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Akuma Jiten

Akuma Jiten
Status Completed
Type Manga

Akuma Jiten


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Synopsis Akuma Jiten

Hiroyuki is a 16 year old boy, starting high school, and a life of living alone. He gets a great deal on a house to rent, even if it is a little run down, but there is one small problem. The current occupant of the house is a cute demoness named Milky Way... and Milky needs a servant. Hiroyuki's peaceful life is about to become entwined in the chaos of heaven, hell, and love triangles!

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Chapters of Akuma Jiten

Chapter 24-29Chapter 12-17Chapter 18-23Chapter 1-5Chapter 6-11Chapter 35.5: EpilogueChapter 35: In My ArmsChapter 34: Before I Lose YouChapter 33: Precious Things Are...Chapter 32.5Chapter 32: The Girl of MidsummerChapter 31: Criminals (Part 2)Chapter 30: Criminals (Part 1)Chapter 29: Love SicknessChapter 28: Mini Mini MilkyChapter 27: I Will Become a WomanChapter 26: An Enamoring Chocolate ValentineChapter 25: Bursting Speed! The Rabbit-Eared GirlChapter 24: Hiro-kunChapter 23: That Lovey Dovey Feeling?Chapter 22: Evil Breaker (End)Chapter 21: Evil Breaker (Beginning)Chapter 20: For You, My BelovedChapter 19: It's Summer! It's the Sea! And...Chapter 18: I Love You, but I Hate You.Chapter 17: 88 PointsChapter 16: An Impish Holiday?Chapter 15: The Essential ArteryChapter 14: Let's Meet Again in 10 YearsChapter 13: A Girl's Charm...!?Chapter 12: The Spontaneous Girl Skilled in Wit and BeautyChapter 11: Cold. With Clouds Rolling InChapter 10: Fight...!Chapter 9: Nocturne of FearChapter 8: Jump, Rabbit!Chapter 7: A Map of One's SelfChapter 6: The Desperate HousemaidChapter 5: I'll Protect YouChapter 4: Saotome MakotoChapter 3: Truly Serious CircumstancesChapter 2: Rebellion at DawnChapter 1: Living with a DemonChapter 0: A Demon to the End