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From the Grave and Back

From the Grave and Back
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

From the Grave and Back


Back From the Grave


Обратно из могилы



Synopsis From the Grave and Back

“Hey, don’t get confused. I’ve never thought of you as my little brother. You don’t even know your right place.” That was the dagger that hurt the most. Han Myoung Woo. A child of a wealthy family with a quick mind. But god didn’t give him everything. A near incurable genetic heart disease He did his best in order to earn the respect of the people around him. But his father, the chairman, and his family members never took him seriously. That was when an accident suddenly struck him. And… He woke up in the body of the severely injured student, Kim Cheol Min.

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Chapters of From the Grave and Back

Ch. 151Ch. 150Chapter 149Chapter 148Chapter 147Chapter 146Chapter 145Chapter 144Chapter 143Chapter 142Chapter 141Chapter 140Chapter 139Chapter 138chapter 137chapter 136chapter 135chapter 134Chapter 133Chapter 132Chapter 131Chapter 130Chapter 129Chapter 128Chapter 127Chapter 126Chapter 125Chapter 124Chapter 123Chapter 122Chapter 121Chapter 120Chapter 119Chapter 118Chapter 117Chapter 116Chapter 115Chapter 114Chapter 113Chapter 112Ch. 111Ch. 110Ch. 109Ch. 108Ch. 107Ch. 106Ch. 105Ch. 104Ch. 103Ch. 102Ch. 101Chapter 100Ch. 99Ch. 98Ch. 97Ch. 96Ch. 95Ch. 94Ch. 93Ch. 92Ch. 91Ch. 90Ch. 89Ch. 88Ch. 87Ch. 86Ch. 85Ch. 84Ch. 83Ch. 82Ch. 81Ch. 80Ch. 79Ch. 78Ch. 77Ch. 76Ch. 75Ch. 74Ch. 73Ch. 72Chapter 71Ch. 70Ch. 69Ch. 68Ch. 67Ch. 66Ch. 65Ch. 64Ch. 63Ch. 62Ch. 61Ch. 60Ch. 59Ch. 58Ch. 57Ch. 56Ch. 55Ch. 54Ch. 53Ch. 52Ch. 51Ch. 50Ch. 49Ch. 48Chapter 47chapter 46chapter 45chapter 44chapter 43Chapter 42chapter 41Chapter 40chapter 39Chapter 38chapter 37chapter 36Chapter 35Chapter 34Chapter 33Chapter 32Chapter 31Chapter 30Chapter 29Chapter 28Chapter 27Chapter 26Chapter 25Chapter 24Chapter 23Chapter 22Chapter 21Chapter 20Chapter 19Chapter 18Chapter 17chapter 16Chapter 15Chapter 14Chapter 13Chapter 12Chapter 11Chapter 10Chapter 9Chapter 8Chapter 7Chapter 6Chapter 5Chapter 4Chapter 3Chapter 2Chapter 1