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Akatsuki no Aria

Akatsuki no Aria
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Akatsuki no Aria



Synopsis Akatsuki no Aria

In Japan’s Taisho era (1912-1926), Aria Kaibara is a beautiful girl longing for freedom and music. She’s the illegitimate daughter of the rich man and a former geisha, but with her skill as a pianist, she gets accepted into the Tokyo Music Academy. Her life should be perfect now as she trains her music skills -- but then she meets the handsome Natsuo Nishimikado. Now her love, as well as her life, is turned upside-down when family secrets are revealed, drama rises, and Aria has to confront all these new discoveries head-on. At the end of it all, will she still be able to play her music? And will she still have love on her side?

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