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All Out!!

All Out!!
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

All Out!!





Synopsis All Out!!

Gion Kenji is short and perpetually pissed off about it. Iwashimizu Sumiaki is tall but timid. Although it's bullies that bring this unlikely pair together on the first day of high school, it's the rugby club that will make them friends.

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Chapters of All Out!!

Chapter 119Chapter 115Chapter 114Chapter 110Chapter 106Chapter 105Chapter 102Chapter 99Chapter 98Chapter 97Chapter 94Chapter 91Chapter 89Chapter 87Chapter 85: Because I want to get StrongerChapter 84: Still HappyChapter 83: You've GrownChapter 82: Not Getting AwayChapter 81: Brute ForceChapter 80: Trust in Your TeamChapter 79: Just the Two of UsChapter 78: First PointsChapter 77: My PreyChapter 76: What I Want To DoChapter 75: First MatchChapter 74: A Fulfilling 3 YearsChapter 73: Not Fun EnoughChapter 72: PromiseChapter 71: Around This Time Last YearChapter 70: Full of HolesChapter 69: Once In A WhileChapter 68: Harder Than I've Ever DoneChapter 67: A Good Rugby PlayerChapter 66: This is FunChapter 65: Jin High's ConfidenceChapter 64: PresumptionChapter 63: Never Able to Fight AgainstChapter 62: Even Though He SuckedChapter 61: Show Me Your Strong SuitChapter 60: I Will Surpass HimChapter 59: Our NameChapter 58: All a LieChapter 57: The Feelings of the Guys Who Barely Make the CutChapter 56: Your TerritoryChapter 55: Good Luck RitualChapter 54: In Three DaysChapter 53: Sense of Distance with KidsChapter 52: What, Aren't You Happy?Chapter 51: I'm Not Crying!Chapter 50: Shitty First Year!Chapter 49: Right NowChapter 48: A Team That Always FightsChapter 47: Ever Since ThenChapter 46: Learn!Chapter 45: The Perfect JobChapter 44: ConventionalChapter 43: Die!Chapter 42: UsefulChapter 41: Skill As A FullbackChapter 40: Jin High's First MatchChapter 39: The Distance from the OpponentChapter 38: LunchChapter 37: TeammateChapter 36: AssholeChapter 35: RecklessChapter 34: X DayChapter 33: To Kill TimeChapter 32: You've Gotten GoodChapter 31: An Enthusiastic ChildChapter 30: Heating Up NicelyChapter 29: He Doesn't Even Realize It HimselfChapter 28: Joint Practice SessionChapter 27: You're Not Cut Out For This!Chapter 26: How To Play FlankerChapter 25: Cleats For A Good PriceChapter 24 : The 9th Forward PlayerChapter 23: The Number One Flanker In KanagawaChapter 22: An Annoyingly Passionate GuyChapter 21: We Are WeakChapter 20: Beat Them DownChapter 19.5: Extra StoryChapter 19: You Guys Have Gotten StrongerChapter 18: The Results from The Training CampChapter 17: Borderline FoulsChapter 16: Just Playing a Little Game with a BallWe came to eat!Chapter 15: I Want to Be Able to Do It AllChapter 14: A Sport Played TogetherChapter 13: I Hate YouChapter 12: We Were KidsChapter 11: What We Were TaughtChapter 10: What's MissingChapter 9.5: After-Match FunctionChapter 9: All I Can DoChapter 8: Is This the End?Chapter 7: Good RugbyChapter 6: What's ImportantChapter 5: Our TimeChapter 4: LastChapter 3: I Wanna TackleChapter 2: "Yeah"Chapter 1: This Year's Freshmen Are Hilarious