol.17 Chapter 126: Battle In Another DimensionVol.17 Chapter 125: Reverse ThoughtographyVol.17 Chapter 124: Wax Doll Thoughtography Death VoodooVol.17 Chapter 123: Phantasmal Self-Flagellation MurderVol.17 Chapter 122: The First Sacrifice!!Vol.17 Chapter 121: The Assault ContinuesVol.16 Chapter 120: Fire Dragon VS. Water Dragon!!Vol.16 Chapter 119: Reality & IllutionVol.16 Chapter 118: Vestiges Of SuihoVol.16 Chapter 117: A Miracle!!Vol.16 Chapter 116: Spiritual WarfareVol.16 Chapter 115: Resurrected SoulsVol.16 Chapter 114: The White Angels DescendVol.16 Chapter 113: Harrowing Power!!Vol.16 Chapter 112: A Curious MelodyVol.15 Chapter 111: Dead GodVol.15 Chapter 110: White AngelVol.15 Chapter 109: Into A New Hell!!Vol.15 Chapter 108: At The End Of The Deathmatch...Vol.15 Chapter 107: FreaksVol.15 Chapter 106: CatastropheVol.15 Chapter 105: Judy's ShadowVol.15 Chapter 104: Brothers From HellVol.15 Chapter 103: Asuka Departs!!Vol.14 Chapter 102: Expunge The Worldly Desires!!Vol.14 Chapter 101: Reunion And FarewellVol.14 Chapter 100: I Can See Them!!Vol.14 Chapter 99: Hellbound!!Vol.14 Chapter 98: Betrayal!!Vol.14 Chapter 97: Outside!!Vol.14 Chapter 96: The End!!Vol.14 Chapter 95: The Ultimate ShowdownVol.14 Chapter 94: Warring StatesVol.13 Chapter 93: A Team is BornVol.13 Chapter 92: Eight Golden CoinsVol.13 Chapter 91: Temple of The Holy DevilVol.13 Chapter 90: The Grim ReaperVol.13 Chapter 89: The Brink of DeathVol.13 Chapter 88: God's JudgementVol.13 Chapter 87: Kirihito is...?!Vol.13 Chapter 86: Blazing MistVol.13 Chapter 85: A Warrior FarewellVol.12 Chapter 84: Doping!!Vol.12 Chapter 83: Head-On-Collisions!!Vol.12 Chapter 82: A Falling StarVol.12 Chaper 81: Black SatanVol.12 Chapter 80: The Ultimate CrisisVol.12 Chapter 79: A Time To PartVol.12 Chapter 78: Threat Averted?!Vol.12 Chapter 77: Twin HellsVol.12 Chapter 76: Shut Down The Geysers!!Vol.11 Chapter 75: Quake CloudsVol.11 Chapter 74: Devil's NightVol.11 Chapter 73: The Bloodbath BeginsVol.11 Chapter 72: Army Of HorrorsVol.11 Chapter 71: Obliterate Them!Vol.11 Chapter 70: The SatoriVol.11 Chapter 69: To Hell And Back!!Vol.11 Chapter 68: Daughter Of DarknessVol.11 Chapter 67: Monster Of WarVol.10 Chapter 66: A Treacherous BladeVol.10 Chapter 65: Hyper Hypnosis!!Vol.10 Chapter 64: A Rotten Stench!!Vol.10 Chapter 63: The Young Officers!!Vol.10 Chapter 62: Annihilation!!Vol.10 Chapter 61: Black On The Outside, Black In The InsideVol.10 Chapter 60: Black Naievete!!Vol.10 Chapter 59: A Black Trap (2)Vol.10 Chapter 58: A Black Trap (1)Vol.09 Chapter 57: Black AmbitionVol.09 Chapter 56: Sever The Black Shadow!!Vol.09 Chapter 55: A Black FakeVol.09 Chapter 54: A Black ScalpelVol.09 Chapter 53: A Black MurdererVol.09 Chapter 52: A Black Parllel!!Vol.09 Chapter 51: A Black GameVol.09 Chapter 50: A Black KissVol.08 Chapter 49: A Black UtopiaVol.08 Chapter 48: Black MadnessVol.08 Chapter 47: Black Flames, Crimson Snow!!Vol.08 Chapter 46: Black IllusionsVol.08 Chapter 45: The Black Lord of Monkeys!!Vol.08 Chapter 44: Black PleasureVol.08 Chapter 43: Black FearVol.07 Chapter 42: Black TombstonesVol.07 Chapter 41: A Black ImprisonmentVol.07 Chapter 40: Black Cross ReduxVol.07 Chapter 39: A Black BattlefieldVol.07 Chapter 38: A Black InheritanceVol.06 Chapter 37: Infinitely BlackVol.06 Chapter 36: A Black FamilyVol.06 Chapter 35: Black Blood BondsVol.06 Chapter 34: A Dusky Black UrgeVol.06 Chapter 33: Mundane Life, Black LiaisonsVol.06 Chapter 32: Sudden Showers Are Always Black!!Vol.06 Chapter 31: Black HolidayVol.06 Chapter 30: A Black FarewellVol.06 Chapter 29: A Black Finisher!!Vol.05 Chapter 28: Black WaterVol.05 Chapter 27: Black Snakes!!Vol.05 Chapter 26: Black FateVol.05 Chapter 25: Black AssassinsVol.05 Chapter 24: A Black SolitudeVol.05 Chapter 23: Black Impact!!Vol.05 Chapter 22: A Black VixenVol.04 Chapter 21: Black ArmsVol.04 Chapter 20: A Black DepartureVol.04 Chapter 19: A Black DogVol.04 Chapter 18: A Black ChampionshipVol.04 Chapter 17: A Black Birth (2)Vol.03 Chapter 16: A Black Birth (1)Vol.03 Chapter 15: A Black PastVol.03 Chapter 14: Black CrossVol.03 Chapter 13: Black Blood!!Vol.03 Chapter 12: Black JudgmentVol.03 Chapter 11: Black Snow!! (2)Vol.02 Chapter 10: Black Snow!! (1)Vol.02 Chapter 9: Black FistsVol.02 Chapter 8: Black Pursuit!!Vol.02 Chapter 7: Black or White...?!Vol.02 Chapter 6: Black Lightning!!Vol.01 Chapter 5: A Black ImpulseVol.01 Chapter 4: A Black SiegeVol.01 Chapter 3: A Black Kidnapping!!Vol.01 Chapter 2: A Black Blade!!Vol.01 Chapter 1: A Black Angel Descends!!