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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun



Synopsis Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Suzuki Iruma has been sold to the demon by his irresponsible parents in exchange for money. Surprisingly, next thing he knows, he is living with the demon and has been transferred into a school in the Demon World...

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Chapters of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Chapter 355Chapter 354Chapter 353Chapter 352Chapter 351.1Chapter 351Chapter 350Chapter 349Chapter 348Chapter 347Chapter 346Chapter 345Chapter 344Ch. 343 Don't Let GoChapter 342Chapter 341Chapter 340Chapter 339Chapter 338Chapter 337Chapter 336Chapter 335Chapter 334Chapter 333Chapter 332Chapter 331Chapter 330Chapter 329Chapter 328Chapter 327Chapter 326Chapter 325Chapter 324Chapter 323Chapter 322Chapter 321Chapter 320Chapter 319Chapter 318Chapter 317Chapter 316Chapter 315Chapter 314.5Chapter 314Chapter 313Chapter 312Chapter 311Chapter 310Chapter 309Chapter 308Chapter 307Chapter 306Chapter 305Chapter 304Chapter 303Chapter 302Chapter 301Chapter 300Chapter 299Chapter 298Chapter 297Chapter 296Chapter 295Chapter 294Chapter 293Chapter 292Chapter 291Chapter 290Chapter 289Chapter 288Chapter 287Chapter 286Chapter 285Chapter 284Chapter 283Chapter 282Chapter 281Chapter 280Chapter 279Chapter 278Chapter 277Chapter 276Chapter 275Chapter 274Chapter 273Chapter 272Chapter 271Chapter 270Chapter 269Chapter 268Chapter 267Chapter 266Chapter 265Chapter 264Chapter 263Chapter 262Chapter 261Chapter 260Chapter 259Chapter 258Chapter 257Chapter 256Chapter 255Chapter 254Chapter 253Chapter 252Chapter 251Chapter 250Chapter 249Chapter 248Chapter 247Chapter 246Chapter 245Chapter 244Chapter 243Chapter 242Chapter 241Chapter 240Chapter 239Chapter 238Chapter 237Chapter 236Chapter 235Chapter 234Chapter 233Chapter 232Chapter 231Chapter 230Chapter 229Chapter 228Chapter 227Chapter 226Chapter 225Chapter 224Chapter 223Chapter 222Chapter 221Chapter 220Chapter 219Naberius Kalego's 13 Hours: Part 2Naberius Kalego's 13 hours: Part 1.The Biggest Reason.A New Year StartsWelcome to Babyls!The Loveliest Memento.From The MastersChapter 211Chapter 210Chapter 209chapter 208Chapter 207Chapter 206Chapter 205Chapter 204Chapter 203Chapter 202Chapter 201Chapter 200Chapter 199Chapter 198Chapter 197chapter 196Arrogant DivaOne Hell of a RockChima's VoiceGreedy GyariIrumi's Fanclubchapter 190The Strongest, Cutest ArcherLindy's RoarRunning For The WinVol.21 - Chapter 186.5Character BookletTeam Devimusechapter 185.5Babyls Calendar 2021The Evidol GamesChapter 184: A Promise To KeroriChapter 183: Suzuki Iruma's Demonic RitesChapter 182: Netherworld's OrderChapter 181: Lied's MeetingChapter 180: One Centimeter's DistanceChapter 179: One Year's DistanceChapter 178: The Soulmates MeetingVol.20 - Chapter 177.5Chapter 177: Together With A FriendChapter 176: The Love TrioChapter 175: Iruma's PartnerChapter 174: Black And White DemonsChapter 173: The EyesChapter 172: Thirteen MisfitsChapter 171: A Grand BanquetChapter 170: Salute To The WinnersChapter 169: The Demon King's SoundEXTRAChapter 168: The Misfits Present: "Lilith's Red Carpet"Chapter 167: The Sound Of AnticipationChapter 166: The Path You ChooseChapter 165: The Music FestivalChapter 164: Declaration Of WarChapter 163: AmdusciasChapter 162: ChattingChapter 161: Siege Of PraiseChapter 160.5: EXTRAChapter 160: Even If We Can't See HimChapter 159: The Future From Now OnChapter 158: CourtingChapter 157: FriendsChapter 156: Lilith's Red CarpetChapter 155: Underworld PianoChapter 154: An Evidol's EssenceChapter 153: Hell DanceChapter 152: The Student Council ParadeEXTRAChapter 151: The 13 ChallengersChapter 150: SelfishChapter 149: Pixie's MelodyChapter 148: Purson SoiChapter 147: Another DemonDisturbed Demon WorldChapter 145: The Teachers' BanquetChapter 144: BuddiesChapter 143: Sincere cooking class!!Chapter 142.5: ExtraChapter 142: ExposureChapter 141: Dear Friends,Chapter 140: Welcome HomeChapter 139: PraiseChapter 138: Conditions To BloomChapter 137: The WinnerChapter 136: The Legendary LeafChapter 135: The End Of The Harvest FestivalChapter 134: Entrusted FeelingsChapter 133.5: ExtraChapter 133: An Archer's ValueChapter 132: Agitated HeartChapter 131: Prisoners of CharmChapter 130: The Misfit's Great WarChapter 129: Let's Get ItChapter 128: Disturbed HeartChapter 127: Lied's AgonyChapter 126: My Own MagicChapter 125: The Young KingChapter 124.5: EXTRAChapter 124: The Desires in the BowChapter 123: Words I Couldn't SayChapter 122: Let's Go BackChapter 121: Thoth The GenieChapter 120: The Seed Of BeginningChapter 119: Student HuntsChapter 118: The Iruma I KnowChapter 117: Kerori The Beast QueenChapter 116: Table-Turning StrategyChapter 115.5: ExtraChapter 115: Azz-kun's Wicked PhaseChapter 114: Master From The BattlefieldChapter 113: The Dorodoro Brother's ProvocationChapter 112: Precious PupilsChapter 111: We Can Make 100 AlliesChapter 110: A Night Of ScreamsChapter 109: Clara's ToyboxChapter 108: Devilishly PureChapter 107: Survival HighEXTRADemonic TacticsChapter 105: Cunning DemonsChapter 104: The StrongChapter 103: The Start of Harvest FestivalChapter 102: Before - AfterChapter 101: Excellent StudentsChapter 100: Iruma's True FeelingsChapter 99: Incompatible Weapon For DemonsChapter 98: Dreadful StoriesChapter 97.5: ExtraChapter 97: BachikoChapter 96: The Tutor's PlanChapter 95: Abnormal Class's New SemesterChapter 94: Dream DateChapter 93: The One Who Controls UnderworldChapter 92: Magical StreetChapter 91: Demon's MannersChapter 90: SabbathChapter 89: Clara's HomeChapter 88.5: ExtraChapter 88: With a Sparkle.Chapter 87: Destined EnemyChapter 86: My AmbitionChapter 85: Last TrickChapter 84: The Gargoyle Bears His FangsChapter 83: Indestructible SpearChapter 82: Fighting DuoChapter 81: The Invincible Maiden.Chapter 80: Which side is the strongest?EXTRAChapter 79: Victory RoarChapter 78: Older Brother's PrideChapter 77: This Feeling Is...Chapter 76: A Reliable BackChapter 75: Demonic Beasts RaidChapter 74: The Six Finger's PlanChapter 73: Wlavoras PrisonChapter 72: Sharp EyesVol.9 Chapter 71: Everyone's PlaymateEXTRAChapter 70: Walter ParkChapter 69: Enjoying Our Final DaysChapter 68: Kalego-sensei's Home VisitsChapter 67: Girls TalkChapter 66: Final ExamChapter 65: The Joy of LearningChapter 64: A Shocking FactChapter 63: Balam's ClassChapter 62: Devilish StudiesEXTRAChapter 61: A Future To Look Forward TooChapter 60: Delkira's RelicsChapter 59: A Miracle of ClownsChapter 58: Outstanding DemonsChapter 57: Babirus's TeachersChapter 56Chapter 55: Royal OneChapter 54: The Exact Opposite Of IrumaChapter 53: Renewed AmbitionEXTRAChapter 52: President of the student council​’s sceneChapter 51: Overflowing with feelingsChapter 50: The Charming RonoveChapter 49: The Devil MaidenChapter 48: The Collapse of the HeroineChapter 47: The Cruel Student CouncilChapter 46: Amelie’s DecisionChapter 45: Secret of the RingChapter 44: How to use MagicEXTRAChapter 43: For SomeoneChapter 42: A Sparkling ImpactChapter 41: Carelessness...Chapter 40: Akudol Kuromu-chanChapter 39: Sincere Cooking Battle!Chapter 38: Human TreatmentChapter 37: Glorious CommendationChapter 36: Spending time with familyChapter 35: Never give up on anythingEXTRAChapter 34: The outbreak of Magic PowerChapter 33: Desperate ExpressionChapter 32: Desires From the HeartChapter 31: Clara Squad Captain and Asu CommanderChapter 30: Kirio's MazeChapter 29: Ambition Stored AwayChapter 28: Beginning of The Festival EveChapter 27: Two Feathers of The Same BirdChapter 26: Kirio's Hidden RoomEXTRAChapter 25: The Ones Who PrepareChapter 24: The Batora DebutChapter 23: Thirteen DinnerChapter 22: At One With FamiliarsChapter 21: Magical Tools Research DivisionChapter 20: The Demon without Magical EnergyChapter 19: Rookie HuntChapter 18: The Battra ChallengeChapter 17.5: Volume 1 YonkomaChapter 17: Enchanted by ClaraChapter 16.5: ExtraChapter 16: First Step Forward!Chapter 15: Fierce Battle with the Cannon Ball Execution!!Chapter 14: A striving effortChapter 13: Iruma’s determinationChapter 12: Iruma's "Dream"Chapter 11: First love memoryChapter 10: Amelie's theoryChapter 9: Everyone has a magic lessonChapter 8: The ring of gluttonyVol. 1 Ch. 7.5 - Volume 1 YonkomaChapter 7: The person to become demon kingChapter 6: Flying race, start!!Chapter 5: The Abnormal ClassChapter 4: Friends With DemonsChapter 3: Iruma and ClaraChapter 2: Summon FamiliarChapter 1: Iruma-kun's Demon SchoolPreparing For The School's Entrance Ceremony