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Synopsis Bokko

The story takes place 2300 years ago in China. The town of Ryo has requested the help of a clan called Bokk to aide them as their town is facing attack. The Bokk clan's representative, Kakuri, responds to their call for help and attempts to save Ryo from an almost inevitable defeat, from not only outer forces, but also from those who doubt him within. Is he up to the challenge?

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Chapters of Bokko

Vol.11 Chapter 10 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 10 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.10 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 10 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.09 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.08 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 10 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.07 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.06 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.05 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.05 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.05 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.05 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.05 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.05 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.05 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.04 Chapter 10 Read OnlineVol.04 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.04 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.04 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.04 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.04 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.04 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.04 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 10 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.03 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 7 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 6 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 5 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 4 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 3 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 2 Read OnlineVol.02 Chapter 1 Read OnlineVol.01 Chapter 10 Read OnlineVol.01 Chapter 9 Read OnlineVol.01 Chapter 8 Read OnlineVol.11 Chapter 11: Twenty-Three Centuries PassedVol.11 Chapter 10: Heading EastVol.11 Chapter 9: The CollapseVol.11 Chapter 8: ShirouVol.11 Chapter 7: A Sad OutcomeVol.11 Chapter 6: The Hell of the LeechesVol.11 Chapter 5: Kakuri and NimaeVol.11 Chapter 4: NoiseVol.11 Chapter 3: LeechesVol.11 Chapter 2: A Burial Without a CeremonyVol.11 Chapter 1: Kakuri Against GriffonVol.10 Chapter 10: A Lost OpportunityVol.10 Chapter 9: The Death of KobuVol.10 Chapter 8: The Volcanic CloudVol.10 Chapter 7: The Smoke ScreenVol.10 Chapter 6: Taking Care of the WeaponsVol.10 Chapter 5: The Shadow of FuzenVol.10 Chapter 4: The DisguiseVol.10 Chapter 3: Fuzen the SpyVol.10 Chapter 2: The PlotVol.10 Chapter 1: Eastern Region of the CityVol.09 Chapter 10: The Border CracksVol.09 Chapter 9: The Unrecognizable ShanuVol.09 Chapter 8: DestructionVol.09 Chapter 7: The MoultVol.09 Chapter 6: The Secret WeaponVol.09 Chapter 5: The TestVol.09 Chapter 4: The CallingVol.09 Chapter 3: The GunnerVol.09 Chapter 2: Strange Incidents on the BorderVol.09 Chapter 1: An Explosive SituationVol.08 Chapter 9: The Oath to the GroundVol.08 Chapter 8: A Mysterious BirthVol.08 Chapter 7: The Rare BirdVol.08 Chapter 6: Border BattleVol.08 Chapter 5: The OpeningVol.08 Chapter 4: The FuryVol.08 Chapter 3: The Spy with a Sad FaceVol.08 Chapter 2: The Closed GateVol.08 Chapter 1: A ReunionVol.07 Chapter 10: The Road to ShinVol.07 Chapter 9: The Challenge in the CircleVol.07 Chapter 8: Kakuri's CircleVol.07 Chapter 7: The ExecutionVol.07 Chapter 6: Buried AliveVol.07 Chapter 5: The Path to SeiVol.07 Chapter 4: The Invisible StalkerVol.07 Chapter 3: The GiftVol.07 Chapter 2: The King of Shin's HeadVol.07 Chapter 1: The AmbushVol.06 Chapter 9: The RescueVol.06 Chapter 8: The TortureVol.06 Chapter 7: The Burning WaterVol.06 Chapter 6: Who Are the Rats?Vol.06 Chapter 5: The EruptionVol.06 Chapter 4: Hunting Down the DoublesVol.06 Chapter 3: The RatsVol.06 Chapter 2: A FriendVol.06 Chapter 1: The Insect DivisionVol.05 Chapter 8: The Swarm of GrasshoppersVol.05 Chapter 7: The LocustsVol.05 Chapter 6: The False TrackVol.05 Chapter 5: The Lunar Eclipse Vol.05 Chapter 4: The EscapeVol.05 Chapter 3: IsolationVol.05 Chapter 2: The Four CriticsVol.05 Chapter 1: Kakuri Enters the BaseVol.04 Chapter 10: The EndVol.04 Chapter 9: The Secret PlanVol.04 Chapter 8: Conquering RyoVol.04 Chapter 7: The Capture of the Southern GateVol.04 Chapter 6: The Secret WeaponVol.04 Chapter 5: The RushVol.04 Chapter 4: Message of DeathVol.04 Chapter 3: The People Feel ReliefVol.04 Chapter 2: Saikyu's TrialVol.04 Chapter 1: The City Without KakuriVol.03 Chapter 10: Kakuri Leaves the CityVol.03 Chapter 9: The CurrentVol.03 Chapter 8: The SmileVol.03 Chapter 7: The Last Moments of RyokaiVol.03 Chapter 6: The Massacre (2)Vol.03 Chapter 5: The ProvocationVol.03 Chapter 4: ImprudenceVol.03 Chapter 3: The Flag of KoentchuVol.03 Chapter 2: The Messenger from SeiVol.03 Chapter 1: The AssassinVol.02 Chapter 10: An Old ScarVol.02 Chapter 9: The MassacreVol.02 Chapter 8: Under the Full MoonVol.02 Chapter 7: The Underground EnemyVol.02 Chapter 6: The Dragon Under the GroundVol.02 Chapter 5: The AnswerVol.02 Chapter 4: The VisitorVol.02 Chapter 3: Kakuri CollapsesVol.02 Chapter 2: Deadly DuelVol.02 Chapter 1: The KiteVol.01 Chapter 10: Saikyu Gets RectifiedVol.01 Chapter 9: The First AttackVol.01 Chapter 8: The Simulated CombatVol.01 Chapter 7: The Arrival of the MessengerVol.01 Chapter 6: Kakuri Manufactures the WeaponsVol.01 Chapter 5: Kakuri Seeks a Brave ManVol.01 Chapter 4: Kakuri Breaches the EnemyVol.01 Chapter 3: Kakuri Repairs the WallsVol.01 Chapter 2: Kakuri's PromiseVol.01 Chapter 1: Kakuri Crosses the Ekisui River