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Synopsis Sanda

The story starts with Sanda, a second year middle school student, getting attacked with a kitchen knife by his classmate Fuyumura. While Sanda couldn't make sense of the situation at first, he gradually came to believe that Fuyumura's actions were just mean acts stemming off from the latter having a peculiar puberty phase.    But that is all a misunderstanding. Fuyumura actually suspects that Sanda is the descendant of a certain lineage…

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Chapters of Sanda

Vol.7 - Chapter 57Ch. 56 Vol. 7 The Whole Place Smells Like CigarettesCh. 55 Vol. 7 Wishing for Wrinkles like the North StarCh. 54 Vol. 7 The Very Cold-Hearted ManChapter 53: The Jet Black ShrineChapter 52.5: Vol. 6 ExtrasChapter 52: Remember Him Laying DownVol.6 - Chapter 51Vol.6 - Chapter 50Chapter 49: Only you Can Start Everything OverVol.6 Chapter 48: I'd Love To Have Horns On Your HeadChapter 47: It Shows on the Front of the ShirtChapter 46: Let's Shake Hands EnthusiasticallyChapter 45: The Punch Tastes Like SweetenerChapter 44Vol.5 Chapter 43: The Pale Blue CurtainVol.5 Chapter 42: The After-Party For TwoChapter 41: Because I'm HereVol.5 - Chapter 40Chapter 39Vol.5 Chapter 38: Exceeds The Speed LimitVol.5 - Chapter 37Vol.5 - Chapter 36Vol.4 - Chapter 35.5Vol.5 - Chapter 35Vol.4 - Chapter 34Vol.4 - Chapter 33Vol.4 - Chapter 32Vol.4 - Chapter 31Vol.4 - Chapter 30Vol.4 - Chapter 29Vol.4 - Chapter 28Vol.4 - Chapter 27Vol.4 - Chapter 26Vol.3 - Chapter 25Vol.3 - Chapter 24Vol.3 - Chapter 23Vol.3 - Chapter 22Vol.3 - Chapter 21Vol.3 - Chapter 20Chapter 19: The Truth Appears with Closed EyesVol.3 - Chapter 18Chapter 17: In the Mountain of Red Sweaty JacketsVol.2 - Chapter 16Vol.2 - Chapter 15Chapter 14Vol.2 - Chapter 13Chapter 12The Textbook-Tearing ZeusVol.1 Chapter 10: Do Not Fear MaturityVol.1 Chapter 9: Nicotine-Filled AdmirationVol.1 Chapter 8: Fruits Sweeten When BurnedVol.1 Chapter 7: Falling Pelts Of ConcreteVol.1 Chapter 6: Falling BanterA Pledge Taken In Front Of The Cake ShopThe Trauma DemonCandies, Whips, Kisses And BladesTheir Blazing InspirationEverything Is So Dazzling... Is This Growing Up?