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Anagle Mole

Anagle Mole
Status Completed
Type Manga

Anagle Mole


An Agle Mole



Synopsis Anagle Mole

Luchiru is a Majin who lives beneath the surface of the earth. He was sent to the surface as a spy to gather information in order to defeat the humans who are living there. But the problem is that Majins have a different understanding about humans; they strongly believe that the Human Race is far superior to them in every sort of way, but in fact it is the other way around. How can Luchiru survive in the Human World where he has different point of views on the strength of humans, which he strongly believes that with just a touch would make him combust and be disintegrated in an instant?!

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Chapters of Anagle Mole

Chapter 47: Final Space: Little Brother [END]Chapter 46: 46th Space: The Last DekosChapter 45: 45th Space: FlashChapter 44: 44th Space: In the scenery...Chapter 43: 43rd Space: Just one thingChapter 42: 42nd Space: lateral movement manChapter 41: 41st space: Those who open a pathChapter 40: 40th space: LuiidoChapter 39: 39th space: Proof of majindomChapter 38: 38th space: Ability of the worst compatibilityChapter 37: 37th space: Point and faceChapter 36: 36th Space: The contents of the boxChapter 35: 35th Space: The death sentence will be a live broadcastChapter 34: 34th Space: Search for luchiruChapter 33: 33rd Space: Operation Rescue Chiwa CommencesChapter 32: 32nd Space: The Weapons She had LeftChapter 31: 31st Space: Don't Feel, Think!Chapter 30: 30th Space: Light IntensityChapter 29: 29th Space: KingChapter 28: 28th Space: Dolsa GriyuudoChapter 27: 27th Space: MaskChapter 26: 26th Space: Two AlternativesChapter 25: 25th Space: MetamorphosisChapter 24: 24th Space: Anagle MoleChapter 23: 23rd Space: That's... A ProblemChapter 22: 22nd Space: No.1 Majinagram in AnagulandChapter 21: 21st Space: Wanted!!Chapter 20: 20th Space: Luchiru Buys A CarChapter 19: 19th Space: To Become a PebbleChapter 18: 18th Space: The Way to Use a MajinagramChapter 17: 17th Space: Boss of the HoleChapter 16: 16th Space: Break InChapter 15: 15th Space: Bargain SaleChapter 14: 14th Space: Chiwa @ AnagulandChapter 13: 13th Space: PursuerChapter 12: 12th Space: After The RainChapter 11: 11th Space: To Where the Light Shines the BrightestChapter 10: 10th Space: FamilyChapter 9: 9th Space: Spy and SpyChapter 8: 8th Space: The Last DayChapter 7: 7th Space: I Want to be the SameChapter 6: 6th Space: Go To SchoolChapter 5: 5th Space: Destroy the Evidence!Chapter 4: 4th Space: FollowChapter 3: 3rd Space: Implanting the Chips!!Chapter 2: 2nd Space: RankingChapter 1: 1st Space: Majin