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All-Rounder Meguru

All-Rounder Meguru
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All-Rounder Meguru




All Rounder Meguru

Synopsis All-Rounder Meguru

Hiroki Endo's series tells the story of two old friends, Meguru Takayanagi and Takashi Yamabuki, who after a long time meet each other again at an amateur shooto mixed martial arts contest. While Meguru only practices MMA for fun, Takashi is pursuing a serious goal. Even though each of them has their own reason to fight, both are becoming stronger with each match... Universally praised for its realism and accurate depiction of martial arts, All Rounder Meguru is one of the first manga to provide a glimpse into the energetic and exciting world of modern MMA.

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Chapters of All-Rounder Meguru

Ch.143Vol.TBD Chapter 142: This Woman Is StrongVol.TBD Chapter 141: My Own Way Of FightingVol.TBD Chapter 140: I Really Do Like ItVol.TBD Chapter 139: (Striking capable) Grappler vs. (Grappling capable) StrikerVol.TBD Chapter 138: Going Off On Their OwnVol.TBD Chapter 137: Body ShotVol.TBD Chapter 136: Triangle x TriangleVol.TBD Chapter 135: Leg Techniques, Turning TechniquesVol.TBD Chapter 134: Woman in ChainsVol.TBD Chapter 133: Proof of LifeVol.TBD Chapter 132: Umezawa Genta vs. Yamabuki TakashiVol.TBD Chapter 131: The Dogs Bark but The Tournament ContinuesVol.TBD Chapter 130: Leg Lock FoolVol.TBD Chapter 129: Leg Lock Hell - DessertVol.TBD Chapter 128: Leg Lock Hell - Main CourseVol.TBD Chapter 127: Leg Lock Hell - AppetizerVol.TBD Chapter 126: Meguru's Second BoutVol.TBD Chapter 125: What is a genius?Vol.TBD Chapter 124: Takashi's First BoutVol.TBD Chapter 123: Follow-up After the Right OverhandVol.TBD Chapter 122: Scatter their Focus!!Vol.TBD Chapter 121: Controlling the TransitionVol.TBD Chapter 120: All Japan Light Weight 1st BoutVol.TBD Chapter 119: All Japan Championship OpeningVol.TBD Chapter 118: Love Will Tear Us ApartVol.TBD Chapter 117: Girl Power Ora! Ora! HighVol.TBD Chapter 116: Nabe's Training RestartsVol.TBD Chapter 115: Final 'Kumite'Vol.TBD Chapter 114: RootsVol.TBD Chapter 113: Tohoku Grappling Tournament FinaleVol.TBD Chapter 112: 180cm vs. 179cm (?)Vol.TBD Chapter 111: Play it by Ear? Part 2Vol.TBD Chapter 110: Play it by Ear? Part 1Vol.TBD Chapter 109: Type to Stick to Their GunsVol.TBD Chapter 108: Happily, SeriouslyVol.TBD Chapter 107: Big in spaVol.TBD Chapter 106: At KamaishiVol.TBD Chapter 105: To TohokuVol.TBD Chapter 104: Maki’s Awakening……?Vol.TBD Chapter 103: Way Of The Dragon, Part 3Vol.TBD Chapter 102: Way Of The Dragon, Part 2Vol.TBD Chapter 101: Way Of The Dragon, Part 1Vol.TBD Chapter 100: Four Years Ago, Snow CountryVol.TBD Chapter 99: Kansai Championship ConclusionVol.TBD Chapter 98: A Lecture on Winning & LosingVol.TBD Chapter 97: Cut 'em DownVol.TBD Chapter 96: Strike-Throw-Submit, RevolutionVol.TBD Chapter 95: CounterattackVol.TBD Chapter 94: Once againVol.TBD Chapter 93: No Options?Vol.TBD Chapter 92: Conquering MeguruVol.TBD Chapter 91: Good FatherVol.TBD Chapter 90: Turning the TablesVol.TBD Chapter 89: Gifted child?Vol.TBD Chapter 88: Juncture, Part 2Vol.TBD Chapter 87: JunctureVol.TBD Chapter 86: ThoroughlyVol.TBD Chapter 85: Hopeless [ness]Vol.TBD Chapter 84: vs. Olympic ContenderVol.TBD Chapter 83: What's the Gift?Vol.TBD Chapter 82: A Part of the GymVol.TBD Chapter 81: Keiji MitsuyaVol.TBD Chapter 80: Kansai Championship - 2nd Round 2/2Vol.TBD Chapter 79: Kansai Championship - 2nd Round 1/2Vol.TBD Chapter 78: Kansai Championship - The OpponentsVol.TBD Chapter 77: First BattleVol.TBD Chapter 76: Kansai Championship StartsVol.TBD Chapter 75: Entering OsakaVol.TBD Chapter 74: FollowingVol.TBD Chapter 73: Kamiya-san’s Blue-collar LunchboxVol.TBD Chapter 72: During the Summer VacationVol.TBD Chapter 71: Ten Years, Part 9Vol.TBD Chapter 70: Ten Years, Part 8Vol.TBD Chapter 69: Ten years, Part 7Vol.TBD Chapter 68: Ten years, Part 6Vol.07 Chapter 67: Ten Years (Part 5)Vol.07 Chapter 66: Ten Years (Part 4)Vol.07 Chapter 65: Ten Years (Part 3)Vol.07 Chapter 64: Ten Years (Part 2)Vol.07 Chapter 63: Ten Years (Part 1)Vol.07 Chapter 62: Just Jiu-JitsuVol.07 Chapter 61: DenialVol.07 Chapter 60: Kicker Vs. PuncherVol.07 Chapter 59: InbornVol.07 Chapter 58: Amateur Kickboxing TournamentVol.07 Chapter 57: Eat Your Heart Out!Vol.06 Chapter 56: I Don't Need a ReasonVol.06 Chapter 55: CutVol.06 Chapter 54: Fighting ManVol.06 Chapter 53: Semifinals - Meguru Vs Kagaya (Part 6)Vol.06 Chapter 52: Semifinals - Meguru Vs Kagaya (Part 5)Vol.06 Chapter 51: Semifinals - Meguru Vs Kagaya (Part 4)Vol.06 Chapter 50: Semifinals - Meguru Vs Kagaya (Part 3)Vol.06 Chapter 49: Semifinals - Meguru Vs Kagaya (Part 2)Vol.06 Chapter 48: Semifinals - Meguru Vs KagayaVol.05 Chapter 47: FrustrationVol.05 Chapter 46: Semifinals - Kitamura Vs Yamabuki (Part 3)Vol.05 Chapter 45: Semifinals - Kitamura Vs Yamabuki (Part 2)Vol.05 Chapter 44: Semifinals - Kitamura Vs YamabukiVol.05 Chapter 43: Tangled up in BlueVol.05 Chapter 42: OmenVol.05 Chapter 41: Tournament Second Round - Meguru (Part 5)Vol.05 Chapter 40: Tournament Second Round - Meguru (Part 4)Vol.05 Chapter 39: Tournament Second Round - Meguru (Part 3)Vol.04 Chapter 38: Tournament Second Round - Meguru (Part 2)Vol.04 Chapter 37: Tournament Second Round - Meguru (Part 1)Vol.04 Chapter 36: Tournament Second Round - Yudai (Part 2)Vol.04 Chapter 35: Tournament Second Round - Yudai (Part 1)Vol.04 Chapter 34: IntermissionVol.04 Chapter 33: Tournament First Round (Part 4)Vol.04 Chapter 32: Tournament First Round (Part 3)Vol.04 Chapter 31: Tournament First Round (Part 2)Vol.04 Chapter 30: Tournament First Round (Part 1)Vol.04 Chapter 29: Start Of The Kanto TournamentVol.03 Chapter 28: The Night BeforeVol.03 Chapter 27: There Are A Lot Of Things To Do In LifeVol.03 Chapter 26: No One Starts Out Strong / Except SomeVol.03 Chapter 25: Gi TrainingVol.03 Chapter 24: Line (Part 3)Vol.03 Chapter 23: Line (Part 2)Vol.03 Chapter 22: Line (Part 1)Vol.03 Chapter 21: Competition's EndVol.03 Chapter 20: Fighting Against the RulesVol.03 Chapter 19: Crushed by SpiritVol.02 Chapter 18: Kickboxing Vs. JudoVol.02 Chapter 17: First Victory!Vol.02 Chapter 16: PressuredVol.02 Chapter 15: Omiya - Meguru, Grappling MatchVol.02 Chapter 14: Korekuen Hall, Barbeque, TaxiVol.02 Chapter 13: The "Throws" Of "Strikes", Throws, And Submission"Vol.02 Chapter 12: The "Strikes" Of "Strikes", Throws, And Submissions (Part 3)Vol.02 Chapter 11: The "Strikes" Of "Strikes", Throws, And Submissions (Part 2)Vol.02 Chapter 10: The "Strikes" Of "Strikes", Throws, And Submissions (Part 1)Vol.02 Chapter 9: Future PlansVol.01 Chapter 8: Takashi Yamabuki (Part 2)Vol.01 Chapter 7: Takashi Yamabuki (Part 1)Vol.01 Chapter 6: Meguru-Takashi Second Fight, Hakkei GymVol.01 Chapter 5: Unrequited LoveVol.01 Chapter 4: Pro TrainingVol.01 Chapter 3: First ContactVol.01 Chapter 2: Seven Years LaterVol.01 Chapter 1: Takashi Segawa