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Blood Rain (Mio Murao)

Blood Rain (Mio Murao)
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Blood Rain (Mio Murao)


BLOOD RAIN ブラッド レイン


블러드 레인

Synopsis Blood Rain (Mio Murao)

Aihara Kumi is a young staff worker for an office. One night, a boy who was part of her baseball team from her high school days was stabbed to death. It's the beginning of a long series of murders.

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Chapters of Blood Rain (Mio Murao)

Vol.06 Chapter 49: CeremonyVol.05 Chapter 48: BlissVol.05 Chapter 47: CoupleVol.05 Chapter 46: SympathyVol.05 Chapter 45: RelationVol.05 Chapter 44: DesireVol.05 Chapter 43: Dark FogVol.05 Chapter 42: Blood StainVol.05 Chapter 41: ResolutionVol.05 Chapter 40: SuspicionVol.04 Chapter 39: MirageVol.04 Chapter 38: ReversalVol.04 Chapter 37: ApproachVol.04 Chapter 36: PersecutionVol.04 Chapter 35: ManipulationVol.04 Chapter 34: Night ViewVol.04 Chapter 33: Identity CrisisVol.04 Chapter 32: ProvidenceVol.04 Chapter 31: The Murder WeaponVol.04 Chapter 30: Closed RoomVol.03 Chapter 29: FriendshipVol.03 Chapter 28: DeliveryVol.03 Chapter 26: IgnitionVol.03 Chapter 25: LiberationVol.03 Chapter 24: Resolution (LQ)Vol.03 Chapter 23: EnslavementVol.03 Chapter 22: Hesitation (LQ)Vol.03 Chapter 21: Isolation (LQ)Vol.03 Chapter 20: Conviction (LQ)Vol.02 Chapter 19: Aggression (LQ)Vol.02 Chapter 18: Silence (LQ)Vol.02 Chapter 17: Danger (LQ)Vol.02 Chapter 16: Impulsion (LQ)Vol.02 Chapter 15: Shredded (LQ)Vol.02 Chapter 14: ParentageVol.02 Chapter 13: From BehindVol.02 Chapter 12: KumiVol.02 Chapter 11: SubmissionVol.02 Chapter 10: DominationVol.01 Chapter 9: IdentityVol.01 Chapter 8: Compromising PhotoVol.01 Chapter 7: MachinationVol.01 Chapter 6: StrategyVol.01 Chapter 5: ConflictVol.01 Chapter 4: TraumaVol.01 Chapter 3: ProofVol.01 Chapter 2: SuspicionVol.01 Chapter 1: Murder