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Boys Be... 2nd Season

Boys Be... 2nd Season
Status Completed
Type Manga

Boys Be... 2nd Season


Boys Be II


Boys Be... 2nd: A Guys Guide to Girls


BOYS BE... 2nd Season

Synopsis Boys Be... 2nd Season

Boys Be... (ボーイズ・ビー Bōizu Bī) is a manga created and written by Masahiro Itabashi and illustrated by Hiroyuki Tamakoshi. Three different Boys Be... manga series were serialized by Kodansha in Shukan Shōnen Magazine. In 2009 Kodansha announced a fourth series, Boys Be... Next Season, starting in the November 2009 issue of Magazine Special.

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Chapters of Boys Be... 2nd Season

Vol.02 Chapter Special Report: Secret Room! Idol Training ClassChapter 83: [includes chapters 83-90. See forum thread for chapter names.]Vol.13 Chapter 91: [includes chapters 91 - 97 + Boys Be Justice.]Vol.12 Chapter 83: [includes chapters 83 - 90.]Vol.11 Chapter 76: [includes chapters 76 - 82 + Boys Be Justice.]Vol.10 Chapter 68: [includes chapters 68 - 75.]Vol.09 Chapter 61: [includes chapters 61 - 67 + Special Report.]Vol.08 Chapter 54: [includes chapters 54 - 60 + Special Report.]Vol.07 Chapter 46: [includes chapters 46 - 53.]Vol.06 Chapter 38: [includes chapters 38 - 45.]Vol.05 Chapter 32: [includes chapters 32 - 37 + Special Report.]Vol.04 Chapter 24: [includes chapters 24 - 31.]Vol.03 Chapter 16: [includes chapters 16 - 23.]Vol.02 Chapter 15: Being Chased Is Good ?Vol.02 Chapter 14: We Were Under The Sakura Once (Part 2)Vol.02 Chapter 13: We Were Under The Sakura Once (Part 1)Vol.02 Chapter 12: Desire For Magical Chocolate...Vol.02 Chapter 11: Who is The Kiss Spell For ?Vol.02 Chapter 10: Thinking of The Same Thing As You Secretly!Vol.02 Chapter 9: Two People in PurikuraVol.01 Chapter 8: Steamy... Dangerous NightVol.01 Chapter 7: Cheers to the Unwelcome Boys on X'Mas NightVol.01 Chapter 6: Want a Girlfriend BadlyVol.01 Chapter 5: Co-play ActVol.01 Chapter 4: High Heels, Low Self-EsteemVol.01 Chapter 3: Love, Earrings, Jiujitsu (Part 3)Vol.01 Chapter 2: Love, Earrings, Jiujitsu (Part 2)Vol.01 Chapter 1: Love, Earrings, Jiujitsu (Part 1)