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Air Master

Air Master
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Air Master


Air Master



Synopsis Air Master

By day, high school girl Aikawa Maki is a normal girl who has fun with her classmates Yuu, Michiru, Renge and Mina. By night however, where streetfights take place, she becomes an unrivaled lethal air-borne attacks user with a succession of victories: Airmaster. Various strong people, fascinated by this girl's strength, will come to challenge her in battle...this vivid street-fighting comic starts here!!!

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Chapters of Air Master

Vol.5 - Chapter 38Kuroseigi-Rengo Rises!!The Great Adventure of MioriRelease It AllAfter the PressureAirmaster's First StrikeVol.04 Chapter 32.5: Extra: Finding my "Jenny"Vol.04 Chapter 32: Shiro Saeki's Big Break?!Vol.04 Chapter 31: The Fighting Family!!Vol.04 Chapter 30: Level UPVol.04 Chapter 29: A Bond Between GirlsVol.04 Chapter 28: The Tale of the GirlsVol.04 Chapter 27: Let's Have a ChildVol.04 Chapter 26: She's My ''Jenny''!!Vol.04 Chapter 25: The Man Named Julietta SakamotoVol.03 Chapter 24.5: Omake: Shiro Saeki and Tomo AikawaVol.03 Chapter 24: Defeat Him, Lucha Master!!Vol.03 Chapter 23: Let's Enjoy This FightVol.03 Chapter 22: Defeat And The Mother's MemoriesVol.03 Chapter 21: Ultimate Enemy, Lucha Master!Vol.03 Chapter 20: A Night At The Old School BuildingVol.03 Chapter 19: Beachside VictoryVol.03 Chapter 18: Each Individual's FightVol.02 Chapter 17: Let's Go To The Beach!!Vol.02 Chapter 16.5: A Meeting With EveryoneVol.02 Chapter 16: Let's Do Some Training!!Vol.02 Chapter 15: New Dimensional FightingVol.02 Chapter 14: Career Counseling!Vol.02 Chapter 13: Is It A Date?Vol.02 Chapter 12: Big Bar PartyVol.02 Chapter 11: It's Revenge!!Vol.02 Chapter 10: Airmaster's ViewVol.02 Chapter 9: New LevelVol.01 Chapter 8.5: Extra Story - Yokusaru MegamixChapter Vol.001 Ch.008.005: Extra Story - Yokusaru MegamixVol.01 Chapter 8: Do Your Best, RengeVol.01 Chapter 7: A Good FightVol.01 Chapter 6: Called Out...!!Vol.01 Chapter 5: Time To Eat!!Vol.01 Chapter 4: Fight With Sakamoto KaoriVol.01 Chapter 3: Birth Of A Rival?Vol.01 Chapter 2: Let's Go To The Pool!Vol.01 Chapter 1: Fly! Airmaster