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Boku Girl

Boku Girl
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Boku Girl



Synopsis Boku Girl

Suzushiro Mizuki is a 1st year high school student who has the difficulty of constantly being mistaken for a girl. It's so bad that he's endlessly rebuffing the confessions of many men. Even the girl he has a crush on seems to think of him more as one of the girls rather than as a potential love interest. Meanwhile, the trickster god Loki has grown bored with playing her tricks on her fellow gods. Turning her attention to the mortal world, she targets Mizuki for her next round of fun. The result: Mizuki wakes up with budding breasts and a missing part of his anatomy. What else is in store for Mizuki and how will he deal with it?

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Chapters of Boku Girl

Vol.11 Chapter 107.5: Bonus: My Lunch-BoxVol.11 Chapter 107: I Am A GirlVol.11 Chapter 106: My ConfessionVol.11 Chapter 105: My AdmirationVol.11 Chapter 104: My Happiness and SadnessVol.11 Chapter 103: My ValentineVol.11 Chapter 102: My ImpressionVol.10 Chapter 101: My Chocolate MakingVol.10 Chapter 100: My ThoughtsVol.10 Chapter 99: My MemoriesVol.10 Chapter 98: My ChoiceVol.10 Chapter 97: My First Day Of The YearVol.10 Chapter 96: My DecisivenessVol.10 Chapter 95.5: EX- My First Time WIth Him!?Vol.09 Chapter 95: My Kami-samaVol.09 Chapter 94: My Christmas PartyVol.09 Chapter 93: My HairstyleVol.09 Chapter 92Vol.09 Chapter 91: My ShadowVol.09 Chapter 90: My DateVol.09 Chapter 89: My Onee-samaVol.09 Chapter 88: My SempaiVol.09 Chapter 87: My MoralsVol.09 Chapter 86: My FeelingsVol.09 Chapter 85: My Body's MakeupVol.09 Chapter 84: My ResponseVol.09 Chapter 83: My InfirmaryVol.09 Chapter 82: My LifeVol.09 Chapter 81: My PlayVol.09 Chapter 80: My PictureVol.09 Chapter 79: My Start to the Cultural FestivalVol.09 Chapter 78: My ReturnChapter EX: My First Time WIth Him!?Vol.08 Chapter 77: My Person Beside MeVol.08 Chapter 76: My ClothesVol.08 Chapter 75: My NursingVol.08 Chapter 74: My Method of Turning Back into a GuyVol.08 Chapter 73: My Baby?!Vol.08 Chapter 72: My Role SocializationVol.08 Chapter 71: My Acting CoachVol.08 Chapter 70: My CinderellaVol.08 Chapter 69: My Cultural FestivalVol.08 Chapter 68: My Recovery Operation?!Vol.07 Chapter 67: My Return to SchoolVol.07 Chapter 66: My Girls' UniformVol.07 Chapter 65: My Girls' Dorm?!Vol.07 Chapter 64: My Last Day of SummerVol.07 Chapter 63: My ChanceVol.07 Chapter 62: My Being Hit OnVol.07 Chapter 61: My YukataVol.07 Chapter 60: My Fun on the RocksVol.07 Chapter 59: My Heart's Deepest SpotVol.07 Chapter 58: My Swimsuit ShoppingVol.06 Chapter 57: My WishVol.06 Chapter 56: My Relationship?!Vol.06 Chapter 55: My Pure FeelingsVol.06 Chapter 54: My Eheh~?Vol.06 Chapter 53: My Women's BathVol.06 Chapter 52: My Current RealityVol.06 Chapter 51: My Father's SecretVol.06 Chapter 50: My HomecomingVol.06 Chapter 49: My Scaaaary~ FatherVol.06 Chapter 48: My Investigative Report on RomanceVol.05 Chapter 47: My Something More Precious Than LoveVol.05 Chapter 46: My Two Important PersonsVol.05 Chapter 45: My Perverted Friend Is...Vol.05 Chapter 44: My Order?!Vol.05 Chapter 43: My Lover?!Vol.05 Chapter 42: My New AdversaryVol.05 Chapter 41: My ImmoralityVol.05 Chapter 40: My Exceeded ExpectationsVol.05 Chapter 39: My ImposterVol.05 Chapter 38: My Huge GambleVol.04 Chapter 37.5: OmakeVol.04 Chapter 37: My ResolveVol.04 Chapter 36: My Game OverVol.04 Chapter 35: My Brand New ExperienceVol.04 Chapter 34: My BoxersVol.04 Chapter 33: My Embarrassing PicturesVol.04 Chapter 32: My Current StateVol.04 Chapter 31: My Shock...!Vol.04 Chapter 30: My Secret UniformVol.04 Chapter 29: My Revival?!Vol.04 Chapter 28: My Reality?!Vol.03 Chapter 27: My Two AffectionsVol.03 Chapter 26: My Foul MoodVol.03 Chapter 25: My Two Important PersonsVol.03 Chapter 24: My DateVol.03 Chapter 23: My Naughty GameVol.03 Chapter 22: My Sleepless NightVol.03 Chapter 21: My RoommateVol.03 Chapter 20: My ConsultationVol.03 Chapter 19: My CrushVol.03 Chapter 18: My Image of the FutureVol.02 Chapter 17.5: OmakeVol.02 Chapter 17: My Best FriendVol.02 Chapter 16: My DisasterVol.02 Chapter 15: My First Day of the TripVol.02 Chapter 14: My HeroVol.02 Chapter 13: My PromiseVol.02 Chapter 12: My MotherlinessVol.02 Chapter 11: My First TimeVol.02 Chapter 10: My Public Bath - 2Vol.02 Chapter 9: My Public Bath - 1Vol.02 Chapter 8: My LunchtimeVol.01 Chapter 7: My CutenessVol.01 Chapter 6: My DressVol.01 Chapter 5: My First DayVol.01 Chapter 4: My Bath TimeVol.01 Chapter 3: My After SchoolVol.01 Chapter 2: Japanese StyleVol.01 Chapter 1: Transformation