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Black Jack

Black Jack
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Black Jack


Black Jack



Synopsis Black Jack

Black Jack is an "unregistered" doctor with a clouded, mysterious past. He works with his little assistant Pinoko (who has a massive crush on the doctor), dealing with medical cases not very well known, which can be strange, dangerous, or not known at all. But he is a genius, and can save almost any of his patients' lives (as long as they have the money for it, that is), and is known to many around the world, especially to those of medicine and science. He's a man of science himself and does not believe much until he has seen it, yet many times he is surprised by love and nature often overpowering the science he bases his life in.

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Chapters of Black Jack

Vol.17 Chapter 11: After The TyphoonVol.17 Chapter 10: A Visiting MemoryVol.17 Chapter 9: The PhoenixVol.17 Chapter 8: Test Of CourageVol.17 Chapter 7: Money! Money! Money!Vol.17 Chapter 6: Pure Chinese RestaurantVol.17 Chapter 5: AvatarVol.17 Chapter 4: Captain ParkVol.17 Chapter 3: Two ShujisVol.17 Chapter 2: A Girl Who Became A BirdVol.17 Chapter 1: Pinoko Is AdoptedVol.16 Chapter 12: A Passed MomentVol.16 Chapter 11: Bad StuntVol.16 Chapter 10: Cancer HunterVol.16 Chapter 9: Bath of The Floating WorldVol.16 Chapter 8: The Nekogami ClanVol.16 Chapter 7: LynchingVol.16 Chapter 6: Gleamy EyesVol.16 Chapter 5: Another JVol.16 Chapter 4: I Want My Brother Back!Vol.16 Chapter 3: Lost YouthVol.16 Chapter 2: Miyuki And BenVol.16 Chapter 1: AnaphylaxisVol.15 Chapter 14: Suggestion In The 20th YearVol.15 Chapter 13: A Cholera ScareVol.15 Chapter 12: An Arrangement Of LifeVol.15 Chapter 11: A Clock In The DarkVol.15 Chapter 10: A Surgeon Live For MusicVol.15 Chapter 9: The Next ChanceVol.15 Chapter 8: A Happening At DawnVol.15 Chapter 7: FogVol.15 Chapter 6: HomesicknessVol.15 Chapter 5: Dialogue With The DeadVol.15 Chapter 4: Dedicated To DraculaVol.15 Chapter 3: Leaf BudsVol.15 Chapter 2: A Star Is BornVol.15 Chapter 1: Treasure IslandVol.14 Chapter 14: Just Like B.J.Vol.14 Chapter 13: Black Jack DiseaseVol.14 Chapter 12: The Vanished NoiseVol.14 Chapter 11: The Man Swallowed By A WhaleVol.14 Chapter 10: There Were Two FilmsVol.14 Chapter 9: A Rapid CurrentVol.14 Chapter 8: Stop Drawing!Vol.14 Chapter 7: Little DevilVol.14 Chapter 6: UrashimaVol.14 Chapter 5: Captain SatanVol.14 Chapter 4: Full-Moon DiseaseVol.14 Chapter 3: A Transient LoveVol.14 Chapter 2: The Third CallVol.14 Chapter 1: The Corsican BrothersVol.13 Chapter 14: A Lucky ManVol.13 Chapter 13: The Day He Picked Up a RunawayVol.13 Chapter 12: Move, Solomon!Vol.13 Chapter 11: Timid CyranoVol.13 Chapter 10: A Challenge of The Third KindVol.13 Chapter 9: Honma's HertomaVol.13 Chapter 8: A Night in a CottageVol.13 Chapter 7: AftereffectsVol.13 Chapter 6: A Fussy SuicideVol.13 Chapter 5: The Cursed OperationVol.13 Chapter 4: Teratoid Cystoma, Part 2Vol.13 Chapter 3: Death of An ActressVol.13 Chapter 2: The Pirate's ArmVol.13 Chapter 1: Water and The BadnessVol.12 Chapter 13: Prone To LaughterVol.12 Chapter 12: Looking GoodVol.12 Chapter 11: Operation Of The SpiritVol.12 Chapter 10: The BearVol.12 Chapter 9: Save The Baby!Vol.12 Chapter 8: The Boy In The Sealed RoomVol.12 Chapter 7: The Second OneVol.12 Chapter 6: Son Of HaritiVol.12 Chapter 5: Tatsu The OutieVol.12 Chapter 4: White LionVol.12 Chapter 3: InvaderVol.12 Chapter 2: SignalVol.12 Chapter 1: Wildcat BoyVol.11 Chapter 14: The SL Called LifeVol.11 Chapter 13: The War Never EndsVol.11 Chapter 12: Fear in BlueVol.11 Chapter 11: Call SignVol.11 Chapter 10: Pocket MonkeyVol.11 Chapter 9: TalkVol.11 Chapter 8: Grasping DuoVol.11 Chapter 7: Visitor in The SnowVol.11 Chapter 6: Showa ShinzanVol.11 Chapter 5: The Whispers of A DogVol.11 Chapter 4: Sealed MemoryVol.11 Chapter 3: Life bondVol.11 Chapter 2: SmithereensVol.11 Chapter 1: SpasmVol.10 Chapter 14: Playing DoctorVol.10 Chapter 13: Mannequin And OfficerVol.10 Chapter 12: RansomVol.10 Chapter 11: Hot NightVol.10 Chapter 10: Ashes And DiamondsVol.10 Chapter 9: BurglaryVol.10 Chapter 8: Flesh And BloodVol.10 Chapter 7: The Man Who Threw Up CapsulesVol.10 Chapter 6: Pinoko ReturnsVol.10 Chapter 5: Strangers At SeaVol.10 Chapter 4: Unfinished HouseVol.10 Chapter 3: Revenge Is My LifeVol.10 Chapter 2: The Mask ChosenVol.10 Chapter 1: Avina's IsleVol.09 Chapter 14: Guinea PigVol.09 Chapter 13: Third Time's The CharmVol.09 Chapter 12: Sun DollsVol.09 Chapter 11: Gift To The FutureVol.09 Chapter 10: Mistress ShirahaVol.09 Chapter 9: Gunshot WoundVol.09 Chapter 8: You Did It!Vol.09 Chapter 7: A Question Of PrioritiesVol.09 Chapter 6: Three-Legged RaceVol.09 Chapter 5: The PromiseVol.09 Chapter 4: As He WillsVol.09 Chapter 3: EyewitnessVol.09 Chapter 2: Pinoko LivesVol.09 Chapter 1: Teacher And PupilVol.08 Chapter 14: FinishVol.08 Chapter 13: SwappedVol.08 Chapter 12: Pinoko Goes WestVol.08 Chapter 11: Random KillerVol.08 Chapter 10: One Hour to DeathVol.08 Chapter 9: AccidentVol.08 Chapter 8: A Visit From a KillerVol.08 Chapter 7: Cold DisdainVol.08 Chapter 6: On the WayVol.08 Chapter 5: Abnormal PregnancyVol.08 Chapter 4: The Tattooed ManVol.08 Chapter 3: A Wrong DiagnosisVol.08 Chapter 2: FitsVol.08 Chapter 1: What Lurks the MountainVol.07 Chapter 14: TimeoutVol.07 Chapter 13: HurricaneVol.07 Chapter 12: Cloudy, later fairVol.07 Chapter 11: A Hill for oneVol.07 Chapter 10: Black and WhiteVol.07 Chapter 9: The Kuroshio: A MemoirVol.07 Chapter 8: Goribei of SenjogaharaVol.07 Chapter 7: High and LowVol.07 Chapter 6: Younger BrotherVol.07 Chapter 5: Unexploded BombVol.07 Chapter 4: The two PinokosVol.07 Chapter 3: Cat and ShozoVol.07 Chapter 2: The gray MansionVol.07 Chapter 1: Guys and BirdsVol.06 Chapter 14: Terror VirusVol.06 Chapter 13: The SubstituteVol.06 Chapter 12: Three in a BoxVol.06 Chapter 11: NadareVol.06 Chapter 10: VibrationVol.06 Chapter 9: RevengeVol.06 Chapter 8: Amidst Fire and AshesVol.06 Chapter 7: BrachydactylyVol.06 Chapter 6: Con Man, aspiringVol.06 Chapter 5: Lion-face DiseaseVol.06 Chapter 4: Twice deadVol.06 Chapter 3: The old Man and the TreeVol.06 Chapter 2: A Body turning to StoneVol.06 Chapter 1: DownpourVol.05 Chapter 14: On a snowy NightVol.05 Chapter 13: Wolf GirlVol.05 Chapter 12: Country ClinicVol.05 Chapter 11: The HelperVol.05 Chapter 10: 99% WaterVol.05 Chapter 9: ImprintVol.05 Chapter 8: Pinoko's MysteryVol.05 Chapter 7: Two at the BathsVol.05 Chapter 6: There was a Valve!Vol.05 Chapter 5: The last TrainVol.05 Chapter 4: Yet false the DaysVol.05 Chapter 3: Asking for WaterVol.05 Chapter 2: Quite a TongueVol.05 Chapter 1: HospitalVol.04 Chapter 14: Thieving DogVol.04 Chapter 13: From afarVol.04 Chapter 12: GasVol.04 Chapter 11:The Heart of a GiantVol.04 Chapter 10: Burned DollVol.04 Chapter 9: Lost and FoundVol.04 Chapter 8: TitlesVol.04 Chapter 7: Tetsu of the Yamanote LineVol.04 Chapter 6: The Sea smeels of RomanceVol.04 Chapter 5: The sewer WayVol.04 Chapter 4: Pinoko Love StoryVol.04 Chapter 3: Drifter in a Ghost TownVol.04 Chapter 2: The ScreamVol.04 Chapter 1: False ImageVol.03 Chapter 15: Baby BluesVol.03 Chapter 14: An odd RelationshipVol.03 Chapter 13: TenacityVol.03 Chapter 12: Pinoko loves youVol.03 Chapter 11: Recollections of a SpinsterVol.03 Chapter 10: The ResidentsVol.03 Chapter 9: Two dark DoctorsVol.03 Chapter 8: A Woman's CaseVol.03 Chapter 7: Black Jack in HospitalVol.03 Chapter 6: The Boy who came from the SkyVol.03 Chapter 5: The Robin and the BoyVol.03 Chapter 4: Your Mistake!Vol.03 Chapter 3: DingoesVol.03 Chapter 2: ShrinkingVol.03 Chapter 1: Disowned SonVol.02 Chapter 14: The Blind AcupuncturistVol.02 Chapter 13: Hospital JackVol.02 Chapter 12: Pinoko's ChallengeVol.02 Chapter 11: StradivariusVol.02 Chapter 10: Helping each otherVol.02 Chapter 9: Assembly line careVol.02 Chapter 8: KidnappingVol.02 Chapter 7: Where Art Thou, Friend?Vol.02 Chapter 6: DirtjackedVol.02 Chapter 5: Emergency ShelterVol.02 Chapter 4: To Each His OwnVol.02 Chapter 3: The Ballad of the Killer WhaleVol.02 Chapter 2: GrannyVol.02 Chapter 1: NeedleVol.01 Chapter 12: Two LovesVol.01 Chapter 11: The Legs of an AntVol.01 Chapter 10: U-18 knewVol.01 Chapter 9: Black QueenVol.01 Chapter 8: Star, Magnitude SixVol.01 Chapter 7: The Painting is dead!Vol.01 Chapter 6: ConfluenceVol.01 Chapter 5: Sometimes like PearlsVol.01 Chapter 4: The Face SoreVol.01 Chapter 3: Teratoid CystomaVol.01 Chapter 2: The first Storm of SpringVol.01 Chapter 1: Is there a Doctor?