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Blade Play

Blade Play
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Blade Play


Blade Prey


ぶれいど ぷれい



Synopsis Blade Play

Whilst searching for porn on the internet, twenty-year-old university student Sudo Kansuke suddenly gets sucked into an RPG world called Munberdia. As it turns out, he is the chosen hero who carries the sword of light! However, the sword of light is not what you would expect.

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Chapters of Blade Play

Vol.15 Chapter 115: Farewell, HeroVol.15 Chapter 114: Hero KansukeVol.15 Chapter 113: Black Flame DemonVol.15 Chapter 112: Hero & IsisVol.14 Chapter 111: KingVol.14 Chapter 110: A Good PlaceVol.14 Chapter 109: Road StripeVol.14 - Chapter 108Vol.14 Chapter 107: Tree Of LifeVol.14 Chapter 106: WarriorsVol.14 - Chapter 105Vol.13 - Chapter 104Vol.13 - Chapter 103Vol.13 - Chapter 102Vol.13 - Chapter 101Vol.13 - Chapter 100Vol.13 - Chapter 99Vol.13 - Chapter 98Vol.13 - Chapter 97Vol.12 - Chapter 96Vol.12 - Chapter 95Vol.12 - Chapter 94Vol.12 - Chapter 93Vol.12 - Chapter 92Vol.12 - Chapter 91Vol.12 - Chapter 90Vol.12 - Chapter 89Vol.11 - Chapter 88Vol.11 - Chapter 87Vol.11 - Chapter 86Vol.11 - Chapter 85Vol.11 - Chapter 84Vol.11 - Chapter 83Vol.11 - Chapter 82Vol.11 - Chapter 81Vol.10 - Chapter 80Vol.10 - Chapter 79Vol.10 - Chapter 78Vol.10 - Chapter 77Vol.10 - Chapter 76Vol.10 - Chapter 75Vol.10 - Chapter 74Vol.10 - Chapter 73Vol.9 - Chapter 72Vol.9 - Chapter 71Vol.9 - Chapter 70Vol.9 - Chapter 69Vol.9 - Chapter 68Chapter 67Chapter 66Vol.09 Chapter 65: Ressurection! M.O.DVol.08 Chapter 64: Fight! GraßmannVol.08 Chapter 63: M.P.ZVol.08 Chapter 62: Are You Wet!?Vol.08 Chapter 61: So Much GrowthVol.08 Chapter 60: Coming HomeVol.08 Chapter 59: It's Sex!Vol.08 Chapter 58: Death or DieVol.08 Chapter 57: Cursed SwordVol.07 Chapter 56: The Demon QueenVol.07 Chapter 55: My Head…Vol.07 Chapter 54: WitchVol.07 Chapter 53Vol.07 Chapter 52: Books And Cat EarsVol.07 Chapter 51: God Of What?Vol.07 Chapter 50: That's Why I'm MadVol.07 Chapter 49: VacationVol.06 Chapter 48: Setting SailVol.06 Chapter 47: Dance PartyVol.06 Chapter 46: Killer IntentVol.06 Chapter 45: HardVol.06 Chapter 44: Demon Vs DemonVol.06 Chapter 43Vol.06 Chapter 42: The Naked QueenVol.06 Chapter 41: Let's Get To Work ♡Vol.05 Chapter 40: Alcohol, Me, Women And BreastsVol.05 Chapter 39: Fight, SuperHero (Heroine)Vol.05 Chapter 38: Peach PlanVol.05 Chapter 37: Let's Go Exterminate DemonsVol.05 Chapter 36: Red RevengeVol.05 Chapter 35: A FakeVol.05 Chapter 34: Secret Of The Demon MaskVol.05 Chapter 33: Hot And Steamy BathVol.04 Chapter 32: The Dick of LightVol.04 Chapter 31: The Hero's DickVol.04 Chapter 30Vol.04 Chapter 29: MXMVol.04 Chapter 28: I'm a Masochist ♡Vol.04 Chapter 27: I Want To Go To… ParadiseVol.04 Chapter 26: Paradise~Vol.04 Chapter 25: ParadiseVol.03 Chapter 24: Sky Love HunterVol.03 Chapter 23: The Sacred LampVol.03 Chapter 22: The Transformation of a Hero!!Vol.03 Chapter 21: A Tragedy!? On The Pageant StageVol.03 Chapter 20: The Beautiful Girl Who Sold Her SoulVol.03 Chapter 19: Beauty ContestVol.03 Chapter 18: Towards The Castle of The Demon Queen, M.O.D.Vol.03 Chapter 17: Want To Do A Little Sexual Training?Vol.02 Chapter 16: The Strange Adventure With The Eldest SisterVol.02 Chapter 15: The Dangerous Middle SisterVol.02 Chapter 14: Handmade MaidVol.02 Chapter 13: Blazing AssociationVol.02 Chapter 12: Idol RisingVol.02 Chapter 11: Sticky SituationVol.02 Chapter 10: Threesome In More Ways Than OneVol.02 Chapter 9: "The Cow" Confidence RobbedVol.01 Chapter 8: A Master? 16 In A Row!Vol.01 Chapter 7: Masturbation OverkillVol.01 Chapter 6: Is This Sisterhood?Vol.01 Chapter 5: Both An Enemy & A MonkeyVol.01 Chapter 4: An Encounter With BreastsVol.01 Chapter 3: The Queen's Naughty PlanVol.01 Chapter 2: Impossible ImpotenceVol.01 Chapter 1: The Coming of The Hero