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Ao Ashi

Ao Ashi
Status Ongoing
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Ao Ashi



Synopsis Ao Ashi

Seinen sports series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Nominated for the 2017 Manga Taisho Award.

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Chapters of Ao Ashi

Ch. 367 Kuribayashi BeckonsChapter 366Chapter 365Chapter 364Chapter 363Chapter 362Chapter 361Chapter 360Chapter 359Chapter 358Chapter 357Chapter 356Chapter 355The One Controlling BarcaChapter 353Chapter 352Chapter 351Chapter 349Chapter 348Chapter 347Chapter 346Chapter 345Chapter 344Chapter 343Chapter 342Chapter 341Chapter 340Chapter 339Chapter 338Chapter 337Chapter 336Chapter 335Chapter 334Chapter 333Chapter 332Chapter 331Chapter 330Chapter 329Chapter 328Chapter 327Chapter 326Chapter 325Chapter 324Chapter 323Chapter 322Chapter 321Chapter 320Hana Goes WestChapter 318Chapter 317Chapter 316PresentChapter 314Chapter 313Chapter 312Chapter 311Chapter 310Chapter 309Chapter 308Chapter 307Chapter 306Chapter 305Chapter 304Chapter 303Vol.30 - Chapter 302Chapter 301Chapter 300Chapter 299Chapter 298Chapter 297Chapter 296Chapter 295Chapter 294Chapter 293Chapter 292Chapter 291Chapter 290Chapter 289Chapter 288Chapter 287Chapter 28640'①ReceptionAcross The FenceThe Stairway To DreamsGarullaJ-Youth Vs. High School Chapter EndThe Conclusion Of The All Or Nothing MatchThose BootsThe Man Known As Akutsu Nagisa Second HalfChapter 276: The Man Known As Akutsu Nagisa First HalfCrow TalkThe Hero Of FullbacksThis First YearDie TogetherThe Hellion / Electric EyeAshito, DazedI Want To ChangeN-BoxA Demon AppearsQuiet CounterattackJust Keep GoingIn My HandsAll-Out AshitoMy Feet Can't StopI AmChapter 260Chapter 259Chapter 258Chapter 257Chapter 256Chapter 255Chapter 254Chapter 253Chapter 252Chapter 251Chapter 250Chapter 249Attack and Defense in Stoppage TimeThe Last SupperThe True Way to Use itThe Man Who Controls the ChaosEagle Eyes' TurnImpromptu BattleAnd Thus Towards ChaosI Survived Because of My PastThe 11th Field PlayerWho Will?Offense and Defense Beyond One's Line of SightAo Ashi x Giant Killing SpecialNo Risk High ReturnVol.23 Chapter 236: Dampened LeftVol.23 Chapter 235: Dynamic RightVol.23 Chapter 234: Memory Of That DayVol.22 Chapter 233: Premier League Final Match: vs. Aomori Seiran High SchoolVol.22 Chapter 232: After 90 MinutesVol.22 Chapter 231: Give And TakeVol.22 Chapter 230: Fukuda AsksVol.22 Chapter 229: The 11 Who Must Take It OnVol.22 Chapter 228: The Difference Between Ren and AshitoVol.22 Chapter 227: There is No Next TimeVol.22 Chapter 226: Skillfull AomoriVol.22 Chapter 225: By the WayVol.22 Chapter 224: Watford PlanLike a SwampVol.22 Chapter 222: Line of SightVol.21 Chapter 221: Wager And KeyVol.21 Chapter 220: Within TrashVol.21 Chapter 219: Genius' ConditionVol.21 Chapter 218: Who UnderstandsVol.21 Chapter 217: Hopefully We Meet AgainVol.21 Chapter 216: A Loss With Nothing GainedVol.21 Chapter 215: J-Youth Cup Quarter Finals: vs. Ganon OsakaVol.21 Chapter 214: The Two's LessonVol.21 Chapter 213: Surprise Medical Check UpVol.20 Chapter 212: Ashito's SituationVol.20 Chapter 211: Esperion Two Months AfterVol.20 Chapter 210: Becoming The Symbol Of Under-18 FootballVol.20 Chapter 209: Beyond A Shadow Of A DoubtVol.20 Chapter 208: Winter ArmyVol.20 Chapter 207: November SnowVol.20 Chapter 206: Loving FootballVol.20 Chapter 205: RoadVol.20 Chapter 204: Fukuda and Noriko Once MoreVol.20 Chapter 203: Last RequestVol.20 Chapter 202: Their Respective ShocksVol.20 Chapter 201: Three PeopleVol.20 Chapter 200: The Last BarkVol.19 Chapter 199: Remaining MadnessVol.19 Chapter 198: Dyed in RedVol.19 Chapter 197: It Wasn't TodayVol.19 Chapter 196: Tripone Rufin (3)Vol.19 Chapter 195: Tripone Rufin (2)Vol.19 Chapter 194: Tripone Rufin (1)Vol.19 Chapter 193: WonderfulVol.19 Chapter 192: A Through Ball HereVol.19 Chapter 191: Ashito Asks HimselfVol.19 Chapter 190: Reason For SmilingVol.18 Chapter 189: CrossroadsVol.18 Chapter 188: Ten Seconds Seared Into My Brain (Ten Second Attack)Vol.18 Chapter 187: Fish In WaterVol.18 Chapter 186: Ashito And Five LanesVol.18 Chapter 185: Five Lane AttackVol.18 Chapter 184: Takasugi And Resolute SolidarityVol.18 Chapter 183: The Attacking Shape After Five YearsVol.18 Chapter 182: Tank vs. Propeller PlaneVol.18 Chapter 181: Funebashi's Fierce AttackVol.18 Chapter 180: Premier League Eight Match: Vs. Funebashi AcademyVol.17 Chapter 179: It's Completely Quiet?Vol.17 Chapter 178: Best SensationVol.17 Chapter 177: Fukuda and NorikoVol.17 Chapter 176: For Our Friend's Sake, For Our SakeVol.17 Chapter 175: My Spirit Has BrokenVol.17 Chapter 174: The New EsperionVol.17 Chapter 173: The Esperion WayVol.17 Chapter 172: The Black Flame is Put Out in PragueVol.17 Chapter 171: Black FlamesVol.16 Chapter 170: The Skies Over At PragueVol.16 Chapter 169: Premonition Of CompleteVol.16 Chapter 168: RotatorVol.16 Chapter 167: Looking Over The FieldVol.16 Chapter 166: Let It RollVol.16 Chapter 165: Nozomi's ProposalVol.16 Chapter 164: Egoist's WhereaboutsVol.16 Chapter 163: New MapVol.16 Chapter 162: Running To The Next StageVol.16 Chapter 161: 0% PossessionVol.16 Chapter 160: Surprising PointVol.16 Chapter 159: This is the Premier LeagueVol.15 Chapter 158: CollapseVol.15 Chapter 157: Toss AwayVol.15 Chapter 156: Initiate AttackVol.15 Chapter 155: Look VerticallyVol.15 Chapter 154: Super SafeVol.15 Chapter 153: Premier League Thirteenth Match: vs. Tokyo VansVol.15 Chapter 152: DeterminationVol.15 Chapter 151: MultisiteVol.15 Chapter 150: Why NowVol.15 Chapter 149: Changing LineupsVol.15 Chapter 148: International Football OverlapVol.14 Chapter 147: Big ThreeVol.14 Chapter 146: Aim HigherVol.14 Chapter 145: NotesVol.14 Chapter 144: Practice HardVol.14 Chapter 143: Clear River And SedimentVol.14 Chapter 142: RopeVol.14 Chapter 141: Everyone Is UniqueVol.14 Chapter 140: Teach MeVol.14 Chapter 139: Biggest ConditionVol.14 Chapter 138: Wanting To Meet YouVol.14 Chapter 137: RealizeVol.13 Chapter 136: One More PersonVol.13 Chapter 135: Don't Quit ThinkingVol.13 Chapter 134: Like A Demon, Almost Like A DemonVol.13 Chapter 133: LVol.13 Chapter 132: New SensationVol.13 Chapter 131: CornerstoneVol.13 Chapter 130: 21 Elites, 1 PrivateVol.13 Chapter 129: Keep One's WordVol.13 Chapter 128: SubstitutionVol.13 Chapter 127: Brush Off The PressureVol.13 Chapter 126: Premier League Seventh Match: vs. Kashiwa Business High SchoolVol.12 Chapter 125: Thinking Reed (2)Vol.12 Chapter 124: Can't Keep UpVol.12 Chapter 123: At Hinomaru Eatery (2)Vol.12 Chapter 122: At Hinomaru Eatery (1)Vol.12 Chapter 121: BaptismVol12 Chapter 120: Osim StyleVol.12 Chapter 119: Start LineVol.12 Chapter 118: Team A GatheringVol.12 Chapter 117: RainVol.12 Chapter 116: GratitudeVol.11 Chapter 115: From Now OnVol.11 Chapter 114: CrowdVol.11 Chapter 113: Memories Of Camp NouVol.11 Chapter 112: AwakeningVol.11 Chapter 111: Diagonal RunVol.11 Chapter 110: Sky HighVol.11 Chapter 109: The WallVol.11 Chapter 108: Togashi Vs. KanedaVol.11 Chapter 107: Good Luck. Don't Lose. Fight to Your Limits.Vol.11 Chapter 106: Your TeamVol.11 Chapter 105: If It Weren't For These TwoVol.10 Chapter 104: Like A DemonVol.10 Chapter 103: High Line NetVol.10 Chapter 102: Red Hot BloodVol.10 Chapter 101: Thumbs UpVol.10 Chapter 100: Over The TopVol.10 Chapter 99: The Ones With A Stronger WillVol.10 Chapter 98: Marking TimeVol.10 Chapter 97: Strong LeadershipVol.10 Chapter 96: AdjustmentsVol.10 Chapter 95: Direct FootballVol.09 Chapter 94: Tokyo Division League Eight Match Vs. Tokyo Musashino Club YouyhVol.09 Chapter 93: I'll Be Gone For Ten MinutesVol.09 Chapter 92: The Truly Weak OneVol.09 Chapter 91: Three And A Half Years Ago (3)Vol.09 Chapter 90: Three And A Half Years Ago (2)Vol.09 Chapter 89: Three And A Half Years Ago (1)Vol.09 Chapter 88: Best LineupVol.09 Chapter 87: Flames Of DestinyVol.09 Chapter 86: This Team'sVol.09 Chapter 85: What We LackVol.08 Chapter 84: Coach SatakeVol.08 Chapter 83: Dejected FaceVol.08 Chapter 82: Where You Were AtVol.08 Chapter 81: Winds Of ChangeVol.08 Chapter 80: ChoiceVol.08 Chapter 79: Super ClassVol.08 Chapter 78: Two InstructionsVol.08 Chapter 77: Tokyo Division League Seventh Match Vs. Tama Sports University High SchoolVol.08 Chapter 76: HappyVol.08 Chapter 75: At The Entrance Of Mitaka Station (2)Vol.08 Chapter 74: At The Entrance Of Mitaka Station (1)Vol.08 Chapter 73: Like YouVol.07 Chapter 72: AntVol.07 Chapter 71: NeckVol.07 Chapter 70: Please Tell MeVol.07 Chapter 69: AwareVol.07 Chapter 68: Not Where I'm Supposed to BeVol.07 Chapter 67: ConfinedVol.07 Chapter 66: Look OutVol.07 Chapter 65: Returning To The DormsVol.07 Chapter 64: It's Just FootballVol.07 Chapter 63: The Intentions Of The CoachesVol.07 Chapter 62: PieceChangeLine of SightTokyo Division League, 2nd Match: VS Kurume Daiichi HighObject of JealousyThe Greatest MasterpieceA Night of CelebrationEagle Eye (3)Eagle Eye (2)Eagle Eye (1)Checking Answers3Eye To EyeThinking WaveEmergency Half-Time MeetingVol.05 Chapter 47: Tokyo Division League, First Match: vs Seikyou HighVol.05 Chapter 46: What Mustn't Be ConcededVol.05 Chapter 45: Scene At The Day Of The Entrance CeremonyVol.05 Chapter 44: How To Spend The Day Off (2)Vol.05 Chapter 43: How to Spend the Day Off (1)Vol.05 Chapter 42: A (3)Vol.05 Chapter 41: A (2)Vol.05 Chapter 40: A (1)Vol.04 Chapter 39: Broader FootballVol.04 Chapter 38: The Spartan PompadourVol.04 Chapter 37: My RoommateVol.04 Chapter 36: Late-Night PracticeVol.04 Chapter 35: Hana's RecollectionVol.04 Chapter 34Vol.04 Chapter 33: IgnoredVol.04 Chapter 32: Pitch WhiteVol.04 Chapter 31: TauntVol.04 Chapter 30: WalkVol.04 Chapter 29: First Youth SquadVol.03 Chapter 28: Hana Ichijou (2)Vol.03 Chapter 27: Hana Ichijou (1)Vol.03 Chapter 26: The ScoutedVol.03 Chapter 25: The SelectedVol.03 Chapter 24: We Meet AgainVol.03 Chapter 23: The J-Youth's PrivilegeVol.03 Chapter 22: Orange-Coloured Scenery (Part 3)Vol.03 Chapter 21: Orange-Coloured Scenery (Part 2)Vol.03 Chapter 20: The Yellow in the Orange (Part 1)Vol.03 Chapter 19: ResultsVol.02 Chapter 18: SummaryVol.02 Chapter 17: Clock StrikesVol.02 Chapter 16: CrowVol.02 Chapter 15: We Are Working HardVol.02 Chapter 14: Cold EyesVol.02 Chapter 13: Telling the Exam-takersVol.02 Chapter 12: DisadvantageVol.02 Chapter 11: AkutsuVol.02 Chapter 10: CharacteristicVol.02 Chapter 9: Beginning of the Final ExamVol.02 Chapter 8: ChallengeVol.01 Chapter 7: To MeetVol.01 Chapter 6: Thinking ReedVol.01 Chapter 5: FlashVol.01 Chapter 4: Thinking PowerVol.01 Chapter 3: Essential LightVol.01 Chapter 2: Tokyo City EsperionVol.01 Chapter 1: First Touch