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Interviews with Monster Girls

Interviews with Monster Girls
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Interviews with Monster Girls


Ajin-chan wa Kataritai


Demi-chan wa Kataritai



Synopsis Interviews with Monster Girls

“Ajin,” more commonly known as “Demis” are non-human individuals such as the vampires, succubi, and more that we hear about in myth. But they’re real, and have integrated into human society -- nonetheless, there’s still so much unknown about their behaviors and the way they think. Tetsuo Takahashi is a high school biology teacher determined to learn more about the Demis. To meet his goal, he decides to conduct interviews with some of his Demi students, including a dullahan, a vampire, and a snow-woman. What Tetsuo learns as he grows closer with the Demis in his life will teach the world that no matter appearance, we’re all the same inside.

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Chapters of Interviews with Monster Girls

Chapter 73Chapter 72Chapter 71Chapter 70Chapter 69Chapter 68Chapter 67Chapter 66Chapter 65Chapter 64Chapter 63Chapter 62Chapter 61Chapter 60Chapter 59 : official translationChapter 58Chapter 57Chapter 56Chapter 55Chapter 54Chapter 53Chapter 52Vol.07 Chapter 51 ... Demi-chan Wants to Declare (Part 2)Vol.07 Chapter 50 ... Demi-chan Wants to Declare (Part 1)Vol.07 Chapter 49 ... Men and Women: So Close, Yet So FarVol.07 Chapter 48 ... What the Kijimunaa Saw (Part 2)Vol.07 Chapter 47 ... What the Kijimunaa Saw (Part 1)Vol.07 Chapter 46 ... Blue Is the Color of the Sky (Part 2)Vol.07 Chapter 45 ... Blue Is the Color of the Sky (Part 1)Vol.07 Chapter 44 ... We're All FriendsVol.06 Bonus Chapter ... Tracksuits are NecessaryVol.06 Chapter 43 ... The Succubus in the Night-Duty RoomVol.06 Chapter 42 ... Good Things Come to Those Who SleepVol.06 Chapter 41 ... Don't Let Alcohol Drink YouVol.06 Chapter 40 ... Tetsuko Takahashi is a Biology TeacherVol.06 Chapter 39 ... Six Mats is an Entire Universe (Part 2)Vol.06 Chapter 38 ... Six Mats is an Entire Universe (Part 1)Vol.05 Chapter 37 … A Zashiki-Warashi's Happiness (Part 2)Vol.05 Chapter 36 … A Zashiki-Warashi's Happiness (Part 1)Vol.05 Chapter 35 … Takanashi TalkVol.05 Chapter 34 … Try Everything OnceVol.05 Chapter 33 … Demis Want to SwimVol.05 Chapter 32 … Demis Want to be CoolVol.05 Chapter 31 … Summer's Just Around The CornerVol.04 Chapter 30.5 … Out Of Sight - Doesn't MindVol.04 Chapter 30 … Demis Want To HelpVol.04 Chapter 29 … Tetsuo Takahashi Wants To HelpVol.04 Chapter 28 … Vampires Among UsVol.04 Chapter 27 … Even More Than Novels, In FactVol.04 Chapter 26 … Dullahan Transcends Time and Space (Part 2)Vol.04 Chapter 25 … Dullahan Transcends Time and Space (Part 1)Vol.04 Chapter 24... The Sisters are MirrorsVol.03 Chapter 23 ... When Demis Don't InterviewVol.03 Chapter 22 ... Step Up, Succubus!Vol.03 Extra Story ... Succubus's Day OffVol.03 Chapter 21 ... Impatience is its Own RebukeVol.03 Chapter 20 ... Demis Want to BiteVol.03 Chapter 19 ... Demis Want to LearnVol.03 Chapter 18 ... Adults Want to SmokeVol.03 Chapter 17 ... The Succubus SuspectsVol.02 Bonus Chapter ... Hikari Takanashi, VampireVol.02 Chapter 16 ... A Boy Called KurtzVol.02 Chapter 15 ... What's in a Name?Vol.02 Chapter 14 ... Demis, BuddiesVol.02 Chapter 13 ... Snow Women are Cold (Part 2)Vol.02 Chapter 12 ... Snow Women are Cold (Part 1)Vol.02 Chapter 11 ... Himari Takanashi's Trust IssuesVol.02 Chapter 10 ... Succubi Make Good Grown-UpsVol.01 Chapter 9 ... Demis Just Wanna Have HugsVol.01 Chapter 8 ... Hikari Takanashi Speaks OutVol.01 Chapter 7 ... Tetsuo Takahashi, Protector of DemisVol.01 Chapter 6 ... What Dreams May Come to SuccubiVol.01 Chapter 5 ... Dullahans are Super Cute!Vol.01 Chapter 4 ... Hugs for a DullahanVol.01 Chapter 3 ... The Takanashi Sisters are Thicker Than WaterVol.01 Chapter 2 ... A Vampire, A GirlVol.01 Chapter 1 ... Interview with Tetsuo Takahashi