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Synopsis A-bout!

Mitsumine High School is known as the school with the most juvenile delinquents in the country. The students are so violent that even the teachers are scared for their lives. Sunahara is the leader of the first years and is the strongest dude of his class. But when the transfer student Asagiri Shinnosuke makes an appearance at the school, he starts taking down names and kicking up dust like a tornado. If the students thought things were violent and unpredictable at Mitsumine, they haven’t seen anything yet since Asagiri is here to become the champion of the school.

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Chapters of A-bout!

Vol.19 - Chapter 165.5Vol.19 - Chapter 165Vol.19 - Chapter 164Vol.19 - Chapter 163Vol.19 - Chapter 162Vol.19 - Chapter 161Vol.19 - Chapter 160Vol.19 - Chapter 159Vol.19 - Chapter 158Vol.19 - Chapter 157Vol.18 - Chapter 156Vol.18 - Chapter 155Vol.18 - Chapter 154Vol.18 - Chapter 153Vol.18 - Chapter 152Vol.18 - Chapter 151Vol.18 - Chapter 150Vol.18 - Chapter 149Vol.18 - Chapter 148Chapter 147Vol.17 - Chapter 146Vol.17 - Chapter 145Vol.17 - Chapter 144Vol.17 - Chapter 143Vol.17 - Chapter 142Vol.17 - Chapter 141Vol.17 - Chapter 140Vol.17 - Chapter 139Vol.16 - Chapter 138Vol.16 - Chapter 137Vol.16 - Chapter 136Chapter 135Vol.16 - Chapter 134Banba's Special AttackChapter 132Chapter 131Chapter 130Chapter 129Chapter 128Vol.15 Chapter 127: Goodnight, Sweet Bike...Chapter 126Vol.15 Chapter 125: No No, My FaceVol.15 Chapter 124: My True FriendsChapter 123Chapter 122Chapter 121Vol.14 Chapter 120: The End?Vol.14 Chapter 119: An Extravagant SpeechChapter 118Chapter 117Chapter 116Vol.14 Chapter 115: I Will Be Above ThemVol.14 Chapter 114: The Greatest Gathering In History Part 2The Greatest Gathering In History Part 1Chapter 112Vol.13 Chapter 111: Team FightChapter 110Jose & Tofu Join The FightStudent Duel NightmareThe Scenic WayCoward's TauntKill 'Em AllKill 'em all! Part 1Crazy FightRequest5 Seconds To Take You DownUnlikely AllianceDecision MakingBeyond The StrainDisruptive ElementDemon's AwakeningThe Pleasure is All Mine...Double Surprise AttackCrossed PathDirty RematchNational Route #4Vol.11 Chapter 90: The Last OneVol.11 Chapter 89: Turning Your Back On MeVol.11 Chapter 88: HolylandVol.11 Chapter 87: Refreshed HoujouVol.11 Chapter 86: Let's Sing Some Karaoke!Vol.10 Chapter 85: To Keep One's SalaryVol.10 Chapter 84: Project BlueVol.10 Chapter 83: Heroes Vs ZerosVol.10 Chapter 82: Go Get Em, Tiger!Vol.10 Chapter 81: Hand Picking OctopusVol.10 Chapter 80: Kuwamura Goes West! Make Some Noise!Vol.10 Chapter 79: Ultra Vocals Seshita SengenVol.10 Chapter 78: Birthday BashVol.10 Chapter 77: Asagiri With LoveVol.09 Chapter 76: Fly To TomorrowVol.09 Chapter 75: Strong SoulVol.09 Chapter 74: No RespectVol.09 Chapter 73: Aim And KickVol.09 Chapter 72: Superman 303Vol.09 Chapter 71: From Dark ZoneVol.09 Chapter 70: Enemy's DexterityVoll.9 Chapter 69: Beneath The MaskVol.09 Chapter 68: The Tragedy Of OnigiriVol.08 Chapter 67: The Masked MenVol.08 Chapter 66: The ChallengerVol.08 Chapter 65: The City's SaviorVol.08 Chapter 64: The Breaking PointVol.08 Chapter 63: The WinnerVol.08 Chapter 62: TearsVol.08 Chapter 61: At Least It Seems Bad!Vol.08 Chapter 60: Pain, EmotionsVol.08 Chapter 59: Masaki The Beast, Kazama At The CrossroadsVol.07 Chapter 58: The Beast's BattleVol.07 Chapter 57: Card SelectionVol.07 Chapter 56: The Eligible Person In The Eyes Of 5 PeopleVol.07 Chapter 55: Man Arrives At Breaking A CommandmentVol.07 Chapter 54: A Delinquent's VirtueVol.07 Chapter 53: Uzee, The Song Of The SoulVol.07 Chapter 52: A Fight to Death And ResignationVol.07 Chapter 51: The Value Of Your OpponentVol.07 Chapter 50: Celebrities In The DarknessSaint Yankee-SanVol.06 Chapter 49: Baka SurvivorVol.06 Chapter 48: Battleship, Kohada, Once MoreVol.06 Chapter 47: As expected, It's come to NothingVol.06 Chapter 46: Something One Must ConveyVol.06 Chapter 45: Fierce Fighting, Defeat, Causes and Action, DignityVol.06 Chapter 44: Furui Beyond His RecollectionVol.06 Chapter 43: Why did you flee from your past?Vol.06 Chapter 42: Eternal FightVol.05 Chapter 41: Mitsumine BattlefieldVol.05 Chapter 40: LSD Strikes!Vol.05 Chapter 39: See ya, Asagiri!Vol.05 Chapter 38: The Surprise Attack OrderVol.05 Chapter 37: A True Sworn FriendVol.05 Chapter 36: Don't Come Masatoshi!Vol.05 Chapter 35: Predator GraveyardVol.05 Chapter 34: The Gift of BoastingVol.05 Chapter 33: The locked up pastVol.04 Chapter 32: Never-ending Song LyricsVol.04 Chapter 31: Who Was It!?Vol.04 Chapter 30: Phantom ShootoutVol.04 Chapter 29: Challenge To A Clever SchemeVol.04 Chapter 28: Serious Fighting SpiritVol.04 Chapter 27: Monster's Free-for-AllVol.04 Chapter 26: Monster Brawl War FrontVol.04 Chapter 25: Waterproof iPhoneVol.04 Chapter 24: Dreadful Multi-DefeatVol.03 Chapter 23: Quickening PulseVol.03 Chapter 22: Compromising InfatuationVol.03 Chapter 21: See Through Our EnemyVol.03 Chapter 20: The RootsVol.03 Chapter 19: The Nightmare AgainVol.03 Chapter 18: The Bandages from HellVol.03 Chapter 17: Passport to InfinityVol.03 Chapter 16: To Cruel Death and PainVol.03 Chapter 15: Fearsome Surprise AttackVol.02 Chapter 14: Order for a New Type of GuyVol.02 Chapter 13: Noise S.O.S.Vol.02 Chapter 12: Sunahara's CryVol.02 Chapter 11: Hooligan on the WayVol.02 Chapter 10: Mysterious AssaultVol.02 Chapter 9: Lightning Speed ChangeVol.02 Chapter 8: Lawless Battle ZoneVol.02 Chapter 7: Jambalaya and Youth's WillVol.02 Chapter 6: Guard's OrdersVol.01 Chapter 5: The Secret of MitsumineVol.01 Chapter 4: Five Seconds Before the FrayVol.01 Chapter 3: Move Out, Boys!Vol.01 Chapter 2: Attack the InvadersVol.01 Chapter 1: Transfer Student Operation #1