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Perfect Half

Perfect Half
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Perfect Half




퍼펙트 하프

Synopsis Perfect Half

Once a world ruled by men, women stand up and fight to become men's equal. Now, in a land that is equally divided up between man and woman, the battle of the sexes is on! The two sides constantly fight each other and winners get to have the "right" to choose what they'll do to their victims. Who's going to win? But more importantly...what's the name of the game?

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Chapters of Perfect Half

Chapter 176Chapter 175Chapter 174Chapter 173Chapter 172Chapter 171Chapter 170Chapter 169Chapter 168Chapter 167Chapter 166Chapter 165Chapter 164Chapter 163Chapter 162Chapter 161Chapter 160Chapter 159Chapter 158Chapter 157Chapter 156Chapter 155Chapter 154Chapter 153Chapter 152Chapter 151Chapter 150Chapter 149Chapter 148Chapter 147Chapter 146Chapter 145Chapter 144Chapter 143Chapter 142Chapter 141Chapter 140Chapter 139Chapter 138Chapter 137Season 3Another Reunion (Season 2 Finale)Chapter 134Chapter 133Chapter 132SiegeChapter 130Chapter 129Chapter 128Chapter 127Chapter 126Chapter 125Perfect Half Chap 124Chapter 123Chapter 122Chapter 121Chapter 120Chapter 119Chapter 118Chapter 117Chapter 116Chapter 115Chapter 114Chapter 113Chapter 112Chapter 111Chapter 110Chapter 109Chapter 108Chapter 107Ch.106Ch.105Ch.104Ch.103Ch.102Chapter 101: This Is Fun!Chapter 100: Sounds Good To MeChapter 99: I Wanted To Keep An Eye On YouChapter 98: OfferChapter 97: Unexpected RivalChapter 96: Bloodsucking FlyChapter 95: InterrogationChapter 94: SheathChapter 93: The Distance Between ThemChapter 92: ChoicesChapter 91: Joining ForcesChapter 90.5Chapter 90: FatherChapter 89: MotherChapter 88: Clouds of WarChapter 87: Crisis AwarenessChapter 86: CombatChapter 85: ProvocationChapter 84: ImprintChapter 83: IgnitionChapter 82: The Person He Long ForChapter 81: StragglerChapter 80: LureChapter 79: Shadow of WarChapter 78: ContactChapter 77: PursuitChapter 76: Alignment (2)Chapter 75: Alignment (1)Chapter 74: Free WillChapter 73: EscapeChapter 72: One Fateful NightChapter 71: Remember MeChapter 70: The Broken PromiseDelay NoticeChapter 69: BlufferChapter 68: Their Respective ReasonsChapter 67: ReunionChapter 66: Arrival (Season 2)Chapter 65.5: Season 1 EpilogueChapter 65: The Day is Coming (Season 1 Finale)Chapter 64: Lotus Root and Water HyacinthChapter 63: Secretive MovementChapter 62: The Flame of ChangeChapter 61: Prove It with Your BloodChapter 60: I still Want to See HerChapter 59: The Incarnation Of AriaChapter 58: Forbidden MovementChapter 57: The First GirlChapter 56: Person Of InterestChapter 55: UnpredictableChapter 54: The Wicked WolfChapter 53: The King's MenChapter 52: You're DeadChapter 51: Play It HardChapter 50: Holy TimeChapter 49: Do You Like It?Chapter 48: Unfamilar WindChapter 47: Let's TalkChapter 46: HandChapter 45: Wow!Chapter 44: Wolf Of The East And Fox Of The WestChapter 43: Sweet DreamsChapter 42: A Dull FaceChapter 41: An Unexpected GuestChapter 40.5: Hiatus Special: The BeginningChapter 40: Blue DewChapter 39: Ready For BattleChapter 38: One Of A KindChapter 37: RemarkableChapter 36: Signs Of A KingChapter 35: Hi?Chapter 34: A Great DuelChapter 33: Do it AgainChapter 32: I Won't Let You Off the HookChapter 31: A Night At The GurujamChapter 30: ExplorationChapter 29: Beyond LimitsChapter 28: How Dare You?Chapter 27: Evil SpiritChapter 26: Cho-ahChapter 25: Falling DaysChapter 24: The GurujamChapter 23: The Private Life Of KingsChapter 22: Goma RitualChapter 21: HimChapter 20: Treasure HuntChapter 19: I Don't BiteChapter 18: Black SurangChapter 17: This Is CrazyChapter 16: FullChapter 15: It's SweetChapter 14: HazingChapter 13: The First DayChapter 12: The Blue ClawChapter 11: A Long DayChapter 10: The Qualifications Of A PrinceChapter 9: PooshilChapter 8: Special ForceChapter 7: The Footprints Of The Fire GiantChapter 6: Arah YoonseulChapter 5: Ryu KarimChapter 4: Unfair First ExperienceChapter 3: Miro DanbiChapter 2: HaerangChapter 1: Wolves and Foxes