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12 Beast

12 Beast
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

12 Beast


12BEAST トゥエルヴ ビースト


Twelve Beast

Synopsis 12 Beast

Join ninja apprentice Eita Touga as he embarks on an epic adventure searching for his missing brother Kouki and save the Autana (Humanoid Beast) race of "Live-Earth" from the mysterious Gigas seeking to exterminate them.

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Chapters of 12 Beast

Vol.07 Chapter 34: Orochi's Venom BiteVol.07 Chapter 33: Tesso's ThunderboltVol.07 Chapter 32: Counterattack Double MissionVol.07 Chapter 31: Black Sheep MaidservantVol.07 Chapter 30: Core Gamer From A Distant LandVol.06 Chapter 29: Lightning AvengerVol.06 Chapter 28: The Lamias of Viper ForestVol.06 Chapter 27: Centaur on the Ancient BattlefieldVol.06 Chapter 26: Wolf-fang CounterstrikeVol.06 Chapter 25: Hunting TechniquesVol.05 Chapter 24: The Invisible Hound DogVol.05 Chapter 23: The Hunter of the Frosty ForestVol.05 Chapter 22: The Cave's GolemVol.05 Chapter 21Vol.05 Chapter 20: The Boundary DecisionVol.04 Chapter 19: The Arctic Hunting FieldVol.04 Chapter 18: Serpent Slayer Of The Deep Blue SeaVol.04 Chapter 17: The Forging The Hammer Of The Master CraftsmanVol.04 Chapter 16: Left Wing ResolutionVol.04 Chapter 15: The Ninja's OrdealVol.03 Chapter 14: Esoterica the AnglerVol.03 Chapter 13: Fisherman from a Distant SeaVol.03 Chapter 12: Gate of the MaelstromVol.03 Chapter 11: Big Fish MemoriesVol.03 Chapter 10: The Witch of the DeepRead OnlineVol.02 Chapter 9: A Ninja's GauntletVol.02 Chapter 8: Assault of the AutomataVol.02 Chapter 7: The Craft of the Steel ArtisanVol.02 Chapter 6: Artifact from an Ancient CivilizationVol.02 Chapter 5: The Minotaurs of Labyrinth TownVol.01 Chapter 4: CounterstrikeVol.01 Chapter 3: The Last Wings of FreedomVol.01 Chapter 2: A Blight on the Re-VerseVol.01 Chapter 1: Secret Agent Ninja ApprenticeVol.03 Chapter 14.5: Episode 0: Alliance of the Hundred Beasts