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Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora
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Ahiru no Sora



Synopsis Ahiru no Sora

Sora Kurumatani has just transferred into Kuzu High with the hopes of joining the basketball team just like his mother did. Because of how short he is though, he’s the punching bag of bullies, and so far he hasn’t won a single fight. But once he puts on his mother’s old basketball shoes, he has the “wings” to fly over the court! Unfortunately, the basketball team seems to be run by a bunch of delinquents who could care less about the sport. Sora challenges the gang’s head, Momoharu, to a match for the right to join the team and play ball. Despite Momoharu’s violent cheating, Sora wins, inspiring the hearts of Momoharu, his twin brother Chiaki, and the girls’ basketball team member Madoka! Can they band together to make the team aim for the sky once more?

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Chapters of Ahiru no Sora

Vol.23 Chapter 269.2: GunfirePart 5Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 1Chapter 263Chapter 261Part 3Part 2Part 1Part 5Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 1Part 9Part 8Part 7Part 6Part 5Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 1Part 9Part 8Part 7Part 6Part 5Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 13PART 12Part 11Part 1Part 9Part 8Part 7Part 6Part 5Part 4Part 3Part 2Part 1IntermissionPart 9Part 8Part 7Chapter 246 - Part 4Chapter 246 - Part 3Chapter 246 - Part 2Chapter 246 - Part 1Chapter 245 - Part 2Chapter 245 - Part 1Chapter 244 - Part 4Chapter 244 - Part 3Chapter 244 - Part 2Chapter 244 - Part 1Chapter 243 - Part 4Chapter 243 - Part 3Chapter 243 - Part 2Chapter 243 - Part 1Vol.33 - Chapter 243Vol.33 - Chapter 242Vol.33 - Chapter 241Vol.33 - Chapter 240Vol.32 - Chapter 239Vol.32 - Chapter 238Vol.32 - Chapter 237Vol.32 - Chapter 236Vol.32 - Chapter 235Vol.32 - Chapter 234Vol.31 - Chapter 233Vol.31 - Chapter 232Vol.31 - Chapter 231Part 1Chapter 229Chapter 228Chapter 227Chapter 226Chapter 225Chapter 224Chapter 223Chapter 222.2Chapter 222.1Chapter 221.2Chapter 221.1Chapter 220Chapter 219Chapter 218Chapter 217.3Chapter 217.2Chapter 217.1Chapter 216.3Chapter 216.2Chapter 216.1Chapter 215Chapter 214Chapter 213Blue Melody ( Postlude )Blue Melody ( Prelude )Blue Melody ( Prelude )Chapter 210Chapter 209Chapter 208Chapter 207Chapter 206Chapter 205Chapter 204Chapter 203Chapter 202Chapter 201.2Chapter 201.1Chapter 200Chapter 199.1Chapter 199Chapter 198Chapter 197Chapter 196Chapter 195.2Chapter 195.1Chapter 194Chapter 193.3Chapter 193.2Chapter 193.1Chapter 193Chapter 192.2Chapter 192.1Deep Impact IIIDeep Impact IIDeep ImpactDeep ImpactDashTiger Rock VITiger Rock VVol.26 Chapter 185: Tiger Rock IVVol.25 Chapter 184.1: Extra - OmakeVol.25 Chapter 184: Happy New DayVol.25 Chapter 183: Tiger Rock IIIVol.25 Chapter 182.1: Tiger Rock IITiger Rock IIVol.25 Chapter 181.2: Tiger Rock 1Vol.25 Chapter 181.1: Tiger Rock 1Tiger Rock IVol.25 Chapter 180: White ChristmasVol.25 Chapter 179.2: Azure WaterVol.25 Chapter 179.1: Azure WaterAzure WaterVol.25 Chapter 178.2: Ashes & DiamondsVol.25 Chapter 178.1: Ashes & DiamondsAshes & DiamondsVol.24 Chapter 177: NameVol.24 Chapter 176.2: Sky Blue-Winter StartsVol.24 Chapter 176.1: Sky Blue-Winter StartsSky Blue Winter StartsVol.24 Chapter 175.2: No Regret LifeVol.24 Chapter 175.1: No Regret LifeNo Regret LifeVol.24 Chapter 174: LightningVol.24 Chapter 173.2: BurstVol.24 Chapter 173.1: BurstBurstVol.24 Chapter 172.2: Akane ( Madder )Vol.24 Chapter 172.1: Akane ( Madder )Akane (Madder)Vol.24 Chapter 171: Winding RoadVol.24 Chapter 170: In The Middle Of A DreamVol.23 Chapter 169.3: GunfireVol.23 Chapter 169.2: GunfireVol.23 Chapter 169.1: GunfireVol.23 Chapter 168: MonochromeVol.23 Chapter 167: MapleFace the Wind & Run - CompleteFace the Wind & Run - CompleteFace the Wind & Run - CompleteVol.23 Chapter 166: Face the Wind and RunVol.23 Chapter 165: Open GateVol.22 Chapter 164: RisingVol.22 Chapter 163: Last HolidayVol.22 Chapter 162.2: Summer Move OnVol.22 Chapter 162.1: Summer Move OnVol.22 Chapter 161.3: RealizeVol.22 Chapter 161.2: RealizeVol.22 Chapter 161.1: RealizeVol.22 Chapter 160.3: Six Mens MatchVol.22 Chapter 160.2: Six Mens MatchVol.22 Chapter 160.1: Six Mens MatchVol.22 Chapter 159.2: Wild ThingVol.22 Chapter 159.1: Wild ThingStop, Drop and RollVol.21 Chapter 158.2: Stop, Drop And RollVol.21 Chapter 158.1: Stop, Drop And RollVol.21 Chapter 157: Yes SummerdaysVol.21 Chapter 156: My FootVol.21 Chapter 155: Blue StarVol.21 Chapter 154.3: ChangeVol.21 Chapter 154.2: ChangeVol.21 Chapter 154.1: ChangeVol.21 Chapter 153.2: Men For The FutureVol.21 Chapter 153.1: Men For The FutureVol.20 Chapter 152.3: Fight OverVol.20 Chapter 152.2: Fight OverVol.20 Chapter 152.1: Fight OverVol.20 Chapter 151: A Midsummer Night's DreamVol.20 Chapter 150.2: QuadropheniaVol.20 Chapter 150.1: QuadropheniaVol.20 Chapter 149.3: Final DestinationVol.20 Chapter 149.2: Final DestinationVol.20 Chapter 149.1: Final DestinationVol.20 Chapter 148.2Vol.20 Chapter 148.1Vol.19 Chapter 147Vol.19 Chapter 146.4Vol.19 Chapter 146.3Vol.19 Chapter 146.2Vol.19 Chapter 146.1Vol.19 Chapter 145.3Vol.19 Chapter 145.2Vol.19 Chapter 145.1Vol.19 Chapter 144.2Vol.19 Chapter 144.1Vol.19 Chapter 144: Monster Bash (Part One)Vol.19 Chapter 143Vol.18 Chapter 142Vol.18 Chapter 141Vol.18 Chapter 140Vol.18 Chapter 139Vol.18 Chapter 138.2Vol.17 Chapter 138.1Vol.17 Chapter 137Vol.17 Chapter 136Vol.17 Chapter 135Vol.17 Chapter 134Vol.17 Chapter 133Vol.17 Chapter 132Vol.17 Chapter 131Vol.17 Chapter 130Vol.17 Chapter 129Vol.17 Chapter 128: After ThatBreakVol.17 Chapter 127: BreakVol.16 Chapter 126: ArrowVol.16 Chapter 125: Go Start OnVol.16 Chapter 124: Drive LiveVol.16 Chapter 123.2Vol.16 Chapter 123.1: FuseVol.16 chapter 123Vol.16 Chapter 122.2: The Ultimate Lineup [cont.]Vol.16 Chapter 122.1: The Ultimate LineupVol.16 chapter 122Vol.16 Chapter 121.2: Proof [cont.]Vol.16 Chapter 121.1: ProofVol.16 Chapter 121: ProofVol.15 Chapter 120: Shooter vs. ShooterVol.15 Chapter 119: By MyselfVol.15 Chapter 118: Declaration of WarVol.15 Chapter 117: All Right GoVol.15 Chapter 116: ChallengersVol.15 Chapter 115: Stand ByVol.15 Chapter 114: Flying LightVol.15 Chapter 113: Stop & GoVol.14 Chapter 112.5Vol.14 Chapter 112: Merry Go RoundVol.14 Chapter 111: Blue GrowVol.14 Chapter 110: Fight for Rock for Life 4Vol.14 Chapter 109: Fight for Rock for Life 3Vol.14 Chapter 108: Fight for Rock for Life 2Vol.14 Chapter 107: Fight for Rock, for LifeVol.13 Chapter 106: EarringsVol.13 Chapter 105: The Wild OneVol.13 Chapter 104: Fuwa HyouVol.13 Chapter 103: HydrangeaVol.13 Chapter 102: GuidepostVol.13 Chapter 101: TenderVol.13 Chapter 100: Kids Are AlrightVol.13 Chapter 99: Glimmer in the DarkVol.13 Chapter 98: BackLightVol.13 Chapter 97: StandVol.12 Chapter 96: Cross OverVol.12 Chapter 95: Agent OrangeVol.12 Chapter 94: RainingVol.12 Chapter 93: SpiralVol.12 Chapter 92: Beacon of HopeVol.12 Chapter 91: Dark FlamesVol.12 Chapter 90: Blue MoonVol.12 Chapter 89: LifeVol.11 Chapter 88: Something to Protect 5Vol.11 Chapter 87: Something to Protect 4Vol.11 Chapter 86: Something to Protect 3Vol.11 Chapter 85: Something to Protect 2Vol.11 Chapter 84: Something to ProtectVol.10 Chapter 83: GlimpseVol.10 Chapter 82: Raison D'etreVol.10 Chapter 81: Loud RoundVol.10 Chapter 80: BondsVol.10 Chapter 79: Nine Headed DragonVol.10 Chapter 78: For the Sake of VictoryVol.10 Chapter 77: VowsVol.10 Chapter 76: Warriors ProofVol.10 Chapter 75: The Hard PlayVol.09 Chapter 74: CheckmateVol.09 Chapter 73: Ideal TypeVol.09 Chapter 72: Rush and RushVol.09 Chapter 71: Vanguard TakahashiVol.09 Chapter 70: Shadow and LightVol.09 Chapter 69: Hidden TalentsVol.09 Chapter 68: First CampaignVol.09 Chapter 67: And then, There was a ShowdownVol.09 Chapter 66: Bruised AppleVol.08 Chapter 65: LightVol.08 Chapter 64: Heavy RainVol.08 Chapter 63: The Moon and the RingVol.08 Chapter 62: Hope and DespairVol.08 Chapter 61: The Black Kite and The PeacockVol.08 Chapter 60: MokichiVol.08 Chapter 59: Last PieceVol.08 Chapter 58: SoarVol.08 Chapter 57: Arch RivalVol.08 Chapter 56: DesireVol.07 Chapter 55: TearsVol.07 Chapter 54: Last PlayVol.07 Chapter 53: PursuitVol.07 Chapter 52: TailwindVol.07 Chapter 51: DistanceVol.07 Chapter 50: Higher than AnybodyVol.07 Chapter 49: See you TomorrowVol.07 Chapter 48: LiesVol.07 Chapter 47: The Everlasting TruthVol.06 Chapter 46: Now....Vol.06 Chapter 45: EverybodyVol.06 Chapter 44: Hard Work and TalentVol.06 Chapter 43: VS, VersusVol.06 Chapter 42: The Best and Worst BeginningsVol.06 Chapter 41: DF, DefenseVol.06 Chapter 40: The Real MatchVol.06 Chapter 39: The Real DealVol.06 Chapter 38: True Strength, and Full StrengthVol.05 Chapter 37: The Spirit of ManVol.05 Chapter 36: Facing VictoryVol.05 Chapter 35: Rise of the Morning SunVol.05 Chapter 34: Smouldering EmotionVol.05 Chapter 33: Sleepless NightVol.05 Chapter 32: Levels of CommitmentVol.05 Chapter 31: Making a TeamVol.05 Chapter 30: Lets do a Training Camp!Vol.05 Chapter 29: Nao's BasketballVol.04 Chapter 28: TeamVol.04 Chapter 27: The Weakness of Toby & ShortyVol.04 Chapter 26: A Man's Wickedness & A Woman's PrideVol.04 Chapter 25: The Small GirlVol.04 Chapter 24: To the Distant ZenithVol.04 Chapter 23: Tobi, A Ball & A Friend's PainVol.04 Chapter 22: The Bad Guys Give UpVol.04 Chapter 21: Tobi and the DuckVol.03 Chapter 20: For the Sake of SomeoneVol.03 Chapter 19: The Ball and the BasketVol.03 Chapter 18: One Troublesome FreshmanVol.03 Chapter 17: A New MorningVol.03 Chapter 16: Mother & SonVol.03 Chapter 15: The Best MomentVol.03 Chapter 14: GeniusVol.03 Chapter 13: Now's the Only TImeVol.02 Chapter 12: Uncool GuysVol.02 Chapter 11: Supreme HumiliationVol.02 Chapter 10: Broken WingsVol.02 Chapter 9: One More WeaknessVol.02 Chapter 8: First FlightVol.02 Chapter 7: The Shrimp’s PrideVol.02 Chapter 6: A Small Rebel EntersVol.02 Chapter 5: The Ducks’ DeterminationVol.01 Chapter 4: Momoharu’s WingsVol.01 Chapter 3: Those With No TalentVol.01 Chapter 2: Ugly DucklingVol.01 Chapter 1: Basketball Shoes and Boys