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Alice 19th

Alice 19th
Status Completed
Type Manga

Alice 19th



Synopsis Alice 19th

Talk about a sibling rivalry, this is one family feud that will send these young girls plummeting down the rabbit hole! Fifteen-year-old Alice Seno has always been in the shadow of her wildly popular and successful older sister, Mayura. Simply known as “Mayura’s little sister” at school, Alice is the target of horrible bullying from her classmates. Nonetheless, she finds happiness in her feelings for her upperclassman, Kyou Wakamiya. One day, Kyou quickly rescues Alice from danger while she’s in the middle of saving a white rabbit! But the rabbit then transforms into a cute little girl that introduces herself as Nyozeka. Soon after, Alice and Kyou are thrust into the magical world of the Lotis Masters, where they must meet their destiny in defeating the Maram Words and rescue Mayura from the darkness...

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