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I Won’t Accept Your Regrets

I Won’t Accept Your Regrets
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

I Won’t Accept Your Regrets


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I Won't Accept Your Regrets

Synopsis I Won’t Accept Your Regrets

"I may not be able to promise you love, but I promise to not have any women other than you." I thought everything would be okay. even if he doesn't love me back, i thought my love would be enough to make this marriage work. But before long that foolish wish got broken. Regina, Raymond's first love, was back bringing along her child. "I'm Going to crown Regina's son as the first prince." he told me. "let's divorce." I decided it was time to go, to abandon him. "... What?!" At that moment, Raymond's eyes shook as if he couldn't understand what I was saying. For some reason, seeing how agitated he was made me feel so relieved. With a soft smile, I opened my mouth once again: " I want to leave you now. So, Raymond, let's stop this and get divorced" That will be the end of my long unrequited love.

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