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Black Saga

Black Saga
Status Ongoing
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Black Saga


Black Saga Other

Synopsis Black Saga

Black Saga is a graphic novel (drawn in anime/style) that takes place in the United States (US) in the year 2037, once a peaceful and free country, now a communistic land, ruled by a terrible dictator ,bent on global domination. Within the Government, all formed as one, the states are soon merged and split up like live stalk in order to control all of the US's inhabitants like animals. Known as "Sectors" given a letter and a rank,the greatest,in which the governments all reside in...is Sector.Y. It is known for it's evil, and unholy biological weaponry and experimentation...soon to assure their goal of pure domination over humans, in the sad dream of achieving Goddom, "Project Delta Y", the project of creating humans known as "Assassins", purely artificial humans, who live in secrecy,as attack dogs, killing and terminating any threats to the one in control. Relotte Warden. Both forms of the "Assassins" are split into 2 phases,1 and 2. The Assassins...born with superhuman abilities...superhuman agility and strength.But some reside in tieriny ,only wanting a peaceful life within human society .But our protagonist, Ethan, is determined to break free ,along with finding out his identity. But he'll learn,it's not all he expects it to be. Black Saga is a horror sci-fi genre comic,filled with blood,horrific creatures,and heart-tugging drama. The Beginning Chapters are from 2012 and have a lower art quality.

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