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Amagami: Various Artists

Amagami: Various Artists
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Amagami: Various Artists


アマガミ - Various Artists -

Synopsis Amagami: Various Artists

Same plot as Amagami manga's but from diferent artist/authors.

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Chapters of Amagami: Various Artists

Vol.05 Chapter 10: Lucky!!Vol.05 Chapter 9: The Third "If" ???Vol.05 Chapter 8: The Shape of SiblingsVol.05 Chapter 7: Mischief in the Nurse's OfficeVol.05 Chapter 6: Details of the MatchVol.05 Chapter 5.6: Case 6: Nanasaki AiVol.05 Chapter 5.5: Case 5: Tsukahara HibikiVol.05 Chapter 5.4: Case 4: MiyaVol.05 Chapter 5.3: Case 3: Ayatsuji TsukasaVol.05 Chapter 5.2: Case 2: Nakata SaeVol.05 Chapter 5.1: Case 1: Morishima HarukaVol.05 Chapter 4: Skinship ProhibitionVol.05 Chapter 3: KeyVol.05 Chapter 2: Do Your Best ?…Girl(s)Vol.05 Chapter 1: Haruka and Junichi's Problem Counseling OfficeVol.04 Chapter 21: If… Sono 2Vol.03 Chapter 20: Kanojo ga Megane wo kakete mitaVol.03 Chapter 19: If… Sono 1Vol.03 Chapter 18: Be my steadyBe my steadyVol.03 Chapter 17: Loving to the Point of FightingVol.03 Chapter 16: Ayatsuji Came!Vol.03 Chapter 15: Heart-racing Pretend DateVol.02 Chapter 14: Love^2 But Bad ≠ OPVol.02 Chapter 13: Depression Color PaletteVol.02 Chapter 12: Christmas Eve of A Brother and SisterChapter 11.5: OmakeVol.02 Chapter 11.5: OmakeVol.02 Chapter 11: Yes or NoVol.02 Chapter 10: Where the Small Fit, the Big CannotVol.02 Chapter 9: Our SecretVol.02 Chapter 8: Okota De LoveVol.01 Chapter 7.5: A-Miya-Gami OmakeVol.01 Chapter 7: Goodbye my first loveVol.01 Chapter 6: Meat-Filled TrainingVol.01 Chapter 5: The Instructor and the ball chasing Nakata-sanVol.01 Chapter 4: Just be a little more forwardVol.01 Chapter 3: Traditional Summer Festival OutfitVol.01 Chapter 2: The Real HerVol.01 Chapter 1: Wonder DoggyVol.01 Chapter 0: Be my steady