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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Status Ongoing
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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo


Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo



Synopsis Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

In the year 300X, a cruel dictator has mandated the hunting of all hair in the Maruhage Empire. But a single man rises to the occasion and takes a stand against this violation of human hair rights. Bo-bobo, master of Fist of the Nose Hair, uses the prehensile hairs of his schnoz to most lethal ends. Follow the nonsensical adventures of Bo-bobo and his sentient sidekick snacks as they lead their hilarious rebellion against the Empire.

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Chapters of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Ougi 230: Hajike Legend: Forever…!? [End]Ougi 229: The Last SupperChapter 228Chapter 227Ougi 226: Flash!! We’Re Phoenixes!!Chapter 225Ougi 224: The Grand Hair Pin!!Ougi 223: Antithesis! The Fallen OneChapter 222Chapter 221Ougi 220: AdultOugi 219: Surprise Super Shigeki ShowOugi 218: Shigeki Vs. HajikeOgui 217: Kyoto Bazooka !!!!Ougi 216: Defeat the wandering tofu, you three idiots!Huh. I'm so excited! Tofu cubes are the best!Vol.20 Chapter 214: Super Spin!! Spirited Pinball Great Free-For-AllThe Big Wheels Gather: The Shigekily Athletic Great Free-For-All!!Physical Sensation! Heroic Rashoumon BattleOugi 211: Can You Do It? The Roll-Dancing Dancing BattlersEnter the Cool Baby-Female WarriorA Spirited SignVol.19 Chapter 208: We're Not Throwaways!Vol.19 Chapter 207: Hair PeaceVol.19 Chapter 206: The Worried BrothersVol.19 Chapter 205: The ContainerVol.19 Chapter 204: BIBUBEBO BIBUBEBOVol.19 Chapter 203: Memory - The Memorable ShinkenVol.19 Chapter 202: Moemoe Oyabin's Journey To Find HimselfVol.19 Chapter 201: It-'s The "Kesshii * Keshi Keshi Battle"♪Vol.19 Chapter 200: Bububu-bu Bu-bubuVol.19 Chapter 199: Monster House!!Vol.19 Chapter 198: Bi-bibi Sentai * Takoyaki Battle!Vol.18 Chapter 197: Bo-Bobo's Request!!Vol.18 Chapter 196: Hatenko Vs. Bo-BoBoVol.18 Chapter 195: Conclusion!! The Death Of The Dark EmpireVol.18 Chapter 194: Hydrate's Secret ♡Vol.18 Chapter 193: Ultimate Defense! Break Through The Nyan-Nyan Armor!!Vol.18 Chapter 192: Devotion To HimVol.18 Chapter 191: GanemeVol.18 Chapter 190: Rhapsody Of Nosehair And LeghairVol.18 Chapter 189: Decisive Hair BattleVol.18 Chapter 188: The Petals Of JusticeVol.18 Chapter 187: United Final Battle! The End Of The Mad DoctorVol.17 Chapter 186: Full Throttle! Fever Motocross!!!Vol.17 Chapter 185: Dancing Surgery Entrapment NetworkVol.17 Chapter 184: Deadly Examining Room! His Name Is ByakkyouVol.17 Chapter 183: The Torpedo's DescentVol.17 Chapter 182: Muscular Muscle: Deadly Blood-Killing TacticsVol.17 Chapter 181: Gambling Shaking Bull-docking Headlock!!Vol.17 Chapter 180: On The Rise! The Movie Stars Of TomorrowVol.17 Chapter 179: Great Explosion Of The Bo-bobo All Stars!!Vol.17 Chapter 178: Go, All-Out Showdown!! Darkness Vs. UsVol.17 Chapter 177: Picture-Book ParadiseVol.17 Chapter 176: Revival! Bo-boboVol.16 Chapter 175: The Under-Maruhage Empire and ServicemanVol.16 Chapter 174: Terrible Don PatchVol.16 Chapter 173: Angry!Vol.16 Chapter 172: Shinken X Yamiken X Fist = Running WildVol.16 Chapter 171: Sudden Development! BigVol.16 Chapter 170: Samba * Rhumba * Mambo Uh!!Vol.16 Chapter 169: In a Yamanba Storm Warning Announcement!!Vol.16 Chapter 168: The Man Reimported From the GbaVol.16 Chapter 167: Swiftly! Bo-bobo Tv Channel!Vol.16 Chapter 166: Bo-bobo Vs. NenchakuVol.16 Chapter 165: The New Emperor Playoff Opens!Vol.15 Chapter 164: Enrage! China's Great War!!Vol.15 Chapter 163: Beauty's Critical Moment!Vol.15 Chapter 162: Tournament Opening! Listen To The Mole's Scream!!Vol.15 Chapter 161: Look, Look, Look At Our Lives~!!Vol.15 Chapter 160: What is Human La La LaVol.15 Chapter 159: Rapid Development! Red and Blue.Vol.15 Chapter 158: Worst Case ScenarioVol.15 Chapter 157: The Ones Who Move HistoryVol.15 Chapter 156: Emperor Tsuru Tsurulina The 3rdVol.15 Chapter 155: Tenbobo Vs HanpenVol.15 Chapter 154: Awakening Boy SoldierVol.14 Chapter 153: The Strong Nonsense 9 Oden SagaVol.14 Chapter 152: Two Climbing to the TopVol.14 Chapter 151: Bo-bobo vs. HanpenVol.14 Chapter 150: Go Retro!Vol.14 Chapter 149: Polygons of the Nosehair ValleyVol.14 Chapter 148: Lambada of the Three Strengths, Enters!Vol.14 Chapter 147: Bo-Bobo World NightmareVol.14 Chapter 146: Super Sleep Battle!!Vol.14 Chapter 145: Rem Rem Re-m RemVol.14 Chapter 144Vol.14 Chapter 143: Full Throttle Service! The Great Escape Play!!Vol.13 Chapter 142: The Three HajikelistsVol.13 Chapter 141: Extremely Strong Supporters? It's a Great Free-for-All!Vol.13 Chapter 140: The Prohibitive Violently-Strong TriangleVol.13 Chapter 139: The Melancholy of PatchboboVol.13 Chapter 138: He's Here! The Amazing Guy Who Wins by a Mile!!Vol.13 Chapter 137: The Big Wheels Get GoingVol.13 Chapter 136: Torpedo and CombatVol.13 Chapter 135: Battlefield BluesVol.13 Chapter 134: Seven MysteriesVol.13 Chapter 133: Capture Them... SF WorldVol.13 Chapter 132: This Is It? New TrioVol.12 Chapter 131: Battle of Sangaria Begins!Vol.12 Chapter 130: Nose vs FlowerVol.12 Chapter 129: A Super ManVol.12 Chapter 128: Idiots Who Disturb Flowers Are ColdVol.12 Chapter 127: Let's Power Up!!Vol.12 Chapter 126: Kick Off 5 vs. 5!!Vol.12 Chapter 125: From 100 Years AgoVol.12 Chapter 124: ManVol.12 Chapter 123: Run Forth, Art!!Vol.12 Chapter 122: Climb Climb! Stair Battle!!Vol.12 Chapter 121: Mutually SeriousVol.11 Chapter 120: Go Forth, 3-Idiots!!Vol.11 Chapter 119: Giga! I Won't Forgive You!!!Vol.11 Chapter 118: A Song Sent to the HeartVol.11 Chapter 117: Miraculous CalculationVol.11 Chapter 116: Messenger of the Black SunVol.11 Chapter 115: Wrath x 2Vol.11 Chapter 114: Double WarVol.11 Chapter 113: Bo-bobo Gets Angry!!Vol.11 Chapter 112: As It PleasesVol.11 Chapter 111: Fun Bungee FestivalVol.11 Chapter 110: Bet on Bo-boboVol.10 Chapter 109.5: Bo-bobo Nosehair Theater #4 - Barbecue PartyVol.10 Chapter 109: Sphere-Prison Execution StandVol.10 Chapter 108: The Challenge from Cyber CityVol.10 Chapter 107: Important Thing!!Vol.10 Chapter 106: Bo-bobo the One-Hundred TrillionVol.10 Chapter 105: Unchallenged Zone!!Vol.10 Chapter 104: Terrifying Sugoroku BattleVol.10 Chapter 103: Money or Nosehairs?Vol.10 Chapter 102: We're Underestimated!!Vol.10 Chapter 101: CollisionVol.10 Chapter 100: Big Gathering!! Great Melee of Punching and Kicking!!Vol.10 Chapter 99: The Strongest 4 Gather!Vol.09 Chapter 98: I'm the Lead Character!!!Vol.09 Chapter 97: The Three CutthroatsVol.09 Chapter 96: Nightmare - Nightmare - NightmareVol.09 Chapter 95: BoyhoodVol.09 Chapter 94: It's a Whoo-whoo!!Vol.09 Chapter 93: ChallengerVol.09 Chapter 92: Defeat the Evil Ones!!!Vol.09 Chapter 91: Engulfed In Space...Vol.09 Chapter 90: It's Here! Bo-bobo WorldVol.09 Chapter 89: Three Idiots vs. The TorpedoVol.09 Chapter 88: InvincibleVol.08 Chapter 87: Game OverVol.08 Chapter 86: My First Aerial Battle Is ThrillingVol.08 Chapter 85: Over, The Ultimate Evil Vs. Bo-bobo, The WorstVol.08 Chapter 84: MajideVol.08 Chapter 83: Merrymaking on the Toilet-TopVol.08 Chapter 82: A Spark of Instinct!!Vol.08 Chapter 81: Bo-bobo All Stars' Great Free-For-AllVol.08 Chapter 80: The Trembler's TrapVol.08 Chapter 79: #10's PressureVol.08 Chapter 78: Introducing Ruby-chan!!Vol.08 Chapter 77: Concealed in KindnessVol.07 Chapter 76: Look at the FrogVol.07 Chapter 75: Final Battle for the TopVol.07 Chapter 74: The Hajikelists' BanquetVol.07 Chapter 73: SummitVol.07 Chapter 72: Let's Go 3-Idiot TrioVol.07 Chapter 71: RiceVol.07 Chapter 70: This Is Bo-bobo!!Vol.07 Chapter 69: Tea-Ceremony Panic!!Vol.07 Chapter 68: Unbuyable Bungling BayVol.07 Chapter 67: Opening of the Fierce BattleVol.07 Chapter 66: Can I Make 100 Friends?Vol.06 Chapter 65: Owner of a Toughened HeartVol.06 Chapter 64: DedededeDengaku ManVol.06 Chapter 63: HeartVol.06 Chapter 62: Plan to Become a DragonVol.06 Chapter 61: ExcellenceVol.06 Chapter 60: The Secret of Z-Block BaseVol.06 Chapter 59: It's a Quiz, Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! I'm Not a Frog, I'm Dengaku!Vol.06 Chapter 58: Don Patch's Masterpiece TheaterVol.06 Chapter 57: Summer! The Sea! Splitting Watermelons!! Yay~~~~~~!!!Vol.06 Chapter 56: End of the Ugly QuarrelVol.06 Chapter 55: The Counterattack of the NES GenerationVol.06 Chapter 54: JUST WANNA CRYVol.05 Chapter 53: We Did It! Thanks, Everyone, For Our First YearVol.05 Chapter 52: Reviving the Tiger Who Became EmptyVol.05 Chapter 51: The Day the Sun FellVol.05 Chapter 50: He Who WorriesVol.05 Chapter 49: It's Bo-boboVol.05 Chapter 48: It's GunkanVol.05 Chapter 47: Destiny X Nosehair X Final BattleVol.05 Chapter 46: A New Ultimate TechniqueVol.05 Chapter 45: The Terror of the Babylon Guidance CorpVol.05 Chapter 44: Bo-bobo, Go to the World of BabylonVol.05 Chapter 43: Huge Battle! Bo-bobo World!!Vol.04 Chapter 42: Blindly Turning Their BodyVol.04 Chapter 41: Heppokomaru's Embarrassing PastVol.04 Chapter 40: It's Five on Five! Everyone Come TogetherVol.04 Chapter 39: Wings, PleaseVol.04 Chapter 38: Go to the Pomade Ring: The Story of the Five of UsVol.04 Chapter 37: Gathering of the Five WarriorsVol.04 Chapter 36: Fundoshi-senpaiVol.04 Chapter 35: Destiny Intertwined By NosehairsVol.04 Chapter 34: Interview ExpertVol.04 Chapter 33: Ever FreeVol.04 Chapter 32: Carrying SadnessVol.03 Chapter 31: JihadVol.03 Chapter 30: Bo-bobo vs. Tokoro TennosukeVol.03 Chapter 29: The Released Farts...Vol.03 Chapter 28: RoseVol.03 Chapter 27: Haunted House, Farts, and a WeddingVol.03 Chapter 26: Turtle RapVol.03 Chapter 25: I Love Math, 1•2•3!!Vol.03 Chapter 24: Amusements Parks are Wonderful!!Vol.03 Chapter 23: A Present From TokorotenVol.03 Chapter 22: HomecomingVol.03 Chapter 21: That's No the ReasonVol.02 Chapter 20: Welcome Hekkun, To Bobobo's GroupVol.02 Chapter 19: Now In That Baldy Tenaka Tower!Vol.02 Chapter 18: A Fart's Feeling Is a WhimVol.02 Chapter 17: A New AssassinVol.02 Chapter 16: Someone Please Stop This GuyVol.02 Chapter 15: If It Isn't Wanko, Then What Was It?Vol.02 Chapter 14: Noooo! I'm Not Poop!Vol.02 Chapter 13: Assault!! You're Bald TowerVol.02 Chapter 12: A Pointless SidetrackVol.02 Chapter 11: I Won't Lose To YouVol.01 Chapter 10: The Lake Shore Death StruggleVol.01 Chapter 9: Love LabyrinthVol.01 Chapter 8: BicyclingVol.01 Chapter 7: Many MemoriesVol.01 Chapter 6: Social GatheringVol.01 Chapter 5: MythVol.01 Chapter 4: ChristmasVol.01 Chapter 3: Hajike FestivalVol.01 Chapter 2: PervertVol.01 Chapter 1: Hair