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Akazukin Chacha

Akazukin Chacha
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Akazukin Chacha


Red Riding Hood Chacha




Akazukin Cha Cha

Synopsis Akazukin Chacha

Chacha, a young magical girl who's spells never seem to come out quite right, along with her friends Riiya (a warewolf) and Shiine (a young wizard), have various misadventures.

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Chapters of Akazukin Chacha

Vol.09 Chapter 58.2: No Sleep TonightVol.07 Chapter 39: The Massive Dog Foot Flu EpidemicVol.06 Chapter 28: Small Seravy, Big PinchVol.05 Chapter Extra: Chacha's Birthday PresentVol.05 Chapter 27: Riiya's Big Party PlanVol.05 Chapter 26.5: Extra: Seravy Catches a ColdVol.05 Chapter 26: Chacha's Wonderful Day OffVol.05 Chapter 25.5 Extra: Yakko-chan's Moment of LoveVol.05 Chapter 25: Jason Appears at the CampgroundVol.05 Chapter 24.5: Special Story: Chacha's Birthday PresentVol.05 Chapter 24: The Feudal Lord again...Vol.05 Chapter 23: Limestone Cave Monster NyuunyuuVol.04 Chapter 22.5: Extra - Chacha's Obstacle Course Skate RaceVol.04 Chapter 22: Big Riot At The ZooVol.04 Chapter 21: The Advancement Exam Is ToughVol.04 Chapter 20: Dorothy Rescue MissionVol.04 Chapter 19: Wizard Seravy's Secret Birthday StoryVol.04 Chapter 18: The Card Game King, Cartan, AppearsVol.03 Chapter 17: The Devil Cupid - Cupid Fell-chan AppearsVol.03 Chapter 16: Dorothy's Little Sister!? Doris AppearsVol.03 Chapter 15: The Big Athletic Festival at Urara AcademyVol.03 Chapter 14: Sea Monster Umibouko AppearsVol.03 Chapter 13: Explosion of Coldness! Oyuki-sensei, the Snow Woman, AppearsVol.03 Chapter 12: First Showdown! Riiya vs. ChachaVol.02 Chapter 11: Black Riding Hood Yakko-chan AppearsVol.02 Chapter 10: Chacha vs. Seravy, the Final Showdown!?Vol.02 Chapter 9: Search for the Age Increasing PotionVol.02 Chapter 8: In Comes the Twin Magicians, Kankan and Ranran!Vol.02 Chapter 7: It's the Genius Scientist, Doctor Mikeneko's First Appearance! Nya-!!Vol.02 Chapter 6: It's the World's Coolest Vampire, Kyuu-chan!Vol.01 Chapter 5: I'm Kopett, the Old Man from the Puppet Mansion!!Vol.01 Chapter 4: Pretty Mermaid Marin Appears!?Vol.01 Chapter 3: The Snacks Witch, Cream, Zansu!?Vol.01 Chapter 2: The Giant Muscled Demon of Mochimochi Mountain!?Vol.01 Chapter 1: Introducing Chacha, the Red-Hooded Magician