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Type Manhwa




Synopsis Aidie

Aidie is KN Group's mascot robot that has been greeting the employees every morning. Its creator, Professor Harvey, takes Aidie on the day of his resignation and risks his life to protect it from the company. What secrets does this one robot hold?

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Chapters of Aidie

Chapter 46.5: Break NoticeChapter 46: Confrontation with the System [End]Chapter 45: Chaos on 45th FloorChapter 44: DisclosureChapter 43: The Secret RoomChapter 42: The Battle on the 45th FloorChapter 41: The First BattleChapter 40: The Server's CounterattackChapter 39: PursuitChapter 38: Terminated SystemChapter 37: VincentChapter 36: Carl in TroubleChapter 35: SuspicionChapter 34: WeaknessChapter 33: The Seven CopiesChapter 32: ResetChapter 31: 45th Floor's ProjectChapter 30: Your property?Chapter 29: WitnessChapter 28: Aidie and VincentChapter 27: Carl ReturnsChapter 26: Secret Research FacilityChapter 25: 45th FloorChapter 24: Back to the KN BuildingChapter 23: Aidie's ResolutionChapter 22: Disappearance of Prosecutor CarlChapter 21: Reading the HeartChapter 20: Night StreetChapter 19: NegotiationChapter 18: Professor Harvey's Whereabouts?Chapter 17: Strange FeelingChapter 16: The Law He DiscoveredChapter 15: Reason for ExistenceChapter 14: Different DimensionChapter 13: KN Group's SupercomputerChapter 12: PolygraphChapter 11: Carl's DecisionChapter 10: The Secret Project on the 45th FloorChapter 9: Distorted NewsChapter 8: Mr. Smith's AmbitionChapter 7: Conflict Between Carl and VincentChapter 6: Misunderstanding BeginsChapter 5: I Am a CopyChapter 4: SuspicionChapter 3: Professor's BasementChapter 2: Professor Harvey and His RobotChapter 1: Self AwarenessChapter 0: Preview