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Ai Kora

Ai Kora
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Ai Kora


Love & Collage



Synopsis Ai Kora

Maeda Hachibei is peculiar, because, when most males lusting after gorgeous females, he instead lusts after discrete parts. When he relocates to Tokyo to attend school, he finds himself living in a dormitory with five females, each possessing a distinct ideal physical trait he desires: gorgeous blue eyes, bullet-train breasts, a deep dulcet voice, and straight "anime-esque" legs. Can he manage to keep his wits when these women surround him? Although you would not be completely incorrect if you believe this is like Love Hina… Hachibei is no Keitaro.

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Chapters of Ai Kora

Vol.12 Chapter 119.5: Special Chapter - The Boy Who Heard Too MuchVol.12 Chapter 119: Eternal Parts Love [End]Vol.12 Chapter 118: Goodbye HachibeiVol.12 Chapter 117: True FeelingsVol.12 Chapter 116: EnglandVol.12 Chapter 115: Big ConfessionVol.12 Chapter 114: HeartbreakVol.12 Chapter 113: Rival in LoveVol.12 Chapter 112: The Worst SituationVol.12 Chapter 111: HeartacheVol.11 Chapter 110: Heading Towards Your DreamVol.11 Chapter 109: Live DebutVol.11 Chapter 108: ScoutVol.11 Chapter 107: Mutual LoveVol.11 Chapter 106: Chocolate WomanVol.11 Chapter 105: Bloomer AttackVol.11 Chapter 104: Bloomers of LoveVol.11 Chapter 103: Ayame and HaijiVol.11 Chapter 102: Our HappinessVol.11 Chapter 101: Wait Up, Sensei!Vol.10 Chapter 100: The Wavering Heart of a MaidenVol.10 Chapter 99: What's Wrong With Being a Hand Fetishist!?Vol.10 Chapter 98: Unexpected PartsVol.10 Chapter 97: ComebackVol.10 Chapter 96: DespairVol.10 Chapter 95: Sajima's PastVol.10 Chapter 94: CrackdownVol.10 Chapter 93: Sore Losers Division ChiefVol.10 Chapter 92: Lady of the NightVol.10 Chapter 91: Aburazaka and SayoVol.09 Chapter 90: PresentVol.09 Chapter 89: Suicide PartsVol.09 Chapter 88: Fattening LoveVol.09 Chapter 87: SUKIyakiVol.09 Chapter 86: Swaying EmotionsVol.09 Chapter 85: Shibusawa Case File (End)Vol.09 Chapter 84: Shibusawa Case File (Beginning)Vol.09 Chapter 83: Mom Comes HomeVol.09 Chapter 82: The Elegy of Stupid MenVol.09 Chapter 81: Battle RoyalVol.08 Chapter 80: X-mas PartyVol.08 Chapter 79: Hachibei Enters the RingVol.08 Chapter 78: Erotic Research SocietyVol.08 Chapter 77: Masked GamerVol.08 Chapter 76: 2D BoyVol.08 Chapter 75: I Will Protect YouVol.08 Chapter 74: Lips ElopementVol.08 Chapter 73: Real Boob CompetitionVol.08 Chapter 72: Step on Me! Please!Vol.08 Chapter 71: Even Now I...Vol.07 Chapter 70: First DateVol.07 Chapter 69: The Sanctity of AyameVol.07 Chapter 68: Little NinjaVol.07 Chapter 67: Chicken HeartVol.07 Chapter 66: Unreaching FeelingsVol.07 Chapter 65: Think Nothing of HimVol.07 Chapter 64: The Hot Springs TripVol.07 Chapter 63: A Strange DevelopmentVol.07 Chapter 62: Doki Doki Doki DokiVol.07 Chapter 61: First KissVol.06 Chapter 60: Queen of QueensVol.06 Chapter 59: Regaining the WaistVol.06 Chapter 58: Yukari LoveVol.06 Chapter 57: Dangerous Tea TableVol.06 Chapter 56: Punk Battle with Dalalalalah!Vol.06 Chapter 55: Erotic-Voiced Punk BandVol.06 Chapter 54: The Great Boots PlanVol.06 Chapter 53: Sakashitamon Academy's Festival (Part 2)Vol.06 Chapter 52: Sakashitamon Academy's Festival (Part 1)Vol.06 Chapter 51: New Boys' DormVol.05 Chapter 50: Unforgettable ScarsVol.05 Chapter 49: Stupid Test!Vol.05 Chapter 48: Aspiring FetishistVol.05 Chapter 47: Miracle Breast PuddingVol.05 Chapter 46: He's...Vol.05 Chapter 45: Pantyhose CrimeVol.05 Chapter 44: Sakashitamon Academy's Sports FestivalVol.05 Chapter 43: Ideal GirlVol.05 Chapter 42: Real Glasses FactionVol.05 Chapter 41: Normal HachibeiVol.04 Chapter 40: Street DebutVol.04 Chapter 39: Suspect Maeda HachibeiVol.04 Chapter 38: Miracle BustVol.04 Chapter 37: Pervert...?Vol.04 Chapter 36: ConfessionVol.04 Chapter 35: Sakurako's FatherVol.04 Chapter 34: Wanting to MeetVol.04 Chapter 33: Osaka Dream DateVol.04 Chapter 32: Kunoichi AwayukiVol.04 Chapter 31: Fearsome Martial Arts CompetitionVol.03 Chapter 30: Unsuitable DreamVol.03 Chapter 29: Legendary SpiritVol.03 Chapter 28: The Tsukino SistersVol.03 Chapter 27: Yukari's SecretVol.03 Chapter 26: The World's Only SummerVol.03 Chapter 25: Parts HuntingVol.03 Chapter 24: Kikuno vs. AyameVol.03 Chapter 23: Rumors of a Transfer StudentVol.03 Chapter 22: Maybe I'm...Vol.03 Chapter 21: Great Glasses Girl Plan!!Vol.03 Chapter 20: The Man with the Trampling FetishVol.02 Chapter 19: Sensei's Boyfriend (Part 2)Vol.02 Chapter 18: Sensei's Boyfriend (Part 1)Vol.02 Chapter 17: Fear's Curvy BeautyVol.02 Chapter 16: Princess' CounterattackVol.02 Chapter 15: Growing BoyVol.02 Chapter 14: The Mysterious LifeguardVol.02 Chapter 13: The Voicemaster from HellVol.02 Chapter 12: Yukari's FeelingsVol.02 Chapter 11: Offensive FetishVol.02 Chapter 10: The Mysterious CriminalVol.01 Chapter 9: Unhealing Wound (Part 2)Vol.01 Chapter 8: Unhealing Wound (Part 1)Vol.01 Chapter 7: The Number One GirlVol.01 Chapter 6: The Invincible ManVol.01 Chapter 5: Be Courageous...Vol.01 Chapter 4: A Maiden's WorriesVol.01 Chapter 3: The Guy Called ShibusawaVol.01 Chapter 2: A Lovely Welcoming PartyVol.01 Chapter 1: Fated Parts