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Afo Guard

Synopsis AFO-Guard

Aizawa Katori goes to a school with an unusual rule. The nearby, separate school building is full of elite male students, and the school wants to prevent any of the female students from getting involved with them. For this reason, all the girl students are required to wear masks! Katori wears a horse-head mask, but she hasn't given up on getting through to her long-ago childhood friend and crush, Shinra. Shinra also has a crush on Katori from when they were children, but he does not recognize her as the strange horse-headed girl who speaks to him!

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Chapters of AFO-Guard

Chapter 50: Feelings That I Want To Convey (Latter Part)Chapter 49: Feelings That I Want To Convey (Former Part)Chapter 48: Love FortuneChapter 47: Revolutionizing School RulesChapter 46: Sing A SongChapter 45: Private TimeChapter 44: The Most Important ThingChapter 43: Some Friendship Chocolate For YouChapter 42: MarathonChapter 41: First 3 Days Of The New YearChapter 40: Christmas Eve (Part 2)Chapter 39: Christmas Eve (Part 1)Chapter 38: Because I want to be with youChapter 37: A Neat Young GirlChapter 36: A Heated AfternoonChapter 35: The First PhotographChapter 34: A Special FriendChapter 33: Celestial ObservationChapter 32: Troublesome GuyChapter 31: Be it a Doctor or the Waters of KusatsuChapter 30: School Festival: Day 2Chapter 29: School Festival: First DayChapter 28: The Prince's True ColorsChapter 27: Under a Magic SpellChapter 26: Dedicating this Love Song to YouChapter 25: Lucky HappeningsChapter 24: I want to hear your true thoughts.Chapter 23: A SleepoverChapter 22: Here is an UpdateChapter 21: HANABIChapter 20: Very Soon, It'll be SummerChapter 19: A Maiden's RomanceChapter 18: High schooler for a DayChapter 17: TroubleChapter 16: Hero DeclarationChapter 15: Sparkling DateChapter 14: A secret shared between the twoChapter 13: Grabbing ahold of themChapter 12: Would you like this warmed up?Chapter 11: The time before examsChapter 10: The truth within DespairChapter 9: The Destined PartnerChapter 8: Foguard Athletics FestivalChapter 7: What does she look like?Chapter 6: The Melancholy of the female teacherChapter 5: Call My NameChapter 4: Maybe: An Afterschool DateChapter 3: Fox and "Rain Boy"Chapter 2: Love SicknessChapter 1: Feelings that Pass by Each OtherChapter 0: Guard 0: Oneshot